When the whole nation of India became disturbed with the various incidents of violence and insecurity of women, Nazareth Academy did not step back. The students of Nazareth, too, demanded for the safety of women. On Jan. 23, nearly 300 students (girls and boys) participated in painting on the theme “Safety of Women.” It was under various headings such as “Girls are not toys to be played with, Do not take life of one who gives life, Who will wipe the tears of Mother India?”  Through their colorful paintings each student brought out a glimpse of the agony that women face in our country. It was a day that students portrayed their thoughts, feelings, and message that they would respect themselves and others as they grow up to be pillars of our country.

On Feb. 3, the school held a combined exhibition on science and social studies. Teachers, parents and well wishers visited the site and appreciated and encouraged them. The  parents were especially impressed by the charts displayed on the safety of women. Some of the comments heard were “excellent,” “the drawings are on current burning issues,” and “the message is very clear.”

Hopefully, the efforts of these students will make a difference in the lives  of women in our society.

Written by Cecily Velleringatt, SCN

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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