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Harp ensemble performs at Nazareth

On the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 12 a harp ensemble played Christmas music for the Sisters and Associates at Nazareth. The group was led by Lorinda Jones.

Sister Anastasia Chernitsky: An Interview

Her wish is “to be ready for another adventure and look to doing God’s will in whatever capacity I’m called upon, all for the sake of the mission and the charity charism.”

Faith Group – Followers of Catherine

Our Faith group that meets at Nazareth on the third Sunday of each month in the meeting room behind the front desk in O’Connell Hall had dinner at Old Talbott Tavern after Mass December 10. We rejoiced that we had time together before Christmas. At the dinner we named our group “Followers of Catherine ”.

Christmas decorating at the House of Hospitality

The SCN House of Hospitality in Louisville recently hosted a Christmas decorating party. Charity Alive members and other friends joined the Sisters for a meal, and Christmas fun.

Associates make recommitment

Associates and Sisters attended the three year recommitment of Brad Hilgert and Andy Meyer at Nazareth Home in Louisville on the Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception.  It was wonderful to celebrate this service with the Sisters and residents there.

Sister Anne Elizabeth Elampalathottiyil: An Interview

The most motivating factor that kept me going as a young Sister was my faithfulness and commitment to God who called me to take up Jesus’ healing ministry as my profession.  My best contribution to the community was my life itself.  I feel that I have been a role model to the young members of the community.  I have generously shared my skills, gifts and blessings with all.  My only hope and dream for the province is that many more young women may volunteer to commit their life to God in serving the people, especially the poor and the marginalized.

Inspired for a life of service

TaNaá and Andreiona are members of Charity Alive, a program for young adults designed to build and maintain relationships with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. The four components of this program are service, spirituality, support, and finding direction in life.

SCN Foundation Day

Massachusetts SCNs & SCNAs gathered to celebrate Foundation Day on Saturday, Dec. 2, at the Catherine Spalding House in Brockton. Mary Elizabeth Miller joined them and gave a wonderful update on SCN news & spent time informally sharing.

Sisters create wonderful crafts for Christmas

See some of the creations from the most recent activity for the Sisters at Nazareth. Some made the snowmen and allowed them to be sold in the mini-shop. They were a big hit and didn’t last long. Watch the video inside the link.

Charity Alive visit Nazareth

Several members of Charity Alive spent the weekend at Nazareth for their biannual meeting. They enjoyed their accommodations in the Volunteer House where they gathered for prayer, planning, and support. Their service project of choice was decorating several Christmas trees in Carrico Hall and preparing the courtyard for outside decorations.

Annual Sports in Chatra School

The Annual Sports function of Nazareth Vidya Niketan Chatra was held on Nov. 28, 2017, for the students, parents, and teachers. The students were prompt in showcasing the items such as 100 and 800-meter race,  hurdle race, flag race, bamboo race, biscuit race, ring race, etc.

Saint Joseph nursing leadership retreat

Nursing leaders from Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East, and Saint Joseph Jessamine enjoyed a day of learning and mission focus at Lexington Art’s Place on Nov. 10.   The theme for the day was, “Bringing hope, healing, and wellness to You.”

Sister Raynita Kristofco: An Interview

“I was the youngest of six; My siblings were two brothers- Ed and Steve, and three sisters-Mary, now deceased, Anne, a Sister of Good Shepherd, and Dorothy. Ours was a close, loving and very faith-filled home. The family attended Mass, CCD classes. Wednesday services in October, Vespers on Sunday afternoon, Stations of the Cross during Lent. We never questioned going to these regular Church devotions.”

A gift of hope

Woven through their lives are relationships with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. That’s why they decided to ask guests attending a party for their 50th wedding anniversary to make a donation to the SCNs in lieu of personal gifts.

An afternoon with Mother Catherine at St. Thomas

A group of Associates and SCNA candidates gathered at St. Thomas in Kentucky for an afternoon with Mother Catherine. They took a tour of the log house, the church, and hiked to the springhouse. Sister Maria Vincent Brocato portrayed Mother Catherine and talked about the early community and history of the Congregation at St. Thomas.

A Christmas gift 💌

As Christmas approaches, honor a loved one with a gift to help the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth meet their ministry needs. We thank you for the many ways you have blessed the Congregation over the years. Please know that together we are working to spread Christ’s love.

SCNA Renewals in Chattanooga

Director of the SCN Associate Program Jo Ann Paulin, traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee this week to hold a Commitment Renewal Ceremony for Associates in the area.

Sister Loretta Weller: An Interview

Loretta and her twin brother Norbert, Jr. “Bud”, were born in 1923 to Norbert and Marcella North Weller. Besides the twins there were three other children – Mary Clara, Margaret Alice and Robert Joseph.  All the children were born in the small Weller home in Newport, Kentucky.

Sisters prepare for Appalachian Christmas

Sisters Anne Magruder, Angela Hicks, Molly Thompson, Luke Boiarski, Marie Becker and SCNA candidate, Elaine Bellflowers, traveled to Kentucky Cornerstone in Beattyville, Kentucky, to assist Dora Ross for her annual Christmas event to be held on Dec. 9. For two days, they wrapped presents for children, adorned the tree with colorful ornaments, and decorated the outside of the house. All this, in preparation for this special gathering for the needy in the Appalachian area.

‘Take the first step in faith’

Sisters in Botswana gathered in Metsimotlhabe on Saturday, Nov. 18, to bless Sister Vinaya as she is ready to take off for Kenya Exploration. The community presented her with a Kenyan flag and wished her with the words of Martin Luther King Junior, “Take the first step in faith. We don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith.” Also inside, a message from the Sisters upon their arrival.

At conference, congregations embrace diversity, commit to developing fellowship

Religious congregations from all over the world gathered in Chicago to explore how to overcome unconscious biases permeating their orders, during a conference hosted by the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life. Speakers cautioned that interculturality, how those from different cultures relate to one another, may be an existential matter for religious life.

Vincentian Academy celebrates 85 years

Vincentian Academy celebrated its 85th Anniversary this week with an Anniversary Gala held at the Le Mont Restaurant in Pittsburgh. Many SCNs attended the event. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth received the Women of Courage Award. Sister Mary Elizabeth Miller accepted the award.

Sisters receive thank you notes

Overwhelmed with joy and surprise, Luke Boiarski, SCN, received a box as a gift this week from Alive in You – Catholic Conference and Service Camp. The box contained a donation and many letters from a group of young people who attended their summer camp. The letters were thanking SCNs for their lives dedicated to God and to ministry.

Seminar in Mokama

Forty-five Sisters including ten novices, three Medical Mission Sisters from Patna and Mandar, Jharkhand attended a seminar on the “changing socio-economic and political scenario and its impacts on our lives today” by Rev. George Monnipally on Nov. 11-12, 2017 in Mokama. Father George is a social activist from Daltonganj diocese.

Volunteers return from India

Filled with love and enthusiasm, volunteers (Erin Kelly, Karen Ladowski, LeAnne Moore, Kristy Reynolds) from Kansas, Minnesota, and New Hampshire accompanied Sarah Geier, SCN, to travel to India and serve at Asha Kiran from Oct. 16 to Nov. 2, 2017.  

Sister Elizabeth Emmanuel Vattakunnel: An Interview

I want to dedicate the evening of my life to praise and thank my faithful God for the love and care that I continuously receive. Daily I pray for each and every Sister, members of SCN family, co-workers, benefactors and their families. Every fiber of my being and every activity of my life resound with praise for my God! 

Join the Journey 2017

On a beautiful afternoon in Louisville, Kentucky, friend of the Congregation, Jean West welcomed 400 attendees to Join the Journey, a luncheon for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. It was an opportunity to praise and thank those supporters who have blessed the SCN Congregation over the past 205 years. A day to fill all hearts with the desire to make a difference in the lives of family members, the community, the country and to the many cultures and peoples throughout the world.

Lucia Thuluvanickel, SCN

Lucia Thuluvanickel, SCN, (75) was born at Kaiyur parish of Palai diocese, Kottayam district in Kerala.  She passed away at 2.40 am on Nov. 10, 2017, at Nazareth Hospital in Mokama, Bihar.  Sister Lucia has been a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth since 1968.   

Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill visit India

Three Korean Sisters, Ran Young Kim, Yun Jong Jang and In Young Oh of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, were welcomed to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s Provincial House in Patna, India, on Nov. 3, 2017. They spent time with the Sisters learning about Indian culture and SCN ministries in India, like the children’s center in Rajgir.

Sister Madonna Michels: An Interview

What a diverse history of generous service to God’s people Sister Madonna can claim! She looks back now and shares, “I pray for each Sister I have known and lived with, each person with whom I have been in ministry, all whom I have served. I believe firmly that God leads each of us. The more we trust that guidance the more blessed we are. Heaven will be a glorious celebration of all God has promised and all we desire.”

Helen Blodgett, SCN Renewal of Vows

Friends and family gathered with Helen Blodgett, SCN, in Philadelphia to celebrate her Renewal of Vows on her 40th anniversary. Congratulations Sister Helen!

Mary Burns, SCN

Mary Burns, SCN, 88, was born in Louisville, KY. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY, on Monday, October 30, 2017. She had been a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 67 years. Sister Mary enjoyed learning. As a child she dreamed of becoming a teacher,...

All Saints Day reflection by Sister Paula Merrill

We prayed with parishioners in gratitude for the Sisters’ lives and deaths. These women are our ancestors, our mothers in ministry. May we carry on their Spirit, their love for the people, their willingness to do whatever the moment asks, and to give all.

Mission trip to Houston: faith into action

Volunteers arrived safely home this week after assisting in Houston, Texas, for several days. They spent their time filling food containers for families in need as well as removing wallboard in homes so rebuilding can begin soon.

Half-yearly juniors gathering in Ranchi

We, the nine Temporary Professed Sisters of Jharkhand region, gathered in Ranchi to spend a day of prayer and sharing with our director, Amelia Moras, SCN, vice provincial from the evening of Oct. 27, 2017.

2017 Louisville Sustainability Summit

Under the theme of “Resilience, Equity and Climate Change,” the Summit explored ways that we can plan, prepare, and adapt in order to transition to a more just, equitable, and climate resilient Louisville.

CPR training at Vincentian Academy

“Start the Heart” training center provided education and training for 22 faculty members of Vincentian Academy, including school Principal Rita Canton. Faculty members learned about the importance of CPR and the value in having their school prepared for a cardiac arrest emergency.

Celebrating her life

On Friday October 27, 2017, 12 Sisters gathered to remember and celebrate the life of Marie Flowers, SCN.

Jubilee Schools’ Day of Caring & Retreat

Kristi Baird, President of Jubilee Schools Network and Betty Fracchia, SCN along with Pat Crivelli, SCNA and Catherine Mensi, SCNA planned a Day of Caring and Retreat for the nine Jubilee School Principals. The morning consisted of delivering meals through the Meals-on-Wheels Program to seniors throughout the community with MIFA (Metropolitan Interfaith Association).

Sister Maurice Wayda: An Interview

Sister Maurice, despite the limitations of sight and hearing, has always left me with words of spiritual wisdom. This time was no exception.  “God always shows upcoming in people who help us believe.“  What wonderful words of wisdom!

Sisters and small Christian communities

Sister Helen and the catechist take classes inside the Church for around 50 children. Early in life, the young learn how to be a true member of small Christian communities by praying and serving together.

The (flower) power of the Resurrection

I was reading about Resurrection for my liberation theology class. The next day, I was experiencing it at the resurrection liturgy for my friend Sr. Marie Flowers. Marie was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth and a social worker. Early in 2016, she was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and after a brave year and a half, God called her home. She would have been 51 in November.

A visit to Thumlabong Village

Though it is tiring, the walk in the picturesque mountains, sound of flowing rivulets, tiny waterfalls and plenty of green foliage makes one forget the strenuous climb up or coming down the hill balancing on slippery stones.

Sister Lucia Thuluvanickel: An Interview

As I am growing in age and wisdom in community, I feel as St. Paul said, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” I accept this physical reality and look to the future with hope. I want to be patient, prayerful, and loving to become a true daughter of Catherine and be an example to the younger generation.

Visit with Senator McConnell’s aide

On October 20, Julie Driscoll, SCN; Joetta Venneman; and Agnes Coveney, OSU went to visit Senator Mitch McConnell’s office in downtown Louisville regarding The DREAM Act of 2017 (S. 1615).  The group met with Senator McConnell’s aide, Andrew.  Andrew spoke of the Senator as being empathetic toward those who are DREAMers here in the United States.

Oktoberfest at St. Louise Convent

Oktoberfest was celebrated at St. Louise convent on October 15 with German foods, music by a strolling musician in a Tyrolian hat and Lederhosen  and of course German beer.

Charity Friendship Retreat

Sisters, Luke Boiarski, Anne Magruder, Elaine McCarron, Therese Knabel and Joan Wilson attended the Charity Friendship Retreat sponsored by the Charity Federation. The retreat which was held at Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio, provided an opportunity for the grassroots to come together for prayer and developing friendships.

Time and space apart

In the midst of the chaos of life, everyone needs time and space apart occasionally to rediscover God’s presence.  Nazareth Retreat Center offers space and opportunities for spiritual reflection in a holistic approach which reverences the human spirit and all of creation. Your support will help this ministry continue to be a place of peace in our world.

Open doors for immigrant families

Doors to Hope provides support for women, children and immigrant families through advocacy, tutoring, and English as a second language classes.

A chance to experience God’s peace

Camp Maria Retreat and Conference Center in southern Maryland offers children and adults the chance to experience God’s peace on the beauty of Breton Bay.  Foster children reunite with siblings, veterans gather for support, siblings of cancer patients unite for a week of fun and homeless find shelter during select winter months.

Sangeeta’s life was changed

Young women, like Sangeeta, learn skills, find employment and support themselves and their families through the Nazareth Social Work Center in Sokho, India.

Reaching out to 50 villages

Sisters in Shapur, India support tribal women and youth in 50 surrounding villages.  They promote the education of girls and address issues of sanitation, human trafficking, and gender equality. They help women form self-help groups, conduct school health programs and provide career counseling. Following recent floods, our Sisters waded through waters to provide necessary support to villagers whose homes were flooded.

Educating a growing student population

Navjyoti School in Surkhet, Nepal, recently built a new school building to accommodate the growing number of students. Your support will help provide the needed furnishings to ensure a quality education for more than 650 students in Nepal.

A chance to earn a living

Sister Gracy helps migrant workers in southern India register for labor cards so they can receive training and secure a steady job, enabling them to care for their families, become integrated into the society and live a life of dignity.

Interventions for a better life

In southern India, Sisters Beena and Joicy improve the lives of women, children and the tribal population by providing legal and social work services. They help address issues of domestic violence, child protection, workplace violence, inadequate housing and educate and support women advocating for basic human rights.

Room in the Inn program begins second year

Room in the Inn’s mission is to provide a warm welcome, a hot meal, and a bed for the night. That’s a great assistance to those in need. Volunteers are encouraged when they learn about guests who have gotten back on their feet.

Moral revival Mass meeting for the Poor People’s Campaign

Hear about the inspiration, vision, and strategy for the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. We must shift the moral narrative in our nation. This movement intentionally addresses systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, environmental degradation, and national morality.

On strike: migrant workers on visa program claim unfair pay

Workers on a tobacco farm in Garrard County, Kentucky, are entering the third week of a strike over claims that they have not received the pay guaranteed by a federal work visa program. The strike is part of a movement across the South and Midwest to organize migrant laborers who enter the country legally to do seasonal work.

Open to God’s Action as we Journey into the Future

On October 13-15th, 16 SCNAs from Belize City and Dangriga, Belize gathered at SCN Center in Belize City to participate in their annual retreat. The theme was “Open to God’s Action as we Journey into the Future”.

Setting a Place for My Sister

Sisters Place held its annual breakfast, “Setting a Place for My Sister,” on Friday, October 6. The fundraising breakfast also included raffle baskets and other items for silent auction. Several SCNs were able to attend in support of this shared ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Sister Teresa meets Pope Francis

Vincentian Family members came to Rome to meet Pope Francis and commemorate their 400th anniversary. Thousands of Vincentians will participate in this meeting while seeking to deepen their charism of serving.

Commissioning of volunteers to India

Sarah Geier, SCN, Kristy Reynolds, LeAnne Moore, Karen Lazowski, and Erin Kelly are flying to India now. They will be there until Nov. 3, in ministry at Asha Kiran. The volunteers will be engaged in a variety of activities, helping children get ready for school, help with homework, painting the library, creating an album of photos and activities, and sharing new skills. Primarily they will just be with the children, listen to them, and love them. 

Botswana Sisters bid earthly farewell to Father Julian Black, CP

SCNs joined the Passionists and the Catholic community in Botswana to bid earthly farewell to Rev. Julian Black on Oct. 14, 2017. Sisters are closely connected to the Passionist community in Botswana since their arrival in the country.

Race for the Cure

Sister Kitty Wilson volunteered to work during the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday. This is the world’s largest and most successful education and fundraising event for breast cancer.

Marie Flowers, SCN

Marie Flowers, SCN, 50, was born in Detroit, Michigan. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Sister Marie had been a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth since 2014. Sister Marie served as a social worker, primarily working as...

And to care for the earth

Director of Ecological Sustainability Carolyn Cromer is working with the Grounds Committee and others to bring back native plants to Nazareth Campus. This effort is part of an overall commitment to the Community’s goals for sustainability, caring for the Earth, protecting the sacredness of creation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Wellness in Botswana

Botswana has dedicated the month of September for the wellness of the people, as the country celebrates its Independence on Sept. 30. Nationwide daily prayers are held in all the village “Kgotlas” throughout the month, praying especially for the sick.

Children participate in blessing

SCNs in Pittsburgh invited children from the nearby Vincentian Child Development Center to have their stuffed animals blessed by Fr. David on St. Francis Feast day.

Group visits former SCN school

SCNs Dorothy Jackson, Susan Kilb, and Judy Raley along with SCNAs Carol and Steve Newton visited the building in Dayton, TN which housed St. Genevieve School opened by the SCNs in 1891.  The building now serves as a restaurant.  

Young associates bring new perspective

The group, indeed, created great energy and ideas for leadership, activities and inviting new members. They are excited to carry forth the charism of charity and the spirit of Catherine Spalding.

Sister Martha Clan: An Interview

I entered the Community at the age of eighteen on September 24, 1952, and made first vows on March 25, 1955. My first mission was at St. Cecilia’s in Louisville where I taught the first grade. I received much help from Sisters Anita Hayden and Elaine McCarron. They also taught first grade.  Because of the two of them, I was prepared and confident.

Sister Antoinette celebrates Jubilee

Congratulations to Antoinette Kostelnik, SCN, on her 75th jubilee. Sister Antoinette celebrated with her Sisters, family and friends in Pittsburgh.

Sisters celebrate 90th birthday of Bishop Setlalekgosi

Sisters in Botswana invited Bishop Emeritus  Boniface Setlalekgosi for an outdoor meal, as he celebrated his 90th Birthday on 14th Sept.2017. It was Bishop Boniface who invited SCNs to minister in his Diocese ( Gaborone) in the year 2000.

Jubilee celebration continues …

SCN Provincial House community celebrated the Golden Jubilee of SCNs Agnes Tudu, Cassilda Castell, Mercy Thundathil, Nirmala Mulackal and Roselyn Karakattu on October 8, 2017 in Patna.

Join the Journey

Please join us for an hour to hear how the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are transforming lives in Kentucky and around the world.
Be inspired.

Shine your light

Many lives are brightened as hope takes root through Sister Manisha’s empowerment program. She and her staff address existing challenges through education, empowerment, guidance, a listening ear, and support.

Memorials and Honoraries

Gifts to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in memory or in honor of others for the period of July 1, 2017 – Sept. 27, 2017.

Centenarian Sisters at Nazareth

Sister Alice Teresa Wood will soon celebrate her 101st birthday on Oct. 11. Here she is pictured with two other Sisters of Charity of Nazareth centenarians, Sister John Ann Kulina to her left, 100, and Sister Evelyn Hurley to her right, 102.

LIFE showcases seniors’ creations

LIFE had its first Open Day to showcase the work of the seniors’ hands. This is the third event of the week to celebrate Seniors Week. Crafts were displayed including embroidery, pillow making, wine bottle vases, hand made cards and jewelry. Delicious food such as Creole bread and bun, powder bun, rice and beans, and more were enjoyed.

SCN Associate weekend in Botswana

SCNs and Associates gathered at Metsimotlhabe for the Associate workshop cum celebration of St. Vincent ‘s Feast on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017.

SCNs listed on Global Catholic Climate Movement

500+ global Season of Creation events inspired and educated thousands of people. In Kerala, churches signed a declaration of the 10 “green commandments.”  In Kentucky, the heart of U.S. coal country, women religious prayed at a solar power plant. Each expression of faith was a beautiful reminder that prayer is powerful. We are transforming our communities together.

Jubilee in Mokama

Patna Province celebrated the golden jubilee of SCNs Agnes Tudu, Cassilda Castell, Mercy Thundathil, Nirmala Mulackal and Roselyn Karakattu and the silver jubilee of SCNs Bibiana Kindo, Clementia Xalxo, Leena Padam, Meera Bilung, and Tessy Varghese in Mokama on Oct. 7, 2017.

Contemplative Retreat in Mokama

The morning and evening dewdrops of the autumn and the serenity of the shrine compound provided the needed ambiance and atmosphere for the Sisters and novices to enter into the retreat with an open heart to embrace what God had in store for each one. 

LIFE seniors served with beauty

The LIFE ministry in Belize held it’s second annual beautification day, allowing the seniors a chance to add to their beauty. Volunteers from the YWCA, the University of Belize, and others, provided diabetic nail cutting and foot cleaning, as well as manicures, pedicures, cornrows, braiding, perm, wash, flat iron, barbering, and make up. The younger volunteers enjoyed providing these services to the elders.

The Spirit of Mother Catherine

Nancy Gerth, SCN, brought the Spirit of Mother Catherine to Presentation Academy to help introduce her to the first year students in preparation for their retreat that will take place at Nazareth next week. Sister Nancy talked about Louisville and education for girls in 1831, the difficulties Catherine and the SCNs faced and the qualities and values that allowed them to serve in so many ways.

Michelle Grgurich, SCN – 25th Jubilee Reflection

As I looked back on the 25 years that have passed since I entered religious life, Sept. 15, 1992, I searched for something that would capture my experience and pretty quickly I thought about the Dayenu, a song of remembrance and thanksgiving in the Hebrew tradition that is part of the Haggadah the script/text that is used for family celebrations of the Passover seder meal.

Feast Day celebrations at Snehalayam, Trichy

Snehalayam community celebrated the feast of our Patron St. Vincent de Paul in a grand manner at Muthukulam, a sub-station of AMSAM parish, Trichy. The parishioners welcomed sisters with a traditional arathi to the Eucharistic celebration.

National Catholic Education Association President’s Award

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, received the National Catholic Education Association President’s Award at the NCEA Gala in Washington, DC. on Oct. 2, 2017. Throughout her acceptance speech, her passion for Catholic education showed forth.

LIFE celebrated senior day

On Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 LIFE celebrated senior day under the theme “Stepping into the future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions, and Participation of Older Persons in Society” at St. Martin’s De Porres Church in Belize City.

Bangalore Province celebrates Golden Jubilee

The life and mission of SCNs Agnes Tudu, Cassilda Castell, Mercy Thundathil, Nirmala Mulackal and Roselyn Karakattu of the past 50 years was honored by their sisters in Bangalore Province on Oct. 1, 2017, in a Eucharistic celebration.

Future of Charity members gather

Future of Charity members from Nazareth and Cincinnati gathered on Saturday night with Sister Marie Flowers to celebrate her gifts to us all. The Sisters shared stories, sang songs, and had a blessing ritual.

Sister Philomina Hembrom: An Interview

In looking forward to the future my hopes and dreams for the Congregation are that we may hear the call of God deeply within and go ahead in life I think that the biggest challenge at the present time is to understand the signs of the times and to respond to them in deep faith.

A chance encounter with two teachers

“Two wonderful, compassionate women who were exceptional teachers who helped shape our futures, one teaching me in 1968-69 and one teaching my son in 1995. I will forever treasure my Catholic School memories largely in part to women of faith such as these.”