Patna Province Assembly logo banner recycled

The logo banner of Patna Province Assembly 2017 will be used as the roof cover of a hut on a tree at Tarumitra (Friends of Trees) in Patna, Bihar. The steering committee of Assembly 2017 were extremely conscious of causing the least harm to Mother Earth that they tried to use recyclable materials as much as possible in preparation and during the Assembly in January 2017. They requested the Sisters to bring along with them the study materials which were circulated prior to the Assembly. The dilemma was with the Assembly logo whether to print it on a tarp (flex) or go for painting. In their search for a suitable option, Rev. Father Robert Athickal, SJ, the founder and director of Tarumitra, suggested that the committee could make it on a flex. Tarumitra could use it as a roof cover for one of their huts after the Assembly.

On Feb. 16, 2017, SCNs Mercy Thundathil and Malini Manjoly took the flex to hand it over to Father Robert. It would be used on the newly designed hut on a tree. The hut is being designed by three of the engineering students from Assam and one from Bihar. The work of the hut is in progress. The hut would have an attached restroom also. More photos.

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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