Nazareth Home receives “Best Practices Award” from Kentucky Initiative for Quality Nursing Home Standards
The KYIQ Best Practices Award is an annual award presented in recognition of exemplary best practices that serve as a model for other nursing homes to adopt in order to enhance the quality of care provided to all residents.
The KYIQ group is a independent advocacy group organized to promote public awareness to the need to preserve the dignity and well being of loved ones in the nursing home. They are working in partnership with the state’s Long Term Ombudsman program to provide a way for KY facilities to share their expertise with others so to achieve the KYIQ group’s stated goal of fostering collaboration among providers, families, advocates and elected officials to support a level of care for all nursing home residents. This “mentoring project” designed in 2009 creates a way for best practices and effective standards to be shared.
The award is presented to homes who demonstrate sustained success in the criteria areas of Continuity of Care, Training, Family Support, and Innovation in workplace, care and environmental practices. The CMS 5 star rating must be at a 4 with a sustained 4 in staffing.
“We are honored to receive this award and believe the criteria represent the key ingredients to quality in long term care. The process was a great way to recognize residents, families and staff at Nazareth Home and the contribution everyone makes in creating a community that is a great place to live and a great place to work.” — Mary Haynes, Administrator
For more information contact:
Mary Haynes
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