Please pray for all involved in tomorrow’s plea hearing in the deaths of Sisters Paula Merrill and Margaret Held. According to the District Attorney, Akillie Malone-Oliver, Rodney Earl Sanders of Kosciusko, Mississippi, charged with killing Sisters Paula Merrill, SCN, and Margaret Held, SSSF, will plead guilty to capital murder as part of an agreement that removes the possibility of the death penalty. Malone-Oliver said the decision takes into consideration that Sisters Paula and Margaret opposed the death penalty. She said the agreement calls for him to be sentenced to life without parole. The hearing is set for tomorrow at 9 a.m. in Lexington, Mississippi. Sisters Susan Gatz and Sangeeta Ayithamattam, as well as Diane Curtis, Director of Communications, have traveled to Mississippi for the hearing. The families of Sisters Paula and Margaret and representatives of both Congregations will be able to make a victim impact statement at the hearing. We ask that any inquiries from the media be directed to Diane Curtis at (502) 930-9986.

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