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Sister Teresa meets Pope Francis

Vincentian Family members came to Rome to meet Pope Francis and commemorate their 400th anniversary. Thousands of Vincentians will participate in this meeting while seeking to deepen their charism of serving.

Commissioning of volunteers to India

Sarah Geier, SCN, Kristy Reynolds, LeAnne Moore, Karen Lazowski, and Erin Kelly are flying to India now. They will be there until Nov. 3, in ministry at Asha Kiran. The volunteers will be engaged in a variety of activities, helping children get ready for school, help with homework, painting the library, creating an album of photos and activities, and sharing new skills. Primarily they will just be with the children, listen to them, and love them. 

Race for the Cure

Sister Kitty Wilson volunteered to work during the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday. This is the world’s largest and most successful education and fundraising event for breast cancer.

Marie Flowers, SCN

Marie Flowers, SCN, 50, was born in Detroit, Michigan. She died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Sister Marie had been a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth since 2014. Sister Marie served as a social worker, primarily working as...

And to care for the earth

Director of Ecological Sustainability Carolyn Cromer is working with the Grounds Committee and others to bring back native plants to Nazareth Campus. This effort is part of an overall commitment to the Community’s goals for sustainability, caring for the Earth, protecting the sacredness of creation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Wellness in Botswana

Botswana has dedicated the month of September for the wellness of the people, as the country celebrates its Independence on Sept. 30. Nationwide daily prayers are held in all the village “Kgotlas” throughout the month, praying especially for the sick.

Children participate in blessing

SCNs in Pittsburgh invited children from the nearby Vincentian Child Development Center to have their stuffed animals blessed by Fr. David on St. Francis Feast day.

Group visits former SCN school

SCNs Dorothy Jackson, Susan Kilb, and Judy Raley along with SCNAs Carol and Steve Newton visited the building in Dayton, TN which housed St. Genevieve School opened by the SCNs in 1891.  The building now serves as a restaurant.  

Young associates bring new perspective

The group, indeed, created great energy and ideas for leadership, activities and inviting new members. They are excited to carry forth the charism of charity and the spirit of Catherine Spalding.

Sister Martha Clan: An Interview

I entered the Community at the age of eighteen on September 24, 1952, and made first vows on March 25, 1955. My first mission was at St. Cecilia’s in Louisville where I taught the first grade. I received much help from Sisters Anita Hayden and Elaine McCarron. They also taught first grade.  Because of the two of them, I was prepared and confident.

Sister Antoinette celebrates Jubilee

Congratulations to Antoinette Kostelnik, SCN, on her 75th jubilee. Sister Antoinette celebrated with her Sisters, family and friends in Pittsburgh.

Sisters celebrate 90th birthday of Bishop Setlalekgosi

Sisters in Botswana invited Bishop Emeritus  Boniface Setlalekgosi for an outdoor meal, as he celebrated his 90th Birthday on 14th Sept.2017. It was Bishop Boniface who invited SCNs to minister in his Diocese ( Gaborone) in the year 2000.

Jubilee celebration continues …

SCN Provincial House community celebrated the Golden Jubilee of SCNs Agnes Tudu, Cassilda Castell, Mercy Thundathil, Nirmala Mulackal and Roselyn Karakattu on October 8, 2017 in Patna.

Join the Journey

Please join us for an hour to hear how the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are transforming lives in Kentucky and around the world.
Be inspired.

Shine your light

Many lives are brightened as hope takes root through Sister Manisha’s empowerment program. She and her staff address existing challenges through education, empowerment, guidance, a listening ear, and support.

Memorials and Honoraries

Gifts to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in memory or in honor of others for the period of July 1, 2017 – Sept. 27, 2017.

Centenarian Sisters at Nazareth

Sister Alice Teresa Wood will soon celebrate her 101st birthday on Oct. 11. Here she is pictured with two other Sisters of Charity of Nazareth centenarians, Sister John Ann Kulina to her left, 100, and Sister Evelyn Hurley to her right, 102.

LIFE showcases seniors’ creations

LIFE had its first Open Day to showcase the work of the seniors’ hands. This is the third event of the week to celebrate Seniors Week. Crafts were displayed including embroidery, pillow making, wine bottle vases, hand made cards and jewelry. Delicious food such as Creole bread and bun, powder bun, rice and beans, and more were enjoyed.

SCN Associate weekend in Botswana

SCNs and Associates gathered at Metsimotlhabe for the Associate workshop cum celebration of St. Vincent ‘s Feast on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017.

SCNs listed on Global Catholic Climate Movement

500+ global Season of Creation events inspired and educated thousands of people. In Kerala, churches signed a declaration of the 10 “green commandments.”  In Kentucky, the heart of U.S. coal country, women religious prayed at a solar power plant. Each expression of faith was a beautiful reminder that prayer is powerful. We are transforming our communities together.

Jubilee in Mokama

Patna Province celebrated the golden jubilee of SCNs Agnes Tudu, Cassilda Castell, Mercy Thundathil, Nirmala Mulackal and Roselyn Karakattu and the silver jubilee of SCNs Bibiana Kindo, Clementia Xalxo, Leena Padam, Meera Bilung, and Tessy Varghese in Mokama on Oct. 7, 2017.

Contemplative Retreat in Mokama

The morning and evening dewdrops of the autumn and the serenity of the shrine compound provided the needed ambiance and atmosphere for the Sisters and novices to enter into the retreat with an open heart to embrace what God had in store for each one. 

LIFE seniors served with beauty

The LIFE ministry in Belize held it’s second annual beautification day, allowing the seniors a chance to add to their beauty. Volunteers from the YWCA, the University of Belize, and others, provided diabetic nail cutting and foot cleaning, as well as manicures, pedicures, cornrows, braiding, perm, wash, flat iron, barbering, and make up. The younger volunteers enjoyed providing these services to the elders.

The Spirit of Mother Catherine

Nancy Gerth, SCN, brought the Spirit of Mother Catherine to Presentation Academy to help introduce her to the first year students in preparation for their retreat that will take place at Nazareth next week. Sister Nancy talked about Louisville and education for girls in 1831, the difficulties Catherine and the SCNs faced and the qualities and values that allowed them to serve in so many ways.

Michelle Grgurich, SCN – 25th Jubilee Reflection

As I looked back on the 25 years that have passed since I entered religious life, Sept. 15, 1992, I searched for something that would capture my experience and pretty quickly I thought about the Dayenu, a song of remembrance and thanksgiving in the Hebrew tradition that is part of the Haggadah the script/text that is used for family celebrations of the Passover seder meal.

Feast Day celebrations at Snehalayam, Trichy

Snehalayam community celebrated the feast of our Patron St. Vincent de Paul in a grand manner at Muthukulam, a sub-station of AMSAM parish, Trichy. The parishioners welcomed sisters with a traditional arathi to the Eucharistic celebration.

National Catholic Education Association President’s Award

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, received the National Catholic Education Association President’s Award at the NCEA Gala in Washington, DC. on Oct. 2, 2017. Throughout her acceptance speech, her passion for Catholic education showed forth.

LIFE celebrated senior day

On Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 LIFE celebrated senior day under the theme “Stepping into the future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions, and Participation of Older Persons in Society” at St. Martin’s De Porres Church in Belize City.

Bangalore Province celebrates Golden Jubilee

The life and mission of SCNs Agnes Tudu, Cassilda Castell, Mercy Thundathil, Nirmala Mulackal and Roselyn Karakattu of the past 50 years was honored by their sisters in Bangalore Province on Oct. 1, 2017, in a Eucharistic celebration.

Future of Charity members gather

Future of Charity members from Nazareth and Cincinnati gathered on Saturday night with Sister Marie Flowers to celebrate her gifts to us all. The Sisters shared stories, sang songs, and had a blessing ritual.

Sister Philomina Hembrom: An Interview

In looking forward to the future my hopes and dreams for the Congregation are that we may hear the call of God deeply within and go ahead in life I think that the biggest challenge at the present time is to understand the signs of the times and to respond to them in deep faith.

A chance encounter with two teachers

“Two wonderful, compassionate women who were exceptional teachers who helped shape our futures, one teaching me in 1968-69 and one teaching my son in 1995. I will forever treasure my Catholic School memories largely in part to women of faith such as these.”

The UN and You

The UN and You published by Teresa Kotturan, SCN, can be read here. The issue highlights last week’s actions at the United Nations on the 72nd General Assembly.

Children campaign against anti-social activities

The Namoona children’s club along with the Navjyoti children’s club network committee organized a campaign against anti-social activities in Koldada Village. The children’s club chose the right time for their event just at the eve of Dasain Festival where all sorts of anti-social behaviors take place such as alcoholism, fights in the family, fights between groups, and gambling occurs.

SCNAs Make First Commitment in Mokama, India

Four SCNA candidates Anjani Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Joseph Rajendra and Nirmala Virendra made their First Commitment for one year as SCNAs during the morning Eucharistic celebration at Mokama chapel on Sept. 27, 2017, the auspicious feast day of St. Vincent de Paul. Many of the parishioners, family members, campus SCNs, novices, and candidates witnessed their commitment.


On September 27th, Pope Francis invited people around the world to use social media to love their neighbors and share the journey of the millions of migrant and refugee families who are seeking safety and a decent life. 

Vincentian Academy celebrates 85 years

Vincentian Academy was founded as Vincentian High School on November 14, 1932, as a private, independent, Catholic boarding school for girls. The school now celebrates its 85th year, providing young women and men a world-class college preparatory education for the...

SCNA Candidates meet in Patna

In preparation for the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Jane Karakunnel, SCN, invited 12 women from different parishes in Patna who expressed their desire to become SCNA candidates to the SCN Provincial House for prayer, reflection and sharing on Sept. 24, 2017.

Praying for Puerto Rico

We pray for our SCN Family members who live in Puerto Rico or have family there. We have heard from SCN Family members who are safe but without water or power. They report of total devastation to the island. We pray for all those suffering in Puerto Rico from the terrible destruction from Hurricane Maria.

Navjyoti Center ensures justice for women in Surkhet

Though the women in western countries have become aware of women’s rights and have moved a long way towards its enforcement, women in Nepal are still victims of gender-based violence. Women in Surkhet have just begun to take courage to surface their problems.

Sister Maria Emerentia Voytek: An Interview

All the opportunities that I have had to use my musical talent enriched my life. My life as a Sister means the world to me. I live, breathe and die for the gift of religious life!  I enjoy life itself!

International Peace Day

International Peace Day was celebrated at Nazareth with simultaneous prayers at the peace pole and in St. Vincent.  This year’s theme was Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All. At the peace pole, about a half dozen Montessori children sang, Light A Candle for Peace. The prayer, present on last week’s Newsline, shared several quotes from Peace on Earth (Pacem in Terris) written by Pope John XXIII.

Event highlights green practices

The Sisters of Charity have committed to becoming a “zero waste campus,” meaning that everything is either compostable or recyclable and nothing is sent to a landfill.

New SCN Book is Celebrated

Congratulations to Paschal Maria Fernicola, SCN, on the release of her new book, a vibrant account of her time in ministry in Belize.

Visitor Center at Nazareth

Visitor Center Director Rita Davis, SCN, is excited to share about the new items available at the Visitor Center on Nazareth Campus. Sister Rita said, “Thanks to my new volunteer, Elaine Belflowers, we’ve added some framed pictures of the statue of Catherine Spalding that stands in front of the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville KY on 5th Street.”

CHI Meeting

Sisters Frances Krumpelman and Susan Gatz participated in a pilgrimage sponsored by Catholic Health Initiatives that featured the charism, history, and ministries of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Judy Raley, SCN, welcomes CHI to Nazareth

Being rooted in the legacy of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth is important to the mission of CHI Memorial in Chattanooga.  As one way of maintaining this connection Judy Raley, SCN and Bob Scheri, Vice President of Mission Integration lead pilgrimages to Nazareth twice a year. Dr. David Foster from CHI St. Vincent, Little Rock joined the group from CHI Memorial on the September 11 – 12 pilgrimage.

Mary DePaul Zluky, SCN

Mary DePaul Zluky, SCN, was called to her heavenly home on September 12, 2017, at the age of 96 and in the 82nd year of her religious life. Sister entered the Congregation of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity from St. Michael Parish in Braddock, Pennsylvania in 1935....

Bal Divas – Children’s Day in Nepal

At the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s ministry in western Nepal, ten child clubs and Navjyoti Co-operative were present representing 150 children. Nepal is the land of festivals and colorful events. One of the most favorite non-religious events in Nepal is Children’s Day.

Transforming Society

Sisters Swarupa and Ann work together with the hope the presence of Sisters here will help eradicate illiteracy, superstitions, child marriage and domestic violence. They say they hope to see a society where every human being is respected and families uphold the gift of a girl child. Adding these efforts will take them on a long journey … which they will make one step at a time.

Sister Julie Zilka: An Interview

To those interested in Religious Life, I say, “Pray, pray earnestly to know if this is what you want to be and what God wants you to be.  You will not regret it.  Trust in God and He will lead you to what His plans are for you.  And count any scars along the way as STARS.  LOVE THE STARS! LOVE GOD!”

Sisters in Botswana celebrate Foundation Day

Sisters in Botswana gathered this Sept. 7 evening to celebrate the 17th Foundation day of Botswana Mission. During the prayer, they remembered with gratitude all the pioneers, the Central and Province leadership, past and present, all those who have ministered in Botswana, and all of the collaborators and supporters of their ministries. They thanked the Lord for all the countless blessings during these past 17 years. They honored and thanked the two pioneers, Sisters Ann and Nalini, who are still in the mission. 

Season of Creation

As part of the Season of Creation (September 1-October 4), SCN’s are invited to find a sustainability story in their geographic location and celebrate it. Today, those at Nazareth joined in prayer to celebrate Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives who are building a 60-acre solar farm in Winchester, KY. Members will be able to purchase solar energy for a 25-year license. This commitment to Earth and its future is to be commended as one of the biggest solar installations in Kentucky and as a milestone that cooperatives are leading the way in bringing renewable energy to members and to Kentucky.

Charismatic retreat in Jamtara Parish

Around 700 hundred people including persons from neighborhood parishes benefitted from a three-day charismatic retreat organized at Bewa parish in Jamtara from September 1-3, 2017.   The retreat preacher Reverend Dinny, a Vincentian priest from Vincentian Ashram, Dumka stressed the importance of Eucharist, personal prayer, daily family prayer, sacrament of reconciliation and adoration of Blessed Sacrament to receive graces and blessings in our personal lives.

‘Thank you teachers’ say students of Nazareth School, Bangalore

The greatest gift students can give to their teachers is to make them feel proud of their students.  The students of Nazareth School, Chandapura, made this happen on Sept. 5, 2017, through an inspiring prayer service and diverse cultural events. The day concluded with a sumptuous family lunch with teaching and non-teaching staff, along with SCN candidates, pre-novices and Sisters at Nazareth Convent, Chandapura, which added more delight to the day!

From the Archives: St. Vincent’s Infirmary, Chattanooga

Rev. William Walsh, pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Chattanooga, requested that the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth open an Infirmary at East Lake, five miles from Chattanooga. St. Vincent Infirmary formally opened on December 8, 1890 in a remodeled summer hotel. It was a picturesque location. The hospital was at the fort on Mission Ridge.

SCNs support DREAMers

We, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, recall God’s challenge to remember that we were all once strangers in a foreign land (Exodus 22:21) and as Christians have chosen to follow Jesus’ way of welcoming “the stranger” (Matthew 35:25). We strongly support the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and The Dream Act of 2017. 

Eye Screening camp at the Hospice, Botswana

SCNs at Pabalelong Hospice, Metsimotlhabe, Botswana, organized an eye screening camp at the Hospice with the help of Lion’s Club, Botswana. The camp started with prayer  and a ritual of lighting a lamp symbolizing Christ as the light.

Celebrating Teej for Purification and Happiness

Haritalika Teej is the greatest festival of Hindu women all over Nepal, which is celebrated for marital happiness, purification of one’s body and soul and to welcome the monsoon season.  It is celebrated primarily by girls and women, with songs, dancing, and variety of food and prayer rituals.

Skills training in Munal Path, Dharan

A number of members of Self Help groups who are living in the migrant settlements around Dharan gathered at Navjyoti for learning how to make doughnuts on August 29, 2017.   Gopal Basnet, a local eatery owner was the resource person who illustrated the process of making doughnuts.

Volunteers reach out in the Kentucky mountains

SCN Volunteers traveled last week deep into the mountains of Irvine, Kentucky. Volunteers assisted Mr. Dallas, a gentle man, who lives a solitary life but whose heart and hands reach out to take care of many of God’s creatures.

Remembering Sister Maureen Taaffe on first anniversary

Parishioners of St. John Chrysostom Parish, West Roxbury, MA, and area SCN/As remembered and celebrated Maureen Taaffe, SCN on her 1st Anniversary.  Following Mass and a continental breakfast, some of us gathered at the bench honoring her in the Fr. Charlie Flaherty Peace Garden, which was dedicated at Pentecost.  Maureen and Columban missioner Charlie had served together in ministry at St. John for over 20 years, and both died within five months of each other.

Volunteers finish project in Botswana

After several days of hard work, the SCN volunteers have completed painting the exterior of the church in Ntjlanthe, Botswana. This was phase two of their volunteer work, as they also completed painting the interior as well.

Onam: An occasion to celebrate oneness with the poor

Onam, the annual cultural and harvest festival of Kerala was celebrated by the students Marian English Medium School, Anakkampoil through the act of sharing.  Joining the initiative taken by Pain and Palliative of Anakkampoil of which Sister Sincy Sebastian is a member, the students collected rice that was distributed among 19 poor families as Onam kit.  I am sure this onam will become more meaningful for our staff and students as we have reached out to the truly deserving families in Anakkampoil.

Women’s training graduation in Gaya

Forty-three young women who finished their six-month tailoring and designing skills training graduated on August 30, 2017, at Nazareth Academy, Gaya.  They organized a cultural program on their own to celebrate their day.

Vincentian Academy school year begins

On Monday, Vincentian Academy in Pittsburgh opened its doors for the first day of school. Founded in 1932 by the Vincentian Sisters of Charity, Vincentian Academy will celebrate it’s 85th anniversary this school year!  

Sister Pat Haley sings Old Gospel & Spirituals

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth present this very special collection of songs from Sister Pat Haley. Sister Pat has selected nine gospel and spirituals to sing on this album recorded in Nazareth, Kentucky, at St. Vincent de Paul Church.

Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, the storms, and flooding in Texas. We pray for all those who have lost their homes or suffered damage. We also pray for the safety of those responding with rescue and relief efforts. May the coming days witness to God’s unfailing promise to be with us as people work to restore their lives.

Sister Kitty and the Saint Mary’s softball team

The Saint Mary’s Center softball team, the Rockets, that Kitty Wilson, SCN, helps coach, are seen here with players proudly displaying the ribbon each received at the end of the regional tournament held in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, Aug. 25. These adults are physically and educationally challenged. Coaches and spectators encourage each player to do the best they can.

Educational support for children in Surkhet

Children from migrant families received educational support from Navjyoti Center. Most of these children were picked up from streets and rivers where their mothers would break stones. Their priority was for daily food.

SCN Volunteer Update: Botswana

After being warmly greeted upon their arrival in Botswana late Tuesday, the SCN volunteers spent Wednesday touring the hospice in Metsomthlable and visiting the local church and preschool. The children were eager to meet the new visitors and shared a joyful song and dance as they practiced for their graduation.

Charity Alive members gather at SCN Hospitality House

SCNs Paris Slapikas and Nancy Gerth recently hosted a Charity Alive cookout at the SCN Hospitality House in Louisville where the group gathered for good food and fun.

Charity Alive is the young adult associate program facilitated by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. It was created as an opportunity for young adults across the United States to build and maintain relationships with the Sisters.

SCN Family provides school supplies

A request from Charity Alive member Andreiona Williams went out to SCNs in the Nazareth and Louisville areas for school supplies and backpacks for children in the West End of Louisville in collaboration with Emmanuel Baptist Church. The response was overwhelming with $1160 in money and supplies that were able to fill over 120 backpacks and then extra supplies to fill more bags!

Sister Cecelia Earline Hobbs: An Interview

My spirituality centers on connectedness to God and all God’s Creation. I experience continued growth in trust and awareness of God’s Presence and begin each morning with gratitude as I proclaim, “This is the day our God has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”

Seeds of Hope

Working with men and women who have experienced intimate partner violence and sexual assault is never easy. Day in and day out Sister Paris and staff are entrusted with the responsibility of being present to people at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable, emotionally and physically.

Sister Betty visits Jubilee Schools

Betty Fracchia, SCN, recently visited St. John and Little Flower Jubilee Schools in Memphis. Sister Betty spent time with Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools Kristi Baird and with the faculty and students at both schools. 

The second grade class at Little Flower Catholic School is pictured with Principal Tunia Sangster, Sister Betty and Jubilee Leader Kristi Baird.  Second graders will be participating in several service projects this year including collecting socks for needy families with Catholic Charities.

Eclipse of the sun passes over Nazareth

On Aug. 21, 2017, all of North America was treated to an eclipse of the sun. At Nazareth and near the path of totality, Sisters gathered to view the historical eclipse.

Admirable achievements of Asha Deepam

On Aug. 18-19 about 40 children of Asha Deepam took part in a sports and cultural competition conducted by Team of Social Service (TOSS) in Trichy. This was the first time more than 500 special needs children from 25 schools participated in this “talent fest.

Empowering students to become agents of social change

Clean India Mission is a campaign by the Government of India to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country’s 4,041 statutory cities and towns. Students across the country have been actively participating in this mission ever since it was launched in October 2014.

The SCNs condemn racism in all its harmful forms

We, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, rooted in Gospel nonviolence and the call to “love our neighbor as our self” (Matthew12:31) find racism an offense against God. We pray with those who are victims and for those who are in need of awakening to a love that honors all.

Cultural extravaganza marks Independence day celebrations at Nazareth School, Bangalore

Nazareth School, Chandapura, Bangalore celebrated the 71st Indian Independence on Aug. 15, with a spectacular display of cultural events. Professor Hari Ram of Alliance University graced the occasion as the chief Guest, along with Dr. Jalihal and Sister Amrita Manjaly SCN, Provincial, as Guests of Honor. Prof. Hari Ram urged the students to identify, respect and accept the uniqueness of each individual.

Global Sisters Report: Nazareth nuns support the isolated

Ever since the Darjeeling agitation began, the whole SCN Family has been in prayer with the Sisters who minister in Sangsay. Sister Deena and her community is doing all within their limits to stand with the people, as one among them and yet set apart, in helping them to tide over this crisis.

Statement for peace on the US-DPRK crisis

Last week, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth leadership teams gathered in Orlando, Florida, with 650 members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) for their annual meeting. During that annual meeting, it was apparent through discussions that participants felt called to create a statement on the deepening crisis between the governments of the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

A farmer finds the inspiration to change

“Along with my family, I am grateful to Sister Anjana and all of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth who constantly encouraged and supported us to improve our lives!”

Sister Marina Thazhathuveettil: An Interview

I am so very grateful to my God for calling me to the SCN Congregation which has allowed me to make mistakes, equipped me with the needed tools for my ministry and has trusted me and given me the freedom to do any good I can, for the people I serve.

Workshop in Mokama to protect children in our care

Twenty-seven Sisters attended a workshop on August 12-13, 2017 to prepare a ‘child protection policy’ for Patna Province in Mokama. Reverend Christu Das, director of SIGN (Social Initiatives for Growth and Networking) based in Ranchi, was the resource person. The participants were SCNs Philomena Kottoor, provincial and Amelia Moras, vice-provincial, hostel in-charges, school principals, formation directors and the education director. 

Following Jesus all the way

Octogenarian Bridget Kappalumakal, SCN, raised funds for the National Prison Ministry of the Catholic Church on Aug. 13 at St. John’s Medical College Hospital Chapel, Bangalore.

Sister Dorothy’s Golden Jubilee

“My education and my ministry experience has enabled me to use my gifts and talents in ways I never imagined and yet the Spirit continues to bless me with faith, strength of character and an ability to serve my people and the family of God.”

SCN Raffle Sold Out

The SCN Super Raffle is sold out. Thank you for your donations! All proceeds from this raffle support the SCN missions and ministries in the United States, Belize, Botswana, India, and Nepal.