Sister Sarita Manavalan shares the following:

This is the rainy season in India. As we travel, we see unmanaged garbage along the road, we hold our breath and, look the other way to avoid the sight of garbage. We, citizens of our country, need to be awakened. I hope, for our future, this will bring some awareness.

Helping Garbage Help Itself

Articles on awareness enlightening,
Letters to the Editor and Editorials abounding,
Polluted air found unwelcomingly advertised,
Protecting masks appearing as closest (only) friend
A challenging rescue mission to any entrepreneurs!

Our Ministers on foreign tours
To awaken our well-wishers:
Of their responsibility to share
The resources of the Earth
To better the planet beyond national horizons!

Do only international intellectuals
Attending world conferences on environment
Learn from the “wise”, how to philosophize
About the unmanageable garbage?

Loyal citizens raise voices of concern
Hoping the Municipality will save them
In the time of distress
As any child cries for help to its parents.

“Freedom with responsibility”, ancient code of our forefathers
As I pondered…..
I heard a whispering farmer’s voice:
“Help yourself, rather than crying for help”
“Be independent when you are able”!

“Use your resources, when it is available”
“Be a creator, rather than a borrower”!
Think! Bury the garbage, “your” garbage
Yes!, near a tree or a plant in your garden.

Yes! Another idea…..
Instead of cursing, “garbage! X4!
Dig a pit in your garden 4x4x4 feet
Once full, let soil cover the hole
Garbage transform to life-giving earth!
4x4x4 again!

Befriending garbage helps us
To fortify the earth
Save the plastic and metal pieces
For rag pickers
Be a helping hand to the self-employed!

Awake!, Awake!, my people
To make this planet a Home for all,
To be a caring person for the Mother Earth
Guide the lifeless garbage kill itself to life!

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