Nazareth Lee in Sangsay, India

The month of October saw the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth ministry, Nazareth Lee, hosting a variety of activities as part of the integration of ministries there. Sisters conducted many activities during this month and people from all walks of life benefited. All of the following are highlights from Nazareth Lee in October. All photos from this ministry are located here.

‘Old Age Day’ Celebration

On Oct. 1, Nazareth Lee had a senior celebration with variety of cultural programs. Sisters conducted different competitions in which many senior citizens won prizes and enjoyed being together. The day was energizing and enriching for all, young and the old alike.

School Health Program

On Oct. 8, the staff of the center went to the distant village of Tarkola to a school for school health program. Sisters conducted the program for 102 students up to class four. Ninety-eight students, out of 102, received medication. Most of them had decay of teeth and scabies. It was the first time they had the camp in the school. All the children received medication for de-worming, vitamins, antipyretic, and iron. It was a hectic day, but the Sisters enjoyed it very much.

International Girl Child Day

On Oct. 11, Sisters celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child at the school in Yogda. They took out a rally and shouted slogans on the protection of girl children. The placards used during the rally urged the protection of girl children, equal education opportunities, a better tomorrow, and formation of a better society. They had a debate, quiz, and various other competitions in which girl children won most of the prizes.

Free Medical Camp

On Oct. 18, Sisters conducted a free medical camp for villagers and especially seniors. On the same day they had taken the names of the people who were not yet receiving pensions. These names we will be enrolled to avail pensions to these deserving people. Last year through Sisters’ intervention nearly 80 people received their rightful pensions.

Dental Camp

The dental camp organized at the center on Oct. 24, with the collaboration of three doctors from Canada, saw quite a number of people coming for check ups, extractions and medications. Many people received free medications for their ailments.

Training on Leadership and Legal Issues

On Oct. 25, Sisters organized training on leadership and legal issues. The recourse persons came from Darjeeling, India. Sixteen selected village leaders from eight villages participated in the program and benefited from it.

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