News from the SCN volunteer group working in Las Flores this week

We arrived early afternoon Monday in Belize. Sister Carlette met us at the airport. We checked in at the hotel and went to the SCN house for dinner. Sisters Carlette, Pascal and Brenda are most inviting.


After breakfast at the SCN house, Valentino came to show us the job site. This is a concrete house that had been started. We worked helping to add two rounds of blocks around the house — some helped to serve the children next door where (a woman — I don’t know her name) provides lunch for 40 school children. Sister Luke gave some of the sundresses to little girls and they were so happy.


Breakfast at Sisters Pascal’s. It poured rain and the workers decided we couldn’t work today. They would get supplies for the roof and we will try it tomorrow. Instead, we visited Belize City Museum, had a nice lunch outside, visited several houses previously built by SCNs & Hand & Hand Ministries. Visited the SCN house and saw Sisters Mary Elizabeth, Maggie Cooper and Bev Hoffman. Tonight we had puposas which is a dish native to El Salvador. After supper Valentin shared the history of his fleeing from the war in El Salvador and how he ended up in the village of Las Flores.

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