The first official gathering of the Nazareth Old Students Association (NOSA) Delhi Chapter was recently held. SCNs Anne Marie Thayilchirayil, Ann George Mukalel, Reena Theruvankunnel, Bridget Kappalumakal, Stella Kaiparampatt and Nirmala Mulackal went in a taxi provided by the NOSA team to St. Xavier’s. The entrance to the hall and the hall were decorated with balloons and fresh red and white flowers – the colors of the school uniform. There were approximately 200 guests. Due to the rally of the opposition party, the roads were blocked at some places so the event was delayed by about an hour or more. Ex-students of Nazareth Academy, some with their wives and families kept coming in from noon till about 1:30 pm.

Our two Golden Jubilarians and ex-principals and teachers of Nazareth Academy, Gaya, Sisters Anne Marie and Ann George were honored with bouquets and shawls. They in turn, shared a few words of thanks and appreciation. Ravi Shanker, a former student did a good job.

Cassilda Castell, SCN, was thanked for making NOSA – Delhi Chapter a reality. She shared briefly with the group about her past discussions with Eugenia Muething, SCN, and her hopes for a NOSA in Delhi.

Sudip Dey, President, shared a Powerpoint presentation with the group. The group especially appreciated seeing the pictures of the “old” Nazareth Academy building that were featured.

The majority of the former students were recent graduates. Many of them were known to Sisters Ann Palatty, Reena Theruvankunnel and Vijaya Chalil. Sisters Ann Palatty and Vijaya sent good wishes and regrets for their absence by phone and were announced at the gathering. Dinner was served on the grounds of St. Xavier’s. A special corner seemed to be a main attraction for a big majority: litty made and served with all the sauces were in this corner. The Biharis thoroughly enjoyed this dish which was prepared apart from the main catering.

By 4:30 p.m. the guests started leaving. It was a great team to work with and our hope is that next year will be even better.

Cassilda Castell, SCN

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