We, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, rooted in our faith and Jesus’ model of nonviolence in ministry, work to promote a culture of peace through nonviolence in prayer and action.

The most recent gun violence reaffirms that America has a gun violence epidemic and gun violence is a complex issue with many areas of it needing to be addressed. We stand with many who grieve these deaths, pray with these families and work to support policies that reduce death and injury from gun violence.

In solidarity with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, we call on our elected leaders to take up legislation that:

  • requires universal background checks for all gun sales,
  • bans assault weapons,
  • provides funding for gun violence prevention research, and
  • makes the trafficking in weapons a federal crime.

We commend the many who have worked tirelessly to prevent gun violence and join them in their efforts to advocate for policies that promote human dignity by protecting life.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth