Nazareth School – Chandapura, Bangalore, Investiture Ceremony

An investiture Ceremony is the school ritual /Ceremony to bestow or present the rank and office. This is the day wherein the prefects are given insignia. They are the school prefects who execute the duties assigned for them. On this day the elected members are conferred the power / authority and considered as a high officials of the student body. The Nazareth School of the Academic year 2014-15 had designed the day to hold the ceremony in a unique way. 

The Investiture Ceremony was held on 26th June 2014, Thursday. The day paved the way for the smooth functioning of the Ceremony. The dignitaries were led to the stage by the school band. The Chief Guest for the day was Ann Palatty, SCN, the provincial of Bangalore province. She honoured all the students with badges. She spoke on the call of a leader. The leaders are to be “the front line troops.“ That means they should be the first ones to do the things and help the followers to be better civilians of the country at large.

Hilda Lobo, SCN, the principal addressed the students saying, “In a gentle way you can bring changes to Nazareth school.” She also said leadership is a service to humankind. “Today you are elected to serve this institution in an ordinary way by doing extraordinary works,“ she said.

In reverence to the sacredness of the ceremony, the school anthem Hail Nazareth, Place of Wisdom, was sung. The prefects signed the duty list in the presence of everyone.

The school pupil leader spoke of her determination to try to live up to the changing demands at Nazareth School, adding, "One thing I am clear about, it is that the Nazareth School needs to look forward without the abandonment of traditions and essential aspects of her past. The past can be just as much a stimulus to the future as anything else.”

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