On Nov. 6, teachers and students of Nazareth Academy, Mokama, were privileged and honored to be part of a tree-planting drive. The goal was to plant 5,000 trees on the bank of the Ganges River. A bus was sent to pick up the staff and students. About 60 students and teachers joined planting tree saplings of all kinds.

Due to the pandemic, the school invited only a limited number of students. The saplings were planted using a modern scientific technique to create a forest on the Ganges river bank, strengthening the barrier for the river in the future.

This part of Bihar has no forest as it is the Gangetic Plain. Hence the students have no idea what a forest really is. They were pleased to be instrumental in creating a future forest in Mokama, especially on the bank of the Holy River Ganga. It could be a coming attraction for all those who visit here and live in Mokama.

The commandant, Praveen Sharma, addressed the group and urged them to be responsible citizens of a bright and new clean India. We were then treated to a high tea party. He thanked the team for the contribution to making the campaign successful.

Enlightened and happy, everyone returned home, carrying in our hearts the Ganges’ serene flowing waters, the cool breeze, the contact with the soil, and handling of every tree sapling with tender love and care. Truly nature heals us.

Sister Anila Monippallikalayil