The feast of Pentecost arrives with great enthusiasm after weeks of relaxing in the joy of Easter. We have celebrated all that Jesus taught us and did for us during his time on earth. We were sobered by his intense suffering and death. We were lifted from our sorrow when we joined with the women and men in Jesus’ life and recognized his Resurrection. He remained with them long enough to prepare those he loved so dearly for the coming of the Spirit. On Pentecost we prayed, “God, send out your Spirit and renew the face of the earth.” God promised to be with us always and to share the Spirit to provide all we need to renew ourselves and all the earth. That Spirit speaks to us in nature. Notice the fullness of the earth this Spring – lush green trees are bursting with beauty and life; bushes and shrubs are laden with color and flower; walkers and fishers are multiplying, filled with energy. Our spirits grasp the enthusiasm of the earth as we welcome the Spirit of God into our midst. May we participate in the renewal of the earth with open hearts, kind words, and thoughtful actions and make each day rich in love and goodness.
Happy Father’s Day to each of Nazareth’s Fathers and Grandfathers!
Nazareth News
Many of us have fond or not so fond memories of Nazareth’s Laundry. We recall our time there as “hard and hot.” We refer to it now as the “Old Laundry” and it is used to store furniture and other items that find their way to Nazareth. Recently, we had a Laundry Sale for employees and one week later for the public to dispose of the furniture no longer needed at Nazareth or in other locations where SCNs live. The revenue from the sale – $1,200.00 – is included in the resources of the Sisters of Charity. The remaining items will be donated to Sky Bound Ministries and taken to Appalachia and/or to four Indian reservations in Montana. Some goods are saved for the Yard and Bake Sale scheduled in September. Several people who came for the sale asked about the history of the building. A couple of people described it as a “beautiful old building.” Campus Service employees wonder how long it can remain standing as it has deteriorated greatly. We look for the time when the Laundry building is no longer needed for storage and sales.
The Nazareth Campus Mission Committee meets bimonthly (once every two months) to encourage employees and residents to share in the SCN Mission by participation in programs and actions which promote the mission. Some ongoing actions include: promoting recycling, organizing the pickup throughout campus, preparing the recycling for transporting, and delivering recycled goods to several centers. Some of the proceeds from our recycling efforts are used to purchase trees for the campus. The Mission Committee fund is used to assist employees and others with emergency needs. Members review SCN Action Alerts and the Network Legislative Updates to respond to issues of concern to SCNs and others. The Mission Committee sponsored the collection of “gently used items” from employees and residents to be donated to the Kentucky Catholic Charities’ Migration and Refugee Services – we filled a trailer and van with very gently used items. (More in upcoming Newsletters)
On May 18, 2010 William Phillips, Food Service Cook, marked 50 years of employment at Nazareth. As S. John Ann said when she hired him, “He was just a kid.” SCN employees and residents celebrated with William on Wednesday, May 19. William’s wife, Christine, joined us for this special event. Several spoke about William, his laid back, friendly, easy-going manner; his dedication to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; his outstanding cooking skills and training of many cooks over the years; his adaptability and flexibility through all the changes he has experienced at Nazareth. William is proud of his three daughters, graduates of U. of L., and his grandchildren; he is a strong family man. William is one-of-a-kind; not many can claim 50 years of service to one organization. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth appreciate William’s gifts of expertise and time. He was presented with a framed picture of the Motherhouse and St. Vincent Church surrounded by flowering trees, lush green foliage, and the beautiful church spires. Christine and William can celebrate with the monetary gift.
The most recent Lunch ‘N Learn program for SCN employees was presented by Marissa Castellanos, Project Manager, Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking. Melissa repeated her program for the Sisters on the same day. One of Marissa’s goals is to educate as many people as she can about the reality of human trafficking throughout the world, in the United States, and in Kentucky. By learning how to identify trafficking we are better able to report situations to the proper authorities. About 70 people attended the program and listened with rapt attention to learn about a topic perhaps somewhat foreign to many of us. Marissa was passionate about the ongoing problem of human trafficking both for forced labor and commercial sex. The statistics, stories, exploitation, vulnerability, helplessness, and suffering of children and adults are staggering. We felt a deep sadness for all those caught in this horrendous slavery. Marissa provided phone numbers and websites to connect us with ways to review the information she shared and to contact her with questions or concerns.
Coming Events
June 2 The celebration for the 29 Rainbow Jubilarians begins with the Liturgy in St. Vincent Church followed by dinner in the Motherhouse Dining Room.
June 13-19 The Retreat Center has scheduled an Artist Retreat: Painting, Story Telling, and Music presented by SCNs Betty Blandford, Marie Becker and Sharon Gray. What an exciting new idea for a retreat!
June 15 About 25 members of St. Thomas More Parish, Louisville, will visit Nazareth and have dinner in the Motherhouse Dining Room.
June 17 All SCN employees are invited to the annual Ice Cream Social at 1:30 p.m. in the Marian Courtyard.
June 28 SCN, Inc. will meet in the Western Province Board Room.
The Hearing Loss Association will gather at the Gazebo for a meeting and social from 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Nazareth Retreat Center welcomes:
June 12 Women from St. Francis Xavier Parish, Mt. Washington
June 18-19 Administrators from St. Joseph Hospital, Lexington, will meet in the Crimmins Hall Banner Room.
Nazareth continues to participate in the annual Nelson County Relay for Life which assists patients, caregivers, and families dealing with cancer by providing a variety of educational and service programs. We no longer sponsor a Relay for Life Team, however, several employees in OCA have continued to include Nazareth in fundraising efforts to support the local units of the American Cancer Society. This year Nazareth donated $933.00 to Relay for Life. All contributions to this important organization are greatly appreciated.
Thank you residents and employees for your participation in the Fire and Tornado Drills. We accounted for all residents and employees in record time. Your understanding and cooperation indicates that we are ready for future Fire Alarms and Tornado Warnings. We evaluate each drill and make changes in the plans when needed. If you have questions, information, or concerns please contact Carol Rogers, scn at Ext. 1505.
This is the final report on the Douwe Egberts coffee served in Nazareth’s dining rooms. The company’s Code of Conduct for Environmental Criteria include: minimizing water, energy, agrochemical usage and environmental pollution; using native trees as coffee shade trees, avoiding deforestation, protecting endangered species; optimizing use of sustainable energy sources; protecting water sources. Also, all children living on UTZ farms and cooperatives have access to education. Workers and their families have access to decent housing, clean drinking water, and healthcare services. Certified producers are required to train employees on health and safety procedures and the correct use of pesticides. UTZ Certified producers must comply with natural labor laws and the Conventions of the International Labour Organization regarding age, working hours, working conditions, collective bargaining, and safety.
We are grateful to purchase from an organization that requires coffee producers to comply with a very clear and specific Code of Conduct. The coffee we enjoy every day is certainly tasting better with this knowledge.
One final myth from Louisville Gas & Electric
Myth: A heating and cooling system “works harder” to reach a comfortable temperature after setback or set forward.
Many people do not adjust their thermostats at night or while away because of the common misconception that the heating or cooling system must “work harder” or use more energy to reheat or re-cool the bedroom, office, or home. This is not how a thermostat works. The system turns on to reach a set level and then shuts off when that level is reached. It can be likened more to a switch that shuts off and on, rather that a gas pedal that accelerates faster the more you step on it.
The thermostat in the Columba Room is left on at all times. It is set at about 73º in all seasons. If a group needs the room cooler, press the cooler button; if warmer is needed, press the warmer button. The radiators remain on low at all times. If a group using the room needs more air circulation the dials in the system can be turned to medium or high for air. Please refrain from adjusting the controls on the thermostat or the system prior to consulting with the Maintenance Department. It is uncomfortable when a group is scheduled to use the room and they find the thermostat and/or radiators turned off.
There is a new and different microphone in the Motherhouse Dining Room. Before using the microphone please ask one of the coordinators for instructions. The “control box” remains the same and continues to require the use of the “on” and “off” button only (red button top right). Please refrain from pushing or turning any other buttons or knobs. The system is ready at all times to be turned “on” with one button.
Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 70% less energy and more of their energy goes to producing light instead of heat. Please check the lamps in your bedrooms to see if they have fluorescent bulbs. If not, we want to replace the old incandescent bulbs with newer energy efficient ones. About 98% of the ceiling lights on campus have fluorescent bulbs.
When recycling steel cans please remove the tops completely and drop them to the bottom of the cans. Putting cans with the tops attached into a plastic bag present a hazard to employees who must open and empty the bags for recycling.
Please refrain from including candy in packages that are left in the Mail Room for delivery especially to Nazareth Home. The candy is attracting ants which spread over a wide area. Rinse all recycled items before putting them in the recycling containers. Food left on the items is attracting ants.
New Employees
Nazareth welcomes Johnye Wethington as the new Accounting Project Specialist in the COFA/POFA Department. Prior to coming to Nazareth, Johnye worked in Louisville in the Assisted Living business as a Business Office/HR Manager. She has a BS in Business Management with a minor in HR. Johnye and her husband, Gary, have two sons, Tanner (17) and Zachary (7). She grew up in Cox’s Creek (Rooster Run area) and moved to Bloomfield about seven years ago. Johnye has been very busy this Spring as she is an avid angler, and she has been stocking the freezer for the winter. Johnye is very excited about being able to work close to home, and she looks forward to being at Nazareth as long as possible; she is eager to meet and get to know people.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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