The second year novices had interesting experiences during their two month exposure in the rural villages of Chatra, India, under the guidance of Joel Urumpil, SCN. They were greatly touched by the love, simplicity, humility and hospitality of the economically poor and downtrodden. The experiences enabled them to give and receive. They drew strength and inspiration to move ahead in life with an indomitable spirit. While meeting naxalites face to face, trusting in Providence was a peak experience, caring for a serious child was for another. Accepting the culture and life-style of the people in the village was a life-changing experience for the others.

The novices were immensely grateful to be part of promoting education for children in Chatra and other places. They were also involved in women empowerment programs. The input in social analysis by Father George Monipally helped them to understand unjust structures and their impact on society. Attending the third year memorial of Sister Valsa John in Ranchi, India, was an experience. There they had opportunities to live among the Behror people, a most primitive tribe. They learned a lot from them.

Their lives have changed because of these people. All these experiences help to deepen their commitment to God. They are happy for the opportunity to live and learn from God’s people. The second year novices thank God and the SCN Congregation for this wonderful opportunity.

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