SCNs Ann Whittaker, Anne Marie O’Shea, and Tess Browne were deeply touched by the loving hospitality they experienced at the (ISBCC) Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. They write, “We were among 2,600 participants at the assembly, ‘Out of Many, One’ (E Pluribus Unum): An Interfaith Call for Dignity & Diligence, organized by GBIO (Greater Boston Interfaith Organization) of which SCNs were founding members in 1998.

“Muslim women greeted us at the door with smiles and loving-kindness. We were brought to tears … thinking ‘How can anyone hate you or be so afraid of you?’ Yusufi Vali, ISBCC executive director, greeted us and asked his congregation to give up their seats to accommodate their guests. He also announced that anyone who feels threatened, harassed or bullied … you are welcome at this Mosque where you will be safe. This is a sanctuary for all.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, spoke of his father, his mother, “immigrant(s) from Ireland” who made a home in Boston. He expressed his commitment to welcoming immigrants in the city, and ensuring their safety. He exhorted mayors across the country to visit a mosque in their community.

MA Senator Elizabeth Warren quoted her favorite scripture passage, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do unto me.” This, she said, is the guiding principle of her life’s work.

This gathering energized the Sisters and gave them hope.


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