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Sister Sophia Kalapurackal: A Profile

I am grateful to God for my life, my family, formatters, friends, teachers, SCN family and all those who have inspired me and shared life with me and with whom I have shared my life.

Sister Kathleen named to Vatican leadership

Congratulations to Sister Kathleen Appler, DC, who is one of the seven women appointed by Pope Francis to the CICLSAL. The July 8 nominations, which include cardinals, bishops, and the superior generals of several male religious communities, breaks with past practice in including women.

Chatra Golden Jubilee

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Nazareth Niketan, the fourth mission of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN) in India celebrates its history of fifty golden years on July 13, 2019.  Their untiring dedication and commitment to the people of Chatra in Jharkhand has borne fruits in abundance.

Nazareth Area Meeting

Becoming a Transformative Presence 
and Witness Across the Globe

Sister Jane Karakunnel: A Profile

My life as a religious has brought much joy and contentment.  I am happy to be a sign of God’s love, joy and hope for the world.

Shirley Nugent, SCN

Shirley Nugent, SCN, 87, (formerly Sister Daniel Maria) was born in Brighton, MA. She died on July 11, 2019 at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 66 years. Her first ministries were in education, as a grade-school...

Compassion on the border

When the influx of asylum seekers reaching the United States – Mexico border increased, Sister Susan was sent by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth to offer assistance and “welcome the stranger.”

A ray of hope

During the past 24 years, more than 300 students of varying intellectual challenges have been trained. John was among those children who had multiple intellectual and physical challenges. He slowly, but surely, mastered the activities of daily living, all the while exhibiting his own special qualities of perseverance and confidence.

Thank you for changing my life

“Working with young people like Shannon gives me great hope for the future. Joining hands and hearts with others is the way we move forward in making our world a better place and witness to God’s love.”

Sister Blanche Correia: A Profile

My life in this Congregation has been a long and rewarding experience and I thank God for the Spiritual Journey with my Sisters and all the people of God in my life.

Memorials and Honoraries

Gifts to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in memory or in honor of others for the period of April 1, 2019-June 30, 2019.

Temporary professed, summer program

Every year temporary professed Sisters look forward to the summer program for their refreshing enrichment. The first part of the program was a workshop on capacity building followed retreat and the renewal of vows in Ranchi.

Young Charity House resident baptized

On Sunday, at the 9 o’ clock Mass at the Divine Providence Motherhouse in Pittsburgh, Victor from the Charity House (Pittsburgh Campus) was baptized. The Godparents and parents are from Ghana and requested the baptism.

Jubilee bells ring in Dharan

Give thanks to the Lord, for God’s love endures forever! The community in Dharan, Nepal, celebrate the golden and the silver jubilees of Sister Sunita Vayalipara and Sister Salomi Linda.

Celebrating 20 years of Jubilee Schools in Memphis

Sisters and Associates gathered in Memphis on Saturday, June 29, to celebrate twenty years of the Jubilee Schools.  Known as the “Miracle in Memphis”, the Jubilee Schools provided a quality education to those who otherwise would not have been able to afford to attend a Catholic school.

Nature Rambles in the Garden of Laukahi

Traveling Sisters enjoyed a morning ramble in the spacious garden among the growing tree saplings of various jackfruit, naseberry, mango, guava and gooseberry trees.

Ensemble plays Nazareth

Silver and Strings Ensemble have been playing fun and serious music in the Nazareth, Kentucky, area for 10 years. They have performed many times at Nazareth over the years. On this day they played some beautiful classical music.

Rosie the Riveter

Sister Rosemarie Kirwan, or Aunt Rosie as her nephew Jody Kirwan knows her, shared the following account of their plane-building exploits.

Honoring an enduring relationship

The SCN Legacy Society recognizes with gratitude those who have remembered the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in their estate plans.

Students make beautiful creations

Students at St. Vincent Matriculation Higher Secondary School are making beautiful carvings to display out of vegetables.

Candidates begin journey

Candidates were invited to Bethel for a special prayer and meal. The prayer service was specifically prepared for them. Seven are ready to travel to Bangalore for the pre-novitiate accompanied by Sister Susheela, their director. May safety and blessings accompany them on their journey.

International Day of Yoga

In Patna at the Bhagalpur Diocese, 521 students and staff participated in the International Day of Yoga. On this hot day, time was spent dedicated to the inner and outer well being of the human body.

Day of Eating Sustainably: Feedback

Sisters, Associates, and employees challenged themselves to avoid or reduce meat, dairy, and egg consumption in acknowledgment that agriculture is the second leading cause of climate change, and 75% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of animals and their byproducts.

Sister Shobita Panthaladickal: An Interview

Religious life is a challenge to reach out to the people at all times.  We need to have complete trust and faith in Divine Providence to persevere in our vocation for the sake of mission. 

Celebrate 10 years

Since 2009, Nazareth Retreat Center has provided a peaceful and prayerful place for thousands of people. Some seek to reconnect with God, others have come to find healing, and many have just needed time to reflect in a sacred, beautiful, and quiet location.

Sisters care for Mother Earth

Sisters dug a pond to raise the area and have planted over 2000 various kinds of tree saplings in the nine-acre agricultural land.

Sisters educate disadvantaged children

A large number of Musahars in Bihar villages see education of their children as the only way out of the everyday oppression they face; however; the going is still tough.

Alice Teresa Wood, SCN

Alice Teresa Wood, SCN, 102, was born in Hollywood, MD. She died on June 14, 2019 at Nazareth, KY. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 83 years. Early in her ministry, Sister Alice Teresa served as a teacher at St. Mary in Martins Ferry, Ohio and at...

Helping women in rural Nepal

The Sister’s Navjyoti Center is striving to give women a voice economically and socially with the management of seven women’s groups in villages around Loukhi.

Sister Paschal Maria Fernicola: A Profile

 For it all – active ministry and retirement – I am most grateful – and am still highly challenged in new ways!  Life has been incredibly good and joyful, sharpened by its ups and downs!

Happy 197th anniversary

On June 11, 1822, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth moved from St. Thomas farm to their current location.

Global Exchange tour Pittsburgh

The Global Exchange and Bangalore Province Sisters visited various Sisters of Charity of Nazareth sites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Matters India: Sister receives honorary doctorate for her work with UN

She works closely with other NGO representatives and multiple committees to address political, economic, social, and humanitarian policies. Having lived and ministered in many areas of the global south, Sister Teresa brings a concrete understanding of the realities confronting those who live in poverty.

Prosper for us the work of our hands

“Every time we receive pictures of the little ones who receive the items we make and donate, my heart is filled with joy for providing one small new and clean item for a boy or girl or mom who likely has never had anything new made especially for them.”

Sister Sudha Puthoor: A Profile

I am filled with gratitude to God for my call to religious life especially in the medical field.  It is a wonderful and challenging way of life with its own ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

Rita Spalding, SCN

Rita Spalding, SCN, 86 (formerly Sister Mary Aquin) was born in Lebanon, KY. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on June 4, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 61 years. Sister Rita served in educational ministries, teaching grade school...

Nazareth 5K highlight video

See video of the highlights of the Nazareth 5K, a wonderful event in which more than 300 hundred walkers and runners crossed the finish line at the Motherhouse.

Sister Teresa receives honorary doctorate

Spalding University congratulated Sister Teresa Kotturan with an honorary doctorate for her work as NGO representative for the Sisters of Charity Federation at the United Nations.

Bringing back some shine

Sister Janice Downs and Sister Rita Davis applied some elbow grease to the post caps of the Motherhouse railings last week.

Sister Pat celebrated

After 46 years, the St. Joseph Montessori Children’s Center foundress, Sister Pat Hill, officially retired, concluding a more than a six-decade career in education. The center hosted a small retirement celebration for Sister Pat in Crimmins Hall.

Racers come to Nazareth

On a beautiful June morning, over 300 hundred participants gathered at the Motherhouse in Nazareth, Kentucky, to “Run with a Mission” for the inaugural Nazareth 5K. After careful planning and coordination under the guidance of race directors, Sister Chirs Kunze and Sister Lisa Polega, the event was a great success in bringing new faces and old friends together.

Support SCN missions and win $20,000

The Super Raffle drawing will be held on Friday, Aug. 23, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. on the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Motherhouse Campus in Nazareth, Kentucky. The Super Raffle prizes are: 1st prize: $20,000, 2nd prize: $5,000, 3rd prize: $1,000. Chances are $25.

Climate message to Senator McConnell

Sisters Sangeeta and Susan along with Carolyn and Joetta met on May 31, with Senator McConnell’s office in Louisville, Kentucky. The group brought the concerns around Care of Earth and the need to act with regard to the rising temperatures on Earth.

The secret history of Catholic caregivers and the AIDS epidemic

A mother of five needed help navigating multiple medical appointments, sorting her medications, arranging transportation and completing the many other day-to-day challenges that confronted people with H.I.V. and AIDS in the early years of the epidemic. Julie Driscoll, a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, remembers this particular woman, because even in the face of the fear and uncertainty that accompanied a diagnosis then, she learned a lesson about gratitude.

Sister Pat retiring after 46 years

As Friday afternoon approached, students of the St. Joseph Montessori Children’s Center were preparing for summer break, but the day marked more than the close of a school year. After 46 years, the center’s foundress, Sr. Pat Hill, officially retired, concluding a more than six-decade career in education.

Sister Pushpa Paruvananical: A Profile

I am called to be a woman of prayer, live a simple and free life, detached from the worldly comforts. It has been my joy to be a sign of hope for the hopeless and the outcasts.

Phyllis Hannon, SCN

Phyllis Hannon, SCN, 84, formerly Sister Bartholomew, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, died at Nazareth Home in Louisville, Kentucky on May 29, 2019. She was in her 66th year of religious life. Sister Phyllis served in educational ministries, teaching at many...

Over 55 retreat

Sisters between 55 to 70, 32 in all spent quality time in contemplation and prayer from May 23 to 27 at Chandapura, Bangalore. It was a time of reassurance for the Sisters to feel affirmed that they have much to contribute to the community, society and the world wherever they are.

Last journey of Sister Seema

Seema Monippallikalayil, SCN, was given a befitting solemn farewell on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

Mary Kenneth Hrbal, SCN

Mary Kenneth Hrbal, SCN, 89, was called to her heavenly home on Sunday, May 26, 2019, in the 72nd year of her religious life. Sister entered the Congregation of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity from Saints Peter and Paul Parish in Johnston, Pennsylvania in 1947 and...

Seema Monippallikalayil, SCN

Seema Monippallikalayil, SCN (63), a native of Ayarkunnam, Kannur district, had been a professed Sister for 39 years. Sister Seema’s eighty-eight year old mother is living with her son and his family in Kerala.  Seema’s identical twin, Sister Anila, SCN is present...

Sister Luke Boiarski: An Interview

In her senior year of high school, the class took a trip to Nazareth. All Sister Luke could say about this trip was that “Nazareth spoke to me”. She entered the SCN novitiate on September 8, 1966, having just turned eighteen three days before. Her Dad, Al, said, “Please stay at least two weeks to give it a try because it is too far to come back to Kentucky within a week.” 

Sign making for 5K

Sisters at the Nazareth Motherhouse and recent graduates from Bethlehem High School spent time together making signs to be held by the Sisters during the race.

Summer program for Sisters

Nine junior Sisters in Bangalore Province gathered at the Socio-Religious Center of Jesuits in Christ Hall in Calicut, Kerala, for their summer program under the initiative of Sister Beena Chirackal.

An empty chair – Vocation Visioning

Recently two focus groups gathered for a time of Vocation Visioning.  On May 12 a group gathered in Pittsburgh and on May 18 a group came together at Nazareth.

Dream catching & dream sharing

Chris Kunze, SCN visited St. John Central High School in Bellaire, Ohio where Pat Bartolo, SCN teaches religion.  Sister Chris presented to each class “Discovering God’s Dream for Your Life.”

Anna Marie Conklin, SCN

Anna Marie Conklin, SCN, 86 (formerly Sister Josepha) was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on May 16, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 60 years. Sister Anna Marie served in educational...

Sister Emily Nabholz: A Profile

Today I am opening wide into the life of the Trinity which invites me to surrender and join the DANCE. My mantra is: LIVE LIFE Now IN LOVE!

Gold Star for Camp Maria

Camp Maria Retreat Center has received the St. Mary’s Co. (Maryland) Health Department’s Gold Star Food Service Award for the second year in a row. Congratulations to Chef Terri Williams and her wonderful staff!

Hats off to mom

On Saturday, May 11, Sister’s Place held its 12th Annual Mother’s Day luncheon to honor extraordinary women in the community.

SCN President meets Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ audience with the UISG members was very warm and engaging. He walked into Paul VI Hall accompanied by Sister Carmen Sammut, President of UISG and Sister Pat Murray, UISG’s executive director, after inaugurating the 10th-anniversary Exhibition of Talita Kum, the anti-trafficking movement of UISG.

Car Committee celebrates

Members of the Western Province Car Committee held a regular meeting at the Nazareth Motherhouse. They used the occasion especially express their gratitude to Doris Schneider of the WP Office.

Sister Marcelline Indwar: A Profile

Joy and fun in community life has sustained me to give myself totally to the Divine who called me to serve the people of God with love and compassion.  Religious life has freed me to live life in fullness with my Sisters in community with gratitude.

Entrance to novitiate

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth officially invited pre-novices Dipti Rani Nayak, Kancharia Sujatha, Salomi Hembrom, Susmita Dundung, Vasimalla Swarnalatha and Velpula Sarala to join the canonical year of novitiate in Mokama on May 5, 2019.

Sisters make first vows

Congratulations to Sister Filomina Bhengra, Sister Joy Baxla, Sister Jyoti Tudu, Sister Monica Hansdak, Sister Nicola Lepcha, Sister Priya Urau (Toppo), Sister Salima Ekka, Sister Salma Lepcha, Sister S. R. Jharna Rani and Sister Swastica Kiro who made their first vows in Mokama on May 4, 2019.

Hospice connects with former patients

Sisters Sunila and Vinaya organized a gathering of former patients who have benefited from the respite care service of Pabalelong, a one-of-kind hospice for the sick offering counseling, respite, physical, spiritual and terminal care.

Brockton celebrations

Sisters and Associates gathered at the Catherine Spalding House in Brockton, Massachusetts for a variety of celebrations.

Barbara MacDonald, SCN

Barbara MacDonald, SCN, 95, formerly Sister Anne Clement, was born in Hyde Park, MA. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on May 4, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 76 years. Sister Barbara served in educational ministries, teaching...

Embracing an unfolding future

Christine Kunze, SCN, shares her story of becoming a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, what inspired her then and what continues to inspire her for the future.

St. Dominic Sports Day

St. Dominic School Sangsay celebrated their Annual Sports Meet for 2019 on April 30.

Connecting with nature

Twenty SCNs traveled from Nazareth to Bernheim Forest on a beautiful Monday afternoon to enjoy time with nature and God’s creatures.

Janice Richards, SCN

Janice Richards, SCN, 79, was born in Chicago, IL. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on April 28, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 30 years. Sister Janice studied at Spalding University where she received a degree in Social Work....

Students donate shoe box gifts

For children undergoing stress from natural disasters, students at Mother Catherine Academy in Mechanicsville, Maryland, donated shoe boxes filled with gifts to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth volunteer program.

Sister Patricia Huitt: A Profile

All I can say about my life as a religious and an SCN is “Thank you, God, thank you a thousand times over”!  My heart is full of gratitude to God for all the ways God has blessed and helped me to live this wonderful religious life in the SCN Congregation.  Our God is magnificently kind and loving. Holy is God’s name.  Blessed be our God forever!

Bunny visits Nazareth

The Easter Bunny visited Sisters at Nazareth Motherhouse, lifting spirits and spreading the joy of the Easter season to all.

Supporting worker rights

Tess Browne, SCN, was among the individuals who stood with employees of Stop & Shop Supermarkets. Employees had been on strike due to proposed cuts to health care, take-home pay and other benefits.

Tertian exposure program

Thirteen tertians have reached READ Bettia (The Charitable Association for Rural Education and Development) for their exposure program.

Citizens Climate Lobby visits Nazareth

On April 16, members from Citizen’s Climate Lobby shared details on a piece of federal legislation with the sisters at Nazareth.  The bill, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) seeks to provide a revenue neutral, job creating, health enhancing solution to problems created by Climate Change.

Walk the Way of the Cross

Sisters Sangeeta Ayithamattam, Jacky Jesu, Teresa Kotturan and Susan Gatz participated in the Bardstown Ministerial Association’s annual Walk the Way of the Cross on Good Friday. Each took a turn to carry the cross through the downtown of Bardstown, Kentucky.

Sister Ann Scaria Menonparampil: A Profile

I believe that it is my positive attitude that makes all the difference in my life.  I am a unifying factor wherever I have been in community.  I do not have many accomplishments to boast about but my strength is in who I am.  

SCNAs help provide clothing for students

Seamstresses at St. Lawrence Church in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky have sewn T-shirt dresses to send to students at The Little Mountain School in Guatemala. Marcie Heil, SCNA, chairperson of the Peace and Justice ministry at St. Lawrence initiated the program.

VCS ministry news

Vincentian Collaborative System has shared the exciting news that it is acquiring Schenley Gardens, a Personal Care and Memory Care community located in Pittsburgh. The transition plans are being finalized, and Schenley Gardens is expected to become a part of the Vincentian family in mid-to-late May.

Camp Maria from above

Catch a glimpse of Camp Maria Retreat Center like never before with these aerial views of the retreat center’s campus in Leonardtown, Maryland. An SCNA gathering was held there this past weekend during which this beautiful footage was captured.

102 years young

Sister John Ann Kulina is now 102 years young! She celebrated with the Congregation and several members of her family who were at Nazareth for the weekend. She thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Associates connect across globe

Men and women of all faiths and backgrounds who commit to living out the SCN mission in their own lives, to deepen their spirituality, to build community with other Associates and Sisters, and to reach out in compassionate service to others.

Volunteers build a home in Belize

Volunteers of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth built a home in Belize City for Kendra and her family. The simple home was built in memory of Christin Gaston who taught at Father Andrew White School in Maryland.

Commissioning ceremony

See how CommonSpirit Health strives to carry out the health ministry that the religious women began so many years ago. They very much value the connection with the founding congregations and take inspiration from what they did over so many years as well as the courage it took to create something new and let go of the old ways.

Monastery owner takes in asylum seekers

The owner of Tucson’s iconic Benedictine Monastery has offered to let asylum seekers from Central America stay at the facility while their final destinations are arranged.

Meeting with Apostolic Nuncio

Sister Nirmala Mulackal and her governing body met with the Apostolic Nuncio to India and Nepal, Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro.

Farewell in Dharuhera

After seven years in ministry with the girls of Asha Kiran in Dharuhera, Sister Lucy Puthukkatt said goodbye to the young women as she moves on in her ministry work to Bangalore.

Canines for Christ

This week therapy dogs came to visit the Sisters living in Carrico Hall of the Nazareth Motherhouse. It was a wonderful experience for the Sisters. Pat Hicks arranged the visit through an organization called Canines for Christ.

Sister Rose Sullivan: An Interview

When asked whether it was education or healthcare ministry that was a favorite, Rose’s firm answer was, “Neither was a favorite nor do I have a favorite mission.All my missions taught me what life was about and how to accept self and handle life’s happenings.”

Mary Elaine Zehnder

Mary Elaine Zehnder, SCN, 87, was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 67 years. Sister Mary Elaine served in educational ministry. She taught grade...

We Are Called

In a beautiful interactive service, Janelle Reilly solemnly committed herself to answer God’s call and serve as Chief Executive Officer of CHI Memorial. Five SCNs participated in the ceremony: Sister Judy Raley and Sister Betty Vannucci, who have served in leadership at CHI Memorial, Sister Dorothy Jackson, who is currently on the Board of Directors, and Sister Susan Kilb and Sister Clare Reasbeck, who came from Kentucky for this special occasion.

The artist in Kathmandu

The happiness and well-being of every child of God is at the heart of the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. With each stroke of his pen or brush, this young man helps complete a picture where a future of dignity and equality is realized.

International volunteers go forth

During the Liturgy held at St. Vincent de Paul church, nine lay mission volunteers were commissioned for their upcoming service trips both to Belize and Botswana.

Tertians awarded diploma in theology

Mater Dei is situated in the beautiful land of beaches, coconut and cashew nut trees surrounded by Mandovi River, hills, churches and the spirit of St. Francis Xavier. One would never know from outside what joy and treasure it possesses inside.

Constitutional rights and the POCSO Act

The sisters in education of the Bangalore Province came together on April 5, 2019, at Nazareth Convent, Chandapura, Bangalore for a three day long meeting on constitutional rights and the POCSO Act.

First class to examinations

The ten students of St. Mary’s School, Sokho, who appeared for the class ten Bihar Board examination made the school proud with their excellent results

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Memorials and Honoraries

Gifts to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in memory or in honor of others for the period of Jan. 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019.

Margaret Willis, SCN

Margaret Willis, SCN (formerly Sister John Vincent), 77, was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on April 1, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 51 years. Sister Margaret graduated from Boston State...

At the border, a reflection

Sister Susan shares her experience on the US-Mexico border. She recently spent time there as a volunteer in service to migrants and refugees.

‘Glow in the Dark’ young adult retreat

Nazareth Retreat Center hosted a retreat for a group called Young Adult Franciscan Ministry. Their retreat was titled Glow in the Dark and was attended by around 20 college students and young adults.

Learning mission, like Catherine

Pre-novices spent a week at Snehadaan (Gift of Love) an institution for the palliative care of the young and elderly men and women affected by HIV AIDS and Sneha Care Home, a center for the HIV affected children aged up to 16 years.

Farewell City of St. Jude

For almost 35 years Sister Barbara Ann Lengvarsky served the people of God at the City of St. Jude in Montgomery, Alabama. Now she says goodbye to the place where she gave of herself lovingly and wholeheartedly.

Sister Rita Puthenkalam: A Profile

I love my Sisters deeply and I hope and pray that we grow deeper and deeper into being rooted in God, and be women who are deeply concerned about our less fortunate sisters and brothers.  My earnest desire is that we be women who can see with the heart and that we allow our spirituality to be shaped by those living on the margins.

Collaboration in Meghalaya

Grace Binita Tuti, SCN, will engage in collaborative teaching ministry with the diocese of Nongstoin in Meghalaya in Nongdiwah Village.

Reflection from Alabama

A group recently returned with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth disaster relief team from Lee County, Alabama, where the tornado outbreak of March 3 devastated rural communities like Beauregard.

Tuberculosis prevention

Students from area schools gathered at the Nongstoin Social Service Society center to pledge their support to prevent tuberculosis in Nongstoin, Meghalaya.

Partners in service

Luke Boiarski, SCN, director of volunteers for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, visited St. Mary’s County, Maryland in March.

Rainbow Jubilee

Celebrating a combined 925 years in service to the Church, 15 Sisters were recognized as rainbow jubilarians at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Nazareth, Kentucky.

Housing for those in need

In the northeastern hills of India, Sister Lilly loaded her jeep for the long trek to visit the site of a new home being built for a single mother and her three children.

Live and volunteer at Nazareth

Young adults ages 18-25 may qualify for a six-week volunteer experience with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth living and volunteering at the Motherhouse campus in Nazareth, Kentucky.

Sister Amala Valayathil: A Profile

I am happy to have had the opportunity to serve the marginalised and the downtrodden of our society.  I thank my God, family, SCN Congregation and all the persons who have walked with me on the road of life.

Preschool graduation

In the presence of parents, teachers and their principal, 90 kindergarten children of Nazareth Academy, Mokama graduated on March 16, 2019. The children put on a cultural program to entertain the audience. The formal graduation ceremony with glowing gowns and tasseled caps was a unique and exciting day for all.

Nazareth Academy grows

In response to the long-standing request of the people, the Mokama campus became home to an educational venture, Nazareth Academy. Expansion and upgrades are necessary to meet requirements of the growing student population. During this Lenten season, we invite you to help make this dream a reality.

Preparing for novitiate

Sisters Anice Vattukulam and Suman Dungdung accompanied pre-novices as they visited the neighboring SCN community in Madiwala, Bangalore, on March 17.  These young women will begin their annual retreat on March 18 after which they will proceed to visit their homes prior to entering the novitiate in Mokama.

Sisters sign partnership

The provincial of Medical Mission Sisters (MMS), Sister May Packiam and Philomena Kottoor, SCN, provincial of Patna singed a “Memorandum of Understanding of the MMS & SCN Partnership” in Kurji Holy Family Hospital, Patna, on March 16, 2019.

St. Patrick’s Day

The cultural and religious celebration of the Feast of Saint Patrick was celebrated by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Women rally to save land

Sister Joel rallied women for a procession to create awareness on the importance of saving their forest, land, natural resources, rivers, and villages.

Lenten retreat at Camp Maria

Camp Maria’s women’s Lenten retreat was held this past weekend. The retreat was led by Sister Marian Stenken, SCN. Participants reflected on The Case of the Bent Woman in Luke 13: 10-17. It was a powerfully reflective and refreshing weekend.

Sister Grace Mary receives award

Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN, is being honored by Saint Joseph Montessoru Childen’s Center where she is in ministry. She recently received a plaque for being an outstanding volunteer. She can always be found smiling and laughing as she helps out in the classrooms.

After the flood

Bangalore Province gives thanks and gratitude to all who reached out to give support during 2018 the Kerala Flood which claimed the loves of many and devastated the region.

Women’s Day in Surkhet

Sister Rosita was honored for her dedicated and outstanding service to the empowerment of women and children through Navjyoti Center, Surkhet.

Happy birthday Sister Judy

Sister Judy Raley’s 80th birthday was celebrated in grand style on Thursday, March 7th at the home of SCNAs Bob Scheri and Jane Franz in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

SCN volunteers respond to Alabama

Nearly 40 tornadoes have been confirmed from last week’s outbreak across the Southeast. The hardest-hit area was Lee County, Alabama, where many fatalities occurred. A group of volunteers for the SCN disaster relief recently returned from helping with the cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

One-day reflection in Botswana

Sister Adeline facilitated a one-day recollection for the Sisters in Botswana based on the GA directives. She focused her reflection on the first directive of 2013 and the 2018 call on the first directive. The sessions included time for personal reflection and sharing.

Ecological sustainability visit in India

Carolyn Cromer, director of Ecological Sustainability visited Patna Province. She spent her time visiting places in Patna and Mokama accompanied by Sister Gracy Mlakuzhyil.

Bethlehem students re-enact 107-year-old ceremony

Flowers are placed Friday on the graves of sisters who previously taught at Bethlehem. The act was part of a special presentation that recreated a ceremony in which Bethlehem students took part more than 100 years ago.

Supplies headed for Belize

Thanks to the collaboration of the nursing staff of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and Hand in Hand Ministries, Living Independently in Full Existence (LIFE) will be receiving some much needed senior equipment.

Bethlehem founders celebration

Bethlehem High School is celebrating 200 years. In honor of the Sisters, they visited Nazareth as was done in the past, by train! They were greeted by Sister Rita Davis as she portrayed Mother Catherine Spalding and by Sister Mary Ninette Manning.

International Women’s Day

With banners and placards, shouting slogans, the women processed through the main road for two kilometers to the government school grounds. After lighting the lamp, Sister Joel introduced the importance and purpose of the gathering.

Students leave for Special Olympics

At Navjyoti Center the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth empower students with learning challenges and differences. Sister Lisa prepares coach Ganesh and students of the center in Kathmandu to leave for Abu Dhabi and the 2019 Special Olympics. Good luck athletes!

Sister Evelyn’s 104th birthday

Happy 104th birthday to Sister Evelyn Hurley! May God bless you with peace and happiness on this unique day that you celebrate and may that divine peace and happiness follow you all of your life.

Sister Mary Clement’s 103rd birthday

Happy 103rd birthday to Sister Mary Clement Pavlik! May God bless you with his boundless love, calming peace, and heavenly joy this coming year.

Unabated stone mining continues

In spite of the organized resistance of people, especially women, stone mining continues unabated in Karmali Village in Chatra District, Jharkhand. Women are scared to live in their thatched-roof small houses made of brick or mud because the miners blast the stone to break it and huge pieces can fly off towards their homes.

A visit to Asha Deepam

The director, staff, and students of Asha Deepam Special School were delighted to welcome Sister Jackulin Jesu with “ponnada” and a bouquet of flowers made by the students.

Two sisters part of 12 home builds

These women continue to be ambassadors in their communities as they share their stories about the beautiful people they have met in Belize and how their hearts are filled with love each time they immerse themselves working alongside volunteers and home recipients year after year.

On the border

Sister Susan Gatz is currently volunteering with the Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas, where she is helping to provide hospitality to the thousands of refugee and immigrant families each week.

Directives workshop

Sister Adeline gave a one day workshop on General Assembly Directives to the SCNAs of Botswana.

Charity charism and UN 2030 agenda

In highlighting the importance of the UN charter and its agenda, Sister Teresa asked Sisters to make Catholic social teachings and human rights a part of formation.

Sister Adeline visits Botswana

Adeline Fehribach is currently in Botswana visiting Sisters and their ministries. This is her first visit to Botswana, as the vice president and the CLT liaison for Botswana. She is currently in Metsimotlhabe visiting the Sisters, their hospice ministry, ministry to the sick in homecare program.

Sister Sunita Vayalipara: A Profile

I believe that what is worthwhile in life comes from the heart.  Give without counting the cost.  Attend to those in need, poor or rich.

Sister Teresa at St. Xavier’s College

Sister Teresa shows students at St. Xavier’s College how she is working at the United Nations to bring policy changes through advocacy at the global level to benefit people living in poverty and how to become engaged.

Vincent & Louise: Contemplatives in Action

Starting on February 22, 2019 and ending on February 24, 2019, a retreat was held in conjunction with Nazareth Retreat Center and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Associates – marking the first time that these two parts of the SCN family have worked together in this capacity.

Celine Arackathottam, SCN

Celine Arackathottam, SCN, 86, a native of Karimannor, Kerala, India, died in Bangalore, India, Feb. 25, 2019. Sister Celine was one of 10 children, five of whom embraced religious life. Sister Celine’s brother, Reverend Father Emmanuel, CST, was well-known and...

Celeste Reedy, SCN

Celeste Reedy, SCN, 97, (formerly Sister Margaret Alberta) was born in Newport, Kentucky. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on Feb. 22, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 77 years. In Kentucky, Sister Celeste served in...

Lucille Cosby, SCN

Lucille Cosby, SCN, 96, (formerly Sister Mary Ida) was born in Richmond, VA. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on Feb. 22, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 64 years. Sister Lucille served in educational ministry in Louisville at St....

Sister organizes camp for elderly

Sister Sheela Palamoottil organized a camp for the elderly in the parish with the help of the Matruvedi and palliative care unit of the parish on Feb. 21, 2019.

Refugee and Immigrant Day

Sister Nancy Gerth and Sister Chris Kunze attended Refugee and Immigrant Day at the Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky. This was the 6th year for the rally to be held. The Sisters went to show support for immigrants and refugees and for their friend Mirna.

A home for Rose

By the end of the week, the home recipient and this amazing volunteer team’s lives were forever weaved together as each of their families grew a little bit bigger.

Mildred McGovern, SCN

Mildred “Millie” McGovern, SCN, 86, was born in Hawesville, KY. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on Feb. 17, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 65 years. Sister Millie served in educational ministries in Bardstown, KY at St. Joseph;...

Nazareth to host first 5K

Run with a Mission on June 1, 2019. Join the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth for this first-ever 5K run/walk on the Motherhouse grounds of Nazareth, Kentucky.

Mokama Associates

Sisters met with three SCN Associates in Mokama. They are in front – two men and one woman. Another woman was called to work and couldn’t come to the gathering. There are also three candidates in Mokama, not pictured.

Nazareth School bids farewell to outgoing class

Come February and it is time to say our Good Byes.  ‘Sayonara’, the farewell of the graduating class of X was held on February 9, 2019, at Nazareth School, Chandapura.

Commissioned to serve

As the separation of children from their parents continues so does the narrative that refugees and immigrants are criminals. Today Sister Susan Gatz was commissioned at Mass in Nazareth’s St. Vincent de Paul Church. She will be volunteering with Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas, where she will help them provide hospitality to the thousands of refugee and immigrant families each week that they serve.

Sisters Place receives gift of security

Recently an ask went out to the SCN Family, encouraging all to vote for Sisters Place as a deserving ministry of the gift of security. Good news, Sisters Place did receive enough votes to win! The Gift of Security is a national corporate giving initiative that...

Vincentian Academy

February 11, Vincentian Academy students, staff, parents, and SCNs together celebrated Black History Month, with Father Carmen D’Amico, and a special liturgy in the chapel on the Pittsburgh campus.

Remembering Sister Mary Lynn Fields

Providentially, a call had come from the bishop of Belize for personnel for his diocese. It seemed a “given” for Mary Lynn to accept the challenge to explore the possibility of opening a mission in that country in Central America.  

EC prayer day

Becoming a transformative   presence and witness in the Indian Church and society today.

St. Louise offers emergency shelter and hospitality

Recently, Corrine Giel, SCN, got a call from Prioress Karen Brink, OSB. Due to a water emergency in their building, 33 Benedictine Sisters had to evacuate from their monastery immediately. Sister Corrine told her “our doors are open” and that she should bring them to St. Louise Convent.

Ruth McAllister, SCN

Ruth McAllister, SCN, 89, was born in Columbus, Ohio. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on Feb. 8, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 67 years. Sister Ruth served in educational ministries in Louisville at St. Augustine and St....

SCNA Office wraps up Belize visit

After years of long distance and virtual relationships, we were very excited to finally meet face-to-face with our Associates and Sisters in Belize! One Associate put it in perspective: “It was nice to finally meet our ‘sisters and brothers’ in Christ.”

M. Regina Joscak, SCN

Sister M. Regina Joscak, a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, was called to her heavenly home on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, at the age of 94 and in the 75th year of her religious life. Sister entered the Congregation of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity from St. Michael Parish...

SCNA Office visits Belize

The SCN Associate Office continues building relationships in Belize City by visiting SCN and SCNA ministries.

Vincentian Academy upsets Rochester

In front of an electric crowd Thursday night, the Vincentian Academy girls basketball team defeated Rochester, 55-50 in an important game.

Remembering Sister Norma Alexander

Nursing fit her caring heart.  She was dearly loved by all, and when friends from Haiti came to the States to visit relatives, they were sure to visit her also, and often invited her to their gatherings and parties.  On one such occasion, because her French was so good, a friend asked her, “Do you speak English?”

Associate office in Belize

The SCN Center in Belize City welcomed Andy Meyer, SCN director of Associates and Tammy Mattingly, office coordinator on Sunday for a week-long visit with SCNAs and SCN Ministries.

A journey they will never forget

Volunteers were commissioned in Nazareth. In memory of the late Andrew Reed, his parents and children build a home for others in his name.

Women institute change

These women are becoming agents of change in their village. This is what true leadership development and community building look like.

M. Georgine Bires, SCN

Sister M. Georgine Bires, a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, was called to her heavenly home on Sunday, January 27, 2019, at the age of 93 and in the 75th year of her religious life. Sister entered the Congregation of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity from St. Joseph...

Anita Hager, SCN

Anita Hager, SCN, 89, was born in Henderson, Kentucky. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on January 27, 2019. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 66 years. Sister Anita served in educational ministries in both grade and high school....

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

On January 16, during Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Barbara Joseph Lammers, SCN, gave a presentation on human trafficking to the Community Collaboration for Children Program - part of the Central Kentucky Community Action Council.  Their program provides...

Barbara Von Bokern, SCN

Barbara Von Bokern, SCN, 76, was born in Covington, Kentucky. She died on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2019, at Nazareth, Kentucky. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 55 years. Sister Barbara served in educational ministries, teaching math and religion at...

Bishop Emeritus Boniface Setlalekgosi

With great sadness, we inform you the news of the passing of our beloved Bishop Emeritus Boniface Setlalekgosi. He was 92 years old. It is Bishop Boniface who invited the SCNs to Botswana.

Serving others

Mark and Cindy Rhonemus have been volunteering with the SCN Volunteer Mission Program since 2015. For their most recent trip to Las Flores, Belize, they raised all of the funds needed to complete a home for a family in need.

Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Vicki Ward, president and CEO of Nazareth Villages, who was named Woman of the Year at the Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019.

A home for Manuel

Manuel was only 12 years old when Sister Luke met him in Belize. When she saw the poor condition of his home she knew right away that she would someday return to build a home for him.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Sister Joan Wilson shared a review of the book that probes and investigates today’s most urgent issues as we move into the uncharted territory of the future.

Vasai, inter-school meet

The seventh SCN inter-school cultural meet was held on Jan. 12, 2019, in Nazareth Convent high School Vasai.

End the shutdown

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth support and affirm the U.S. Bishops President and Chairman of Bishops’ Migration Committee statement urging the President and lawmakers to end the U.S. government shutdown.

Annual Report 2018

Thank you to these donors during the fiscal year of Sept. 1, 2017, to Aug. 31, 2018, for their support of the missions of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.Our Donors [embeddoc url=""...

Marie Smith, SCN

Marie Smith, SCN, 87, was born in Deer Lodge, Montana. She died on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019, at Nazareth, Kentucky. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 67 years. Sister Marie served in educational ministries as a grade school teacher and choir...

Sister Anne Marie Thayilchirayil: A Profile

I have reached my retirement age and the trouble with me is that I do not know how to retire.  I will keep on working as God gives me sufficient health

Associate makes lifetime commitment

Patricia Diane Hawkins (in red) renewed her commitment as an SCN Associate this morning on a snow-covered Nazareth campus. Diane has been an Associate since 1995 and today, made a lifetime commitment! Witnesses to this achievement are (from left) Associate Office...

Area gathering in Kerala

Sisters from Anakkampoil and Kakkavayal gathered at Kallanode for their first area wise gathering in preparation for the 2019 Bangalore Province Assembly.

Memorials and Honoraries

Gifts to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in memory or in honor of others for the period of Oct. 1, 2018 – Dec. 31, 2018.

Women of Wisdom and Action

Sister Rekha (center-right) took part in a theological training program to strengthen the voice of women in Asian countries. The events focus on networking renown female scholars through rigorous academic theological training.

Sisters march for women

To uplift, center and to focus on ways in which gender discrimination intersects with other forms of institutional oppression.

Socio-pastoral meeting

The reports gave the participants a glimpse of what and how our sisters are reaching out to the marginalized women and children and those who are pushed out of society.

Educating girls

In Musunuru, India, Sisters provide a home for girls who are attending school. This supportive environment helps to prepare them for a bright future.

Sister Peggy Voglewede: An Interview

Sister Peggy is grateful for all the education and exposure to theology and religious topics that the community has provided for her.

Offering hope

Women and children in the Wayanad District of India participate in programs that assist them in overcoming difficult life situations and help them access governmental services.

Enriching lives

Children with special needs participate in programs that maximize their abilities so they can reach their full potential.

Thank you, Pittsburgh

The Sisters of Divine Providence and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth thanked all who have donated to Charity House with a Mass and brunch in Pittsburgh.

Funeral and prayer services for Mary Stella Ambrose, SCN

On the eve of Pongal, January 14, 2019, the Chapel at Nazareth Convent, Chandapura was filled to its capacity with SCNs, Pre-novices and candidates, family members, friends and staff from Nazareth School, Chandapura, Snehalayam and Crawford, Trichy, several religious sisters, priests and brothers from Bangalore at 3:00 p.m for the funeral Eucharistic celebration for Mary Stella Ambrose, SCN.

Salt River Conservation Collaborative

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth played host last week to the Salt River Conservation Collaborative, a group of Kentucky conservation organizations who are working to protect water quality, wildlife habitat, natural areas and farmland in the Salt River watershed while increasing awareness and support for conservation.

Mary Stella Ambrose, SCN

A native of Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu, India, Mary Stella Ambrose, SCN, was born on December 4, 1937, the eldest of seven children to her parents, the late Mr. A. Ambrose and Mrs. Maria Prakasi. She died at 2:45 a.m. on Jan. 13, 2019, at Nazareth Convent...

Sister David Clare Reasbeck: An Interview

I am grateful and honored to be a Sister of Charity of Nazareth following in the footsteps of Mother Catherine Spalding by continuing to serve those in need.

A cross-cultural partnership

Sister Luke is leading a group to Las Flores, Belize, where they will partner with the village leaders of the area to complete home repairs for a family in need.

The journey of discernment

Moving along in their journey of discernment, candidates at Mokama are immersed in a ten-day program in communicative English, personality development, creative learning, concentration, and yoga.

God With Us on the Journey of Life

For several days between Christmas and New Year, Miriam Juarez and Marcillina Nwuso spent time at Nazareth and participated in a discernment retreat entitled, “God With Us on the Journey of Life”. SCNs Chris Kunze and Sushma Bodra facilitated the retreat. The retreat included time of prayer, reflection and sharing about God’s invitations in our lives and the ongoing discernment to which God calls us.

Blessing Bags

These bags will be distributed to the homeless, those living on the streets, under bridges, and in city parks. Blessing Bags are filled with warm clothes and each one is blessed.

Unique Christmas celebrations in Kallanode

What is Christmas, if the true spirit of Christ is not shared with someone special! The desire to bring joy to many hearts drew us sisters of Kallanode Community to celebrate Christmas with seven poor widows who live alone the local parish.

Chattanooga Christmas

The Chattanooga SCN Associates faith group recently celebrated the Christmas season with their Greenwood Terrace Community friends.

Helping others at Christmas

The Vincent de Paul Family of Metsimotlhabe, Botswana, celebrated Christmas with a large family of 15 economically-poor members who live in a remote area where there is no electricity or water.

Sisters in Botswana, Christmas celebration

The high commissioner of India, Dr. Rajesh Ranjan and his family invited the Indian Christian community in Gaborone, Botswana, for a Christmas celebration at his residence.

Katharine Hanrahan, SCN

Katharine “Kitty” Hanrahan, SCN, 94, was born in Louisville, KY. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on Monday, December 17. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 71 years. Sister Kitty served in educational ministries as a music teacher from...

Christmas at Nazareth

May the Peace and quiet Joy of that Holy Night be yours all during the New Year.

Lourdes Hall celebrates the season

The Sisters at St. Louise Convent are celebrating Advent, preparing for Christmas, and praying for abundant blessings for all!

Holiday Beauty at Nazareth

Sisters gathered around the tree in the Motherhouse to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Home for refugees

As you think of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as refugees in Egypt this Christmas season, remember all those who come to us from afar seeking shelter.

Nazareth Home Christmas party

Sisters gathered at Nazareth Home in Louisville, Kentucky, for a Nazareth Home Family Christmas dinner and party. See all of the photos from the gathering.

Christmas sing-a-long

The St. Joseph Church youth group from Bardstown, Kentucky, held a Christmas sing-a-long for Sisters at the Nazareth Motherhouse this week. There was Christmas fun and a whole lot of singing coming from the dining hall on campus as all joined in the fun.

POFA hosts Christmas gathering

Western Province Office of Finance Administration sponsored their fourth Christmas gathering for the Sisters at Nazareth.

Sister Olive Pinto: A Profile

In my striving to live out my commitment, I feel humbled in knowing I am not a perfect role model but hope I have had a healthy influence on the young to live out their SCN call joyfully, enthusiastically and faithfully.

In solidarity with immigrants

Sister Amina, faculty, and students at Presentation Academy stand together on behalf of vulnerable children and their families to lift up the voices of refugees, immigrants, and the faith community in support of refugee and immigrants’ rights.

Faith Group Fun

An SCN Faith Group in Pittsburgh planned and gathered for a special prayer service, games and refreshments for the Sisters at Vincentian Home.

Call to Women-A Season of Hope

The Louisville Network hosted “Call to Women-A Season of Hope” on Sunday, December 9 at the Hospitality room at Nazareth Home Campus. Sisters and Associates were eager to gather for prayer and hospitality during the season of Advent.

Sisters depart for India

Sister Smita Karikkattil and Sister Manisha Azhakathu have spent the past several weeks based in Nazareth, Kentucky. There they met with Sisters, various departments, and visited Western Province ministries.

Charity Alive at Nazareth

This weekend, the young adults participating in the Charity Alive gathering brought a renewed spirit to the Nazareth campus.

Sisters celebrate 60 & 70 years

Sisters gathered at Nazareth on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018 to celebrate 60 and 70 years of vows as SCNs. Congratulations!

Student candidates in Ranchi

Nazareth Convent in Ranchi is full of life with the presence and laughter of the 26 student candidates. Out of these 26 first and second-year students, eight of them are enrolled in plus two in humanities subjects at Bethesda School and 18 are enrolled at St. John’s High School.

SJH video on Sister Euphrasia

At Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, the tradition of care and charism of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth continues today.

Leadership Development

Congratulations to Chris Kunze, SCN and Kelly O’Mahony, SCN, who recently completed the Collaborative Leadership Development Program.

Sister Teresa Margaret Bransky: An Interview

Sister Teresa Margaret is grateful that she responded to Jesus’ call, “Come follow Me”.  Though all of her immediate family members have already gone to heaven, she believes that God has work for her to do still. 

Volunteers return from Houston

It was only a little over one year ago that Hurricane Harvey tied Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone on record. Volunteers for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, led by Sister Luke Boiarski, recently completed their third week-long disaster relief effort in Houston, Texas.

Graduation day in Botswana

At St. Mary’s English Medium Preschool in Lobatse, Botswana, Sisters celebrated the graduation of their students. For these children, it was their first experience in a structured setting and where they began the foundation for the learning that will occur as they further their education.

A gathering in Brockton

Sisters and Associates gathered at the Catherine Spalding House in Brockton, Massachusetts, to celebrate Sister Martha Walsh’s 60th Jubilee and Sister Anne Marie Oshea’s 50th Jubilee.

Sisters give relief after cyclone

Sisters, staff, and students of St. Vincent Matriculation School in Trichy visited the victims of the Gaja cyclone. The cyclone induced high-velocity winds of about 75 miles per hour, which caused massive damage in Tamil Nadu and parts of Puducherry. Over 60 people have died.

Assembly of the Whole newsletter

The Assembly of the Whole planning committee met Nov. 8–10 at Marillac Retreat Center in Leavenworth, Kansas. Led by facilitator Sister Pat Kozak, CSJ, the group “walked through” the draft schedule for the assembly and spent time discussing each component of the gathering.

SCN Foundation Day celebrated

Deepen our oneness in Christ with hope for joyful commitment. Sisters at the Motherhouse in Nazareth, KY celebrated the SCN Foundation Day with a special Mass Saturday morning, a prayer service and meal.

Foundation Day prayer in Ranchi

On our Foundation Day, 26 SCN student candidates and 10 Sisters gathered for an hour of prayer in the chapel at 6.00 pm in Ranchi on Dec. 1, 2018.  Marcelline Indwar, SCN, led the group in prayer using the prayer book ‘Contemplate the Heart of God’ incorporating the prayer sent by the central leadership team.

Children’s Day with the underprivileged 

Sister Agnes and Sister Swarupa celebrated Children’s Day with the most underprivileged children of the area to increase the awareness of people towards the rights, care, and education of children.

Remembering Sister Michael Leo

St. Joseph Hospital has shared this video of the memorial service for Sister Michael Leo. The service was at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where Sister Michael Leo was the administrator for 22 years.

Video: Golden Jubilee Celebration in Mokama

New video posted. The fresh golden flower decorations in the Mokama Nazareth Convent chapel blended with the golden jubilarians: SCNs Joel Urumpil, Karuna Thottumarickal, Maria Palathingal, Rosemarie Lakra and Teresa Xavier Ponnazhath.

Open Wide Our Hearts – a talk on racism

Sister Joetta Venneman shared with the Sisters in Pittsburgh on the U.S. Catholic Bishops most recent pastoral on racism entitled, “Open Wide Our Hearts: the enduring call to love.”

Stamps for charity

On this day, Sisters at Nazareth had a stamp trimming party. To help raise money for ministries, several Sisters helped trim stamps for Sister Miriam Ann’s stamp collecting ministry.

Sister Patricia Haley: An Interview

“I will not work in a segregated dining room. Obedience or no obedience I won’t do it. If you think you need to send me home that’s all right too.”

Students hone the skills of scientific experimentation

Marian English Medium School, Anakkampoil, held its Annual Exhibition on Nov. 24, 2018. The event was inaugurated by the president of local civil administration. The attractive and relevant exhibits depicted the reality of the society.

Old Gospel & Spirituals

In honor of the life of Sister Pat Haley, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth present this very special collection of her songs. Sister Pat personally selected and recorded nine gospel and spirituals to sing on this album recorded in Nazareth, Kentucky, at St. Vincent de Paul Church in the summer of 2017.

Patricia Ann Haley, SCN

Patricia (“Pat”) Ann Haley, SCN, 73, was born in Columbus, GA. She died on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at Nazareth, KY. She was a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 52 years. In September 1963, Sister Pat entered the novitiate of the Sisters of Charity of...

It’s not too late! #GivingTuesday

Help others through the gift of your time, donations, goods or your voice. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

Meet Ellen

Get to know the new assistant director of the Lay Mission Volunteer Program. Ellen Sprigg joined the Office of Mission Advancement in Nazareth, Kentucky, earlier this month.

Grateful gobblers keeping families together

On Thanksgiving morning, Judy Raley, SCN and several Chattanooga area Associates participated in the Grateful Gobbler Walk benefiting the Maclellan Shelter for Families.

Volunteers leave for Houston

Sister Luke and 10 volunteers were commissioned at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Nazareth, Kentucky, yesterday. The group traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas, where they met up with two more volunteers and traveled to Houston, Texas.

Sisters, Charity Alive, and a country Christmas

They wrapped presents and setup decorations in preparation for the upcoming Christmas event in Lee County, Kentucky, which will serve over 700 people with toys and basic necessities for living.

Christ the King feast in Shapur

As the parish priest, Rev. Vijay Tudu thanked the parishioners, hostel girls and boys, he appreciated the contributions of SCNs Lilly Thomas, Agnita Bhengra, Marianne Puthoor and Prabha Kujur for their wholehearted cooperation in organizing and helping with the event. 

Sister Lilly distributes medicine

After morning Mass, Sister Lilly makes her daily routine visit to one of the surrounding villages to distribute medicine to children and pregnant women.

Sister Wilma on NBC4 Columbus

For more than half a century a Columbus nun has devoted her life to serving the south side community. Now, 84-year-old Sister Wilma Ross is ready for her second act.

Patna area juniors meet

A Patna area juniors gathering was held at Arunodaya, Patna on Nov. 18. It was a time of joy of meeting each other and rejuvenation.

Interculturality and Consecrated Life

At the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life, the mission is to serve as a theological, academic, and pastoral resource for engaging contemporary issues and realities in consecrated life today from a global perspective. This November, four Sisters of Charity of Nazareth attended a program entitled, Engaging Our Diversity: Interculturality and Consecrated Life.

Six local groups benefit from collection

Doors to Hope: “In the last couple of years the need to support our Latino sisters and brothers has been greater, surrounding the issue of immigration,” said Deacon Caruso. “This is a way for the church to show appreciation and support for this program.”

SCN Associates

SCNAs Andy Meyer, Tootsie Gish and Tammy Mattingly shared about the SCN Associate Program and described the individual journeys they have taken to become an SCN Associate.

Vincentian Sisters of Charity

Sisters in Pittsburgh and Nazareth marked the 10 year anniversary of the merger of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Special Masses were held to mark the occasion and original VSCs were honored. The midday meal was complete with a celebratory cake. 

St. Joseph Hospital Foundation

St. Joseph Hospital Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary in Lexington. The Sisters joined the STARS GALA in support of the mission and ministry of expanding the Emergency Department. Left to right in back: Carole Kaucic, SCN, Kathy (chaplain) and Mark Miller,...

Sister Stella Kaiparampatt: A Profile

The Lord who called me to this way of life has been faithful to me. When I look back, I have no regrets because all these experiences have tremendously contributed to my spiritual growth. All that the Lord has done is good.

Legal help for women

Twenty-five women from four Catholic parishes and a Baptist parish in Patna and five women religious attended a half-day seminar on legal aid that especially impact the recent decriminalization of adultery law by the Supreme Court of India.

Spirit of life

Read about Sisters’ experiences as they reflect on times of transition. Loretta Weller, SCN, (in photo) and others reflect on their experiences during times of life changes, aging and new living situations. Click here to read their stories.

Bread For Life

Sister Maggie, Sister Earline, and Sister Ann spend their days working at the Bardstown, Kentucky, Bread For Life food pantry serving with compassion and support to individuals in need of food assistance.

Sisters and Associates serve Belize homeless

The Belize City SCN/SCNAs came together recently to bake Johnny cakes and prepare and deliver breakfasts of eggs, beans, juice and coffee to the homeless in Belize City, Belize.

Future of Charity in New Orleans

This past weekend, eight members of the Future of Charity and one discerner gathered at the House of Charity in New Orleans for fellowship and faith-sharing.

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

SCNs at Pabalelong Hospice, Botswana, along with their staff, organized an event to commemorate the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.

Join the Journey 2018

A day to fill all hearts with the desire to make a difference in the lives of God’s people throughout the world. Watch a recording of the event.

Haseena’s enduring spirit

See Haseena progress over the past decade from an orphan saved by the Sisters from a Delhi brothel, to a bright student, and now a successful adult who inspires the young girls who follow behind her.

Sister Joel Urumpil: A Profile

My religious life enables me to live my life fully as a woman with freedom, dignity and caring love which perhaps I would not have had out in the world.  I have been a mother, sister, companion and mentor to countless persons. 

In between times

Maggie Cooper, SCN, is creating and leading a weekly prayer with Sisters at Nazareth. The gatherings are held in the Motherhouse on Monday afternoons and consist of music, prayer, silence and sharing.

Watch the live event. Be inspired.

The sixth annual Join the Journey luncheon, in support of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Nov. 7, 2018. 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

SC Federation at NRVC

Several Sisters of Charity Federation members attended the National Religious Vocation Conference’s 30th-anniversary convocation Nov. 1-5 in Buffalo, New York.

Mokama Nazareth Pre-School Annual Day

The lower and upper kindergarten children of Mokama Nazareth Pre-School rose to the occasion to celebrate the first annual day on Nov. 4, 2018.

First Holy Communion in Mokama Parish

Mokama parish church looked festive as 20, First Holy Communicants and their parents and relatives came dressed for the occasion.

Sister Kerry arrives in Belize

On Oct. 3, 2018, the Belize community welcomed Sister Kerry Rowland a Sister of Charity of Halifax to the Caribbean soil. 

Sister Wilma, 50 years of service

Sister Wilma Ross, who has faithfully served St. Ladislas Catholic Church and the South Side of Columbus for five decades, will retire at the end of the year.

Doors to Hope awarded $7,000

Lorena Miller accepted a check for $7,000 from Catholic Charities in support of educational programs at Doors to Hope.

Pres girls of ’77

On Oct. 27, graduates of Presentation Academy class of 1977 came to Nazareth to reconnect with the Sisters and give a day of service.

Sisters celebrate Halloween

The SCN Family at Nazareth and Pittsburgh celebrated Halloween with tricks, treats and costumes. Sisters, Associates and employees all enjoyed the festive holiday!

Disaster relief training

A disaster relief training session is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17 beginning at 9:30 a.m. and should be over before noon.

Volunteer reflection on Nepal

Carolyn Hope Smeltzer has been working with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth for over 13 years in volunteering on hospital care boards and committees. She has returned from Nepal as a volunteer with the Sisters in Kathmandu and shares her story.

Fall colors of Nazareth

In the rhythms of creation, God graciously places cues and reminders that can regularly turn people to prayer: morning and evening; rest and work; winter, spring, summer and fall. Enjoy this video of the colors of fall at Nazareth, Kentucky.

Communicate with the Sisters.

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