Nohemi cried every day. When she first arrived in Louisville, she was unable to help her three children with even simple assignments as they struggled at school. Beyond a few words, she could neither speak nor understand English.

Like so many others who grow up in the poverty of a developing country, Nohemi yearned for a better life and was willing to work very hard to achieve it. After making the difficult trip to the United States, she immediately began working two jobs as she and her husband raised three children. When she first arrived at Doors to Hope, Nohemi had low self-esteem, rarely made eye contact, did not smile, and spoke in a whisper. Nohemi has learned to read and speak English through the ESL class at Doors to Hope. She has found tremendous support through the women’s group.

Nohemi learned that Doors to Hope is far more than a catchy name or a place to learn English as a second language. She feels that God led her to Doors to Hope and is now translating for others in the Latino community and encouraging participation in the program.

Doors to Hope, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, is a vibrant learning community which offers portals of hope to these vulnerable families.

At this time of Lenten sacrifice and giving, we invite you to help bring hope to vulnerable families like Nohemi’s. Your generous support becomes a gift of hope to those struggling to build new lives as they become strong, contributing members of their communities.

As you bless others, may you also be blessed with hope and new life. Please also pray with us for those who serve in this ministry and those who are served.

Donations provide

  • support for 79 students
  • tutoring, GED and ESL classes
  • advocacy efforts
  • workshops for immigrant women
  • operational support for a small staff of three persons and 45 volunteers

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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