(Photo courtesy of Dustin Chowning & WHAS.)

A black bear spotted on the grounds of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth campus is said to have moved to another area of Nelson County, Kentucky, and therefore is no longer believed to be on campus according to officials. Sisters and security reported seeing the bear on campus late yesterday. 

In speaking with a a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife representative, a Nazareth employee was told that any effort to try and capture the bear on the Nazareth campus was going to be humane. Had the bear been captured on campus, it was to be trapped and relocated.

According to WHAS television news reports, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife experts say June is mating season for the bear population and this particular bear may be on the hunt for a mate. Representatives for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife said they have received multiple calls about bear sightings in Nelson County. Those trying to catch a glimpse of the bear are warned by officials to give it space and never approach the animal. Residents are also advised to make sure their trash is secure. Anyone encountering the bear should make loud noises, never run from the bear, and make one’s self look larger than the bear.

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