Helping our migrant brothers and sisters at the Greyhound Bus Station in Louisville

SCNs have been wanting to help the migrants and here are some ways that they are doing so in the Louisville area:

  • Fr. Jim Flynn goes to the Louisville Greyhound Bus station in Louisville every afternoon to greet the bus and welcome the migrants that are passing through Louisville on their way to family in the north. They were put on the bus in McAllen, TX and the “Grannies” have folks who meet the buses when they stop at the stations to be a loving smile and to listen to their stories. (Read more about the Grannies here.)
  • Some SCNs are signing up to join Fr. Jim in this welcoming. (Those that lived in the Rio Grande Valley near McAllen know how long that trip is and it is faster in a car than bus.) SCNs continue to pray for all who are traveling that they reach their destinations safely.
  • Some of the Faith Groups in Louisville and Nazareth have been collecting items (food, hygiene, diapers etc.) for kits to give to the migrants when the bus stops in Louisville. With the weather turning cold, donations include crocheted hats and scarves for warmth. Monetary donations have been given to Fr. Flynn and the Grannies to provide what they need. Bottled water seems to always be a need.

On Tuesday, November 6, Brenda Gonzales, SCN, delivered items and money collected from Sisters to Fr. Flynn for the migrants at the bus station. He said the bus was really late on Monday night because of the storms. It arrived at 8 pm not 3 pm so no one stayed to greet them on Monday night, but here is what he said about Tuesday, November 6 afternoon:

The bus did arrive more or less on time yesterday, – 10 people in all – 5 children/teens – all were weary and anxious when I told them that they had ‘only’ a day-and-a-half left to arrive at their destinations (most to New Jersey). We had plenty of water thanks to the generosity of your Sisters. They had warm clothes given earlier by the Grannies in Nashville.

Refugees from Honduras and Guatemala were weary but hopeful and greeted at the Greyhound Bus Station receiving items such as your Sisters have donated – I had the privilege to listen some of their stories: horrible, frightening in Honduras, with weeks on the run through Mexico to the border – days of cold and hunger in the prisons in McAllen, TX. They were heartened to know that they had only a day-and-a-half more to reach family in the North and East of the U.S.- one Honduran woman told me she couldn’t wait to have a hot shower!!!

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