Ah, the joys, delights, wonders of the earth opening to Spring. We welcome the beauty, the sun, the warmth. We welcome the early blooming flowers and trees – golden jonquils and forsythia, pink and white magnolias, redbud and whitebud trees, Easter tulips, day lilies, multicolored hyacinths, and more – new life all around us. Our hearts are bursting with gratitude to God for continuing to grace us with love and thoughtfulness. How fitting that all this grandeur and simplicity is rising from the earth during Holy Week.
Our spirits are quiet early in Holy Week and we find ourselves walking along with Jesus during this most holy time of year. He gathers his disciples and we join them for the Last Supper. We learn from Jesus about humility and love when he bends low to wash the disciples’ feet, a servant to others. Our hearts are filled with gratitude when Jesus announces that he will remain with us always through the Eucharist, his body and blood shared. We enter with Jesus into Good Friday and walk the way of the cross with him; the way of sorrow, suffering and sacrifice – his love poured out as he embraces the cross. We spend some quiet time contemplating the death of Jesus, standing with his family and friends before the tomb. The solemn Easter Vigil is filled with prayers, rituals, songs, and readings that light our hearts and our way to the glorious Resurrection of Jesus. He has risen! We join Jesus in this celebration on new life! Alleluia!
Happy Easter to each of you and to your loved ones!
Nazareth News
The presentation by Claire McGowan, O.P., Environment/Going Green, at the Lunch ‘N Learn program for SCN employees was inspiring and educational. Claire recognized the many ways all of us at Nazareth are contributing to Nazareth’s becoming a “green” campus. She reminded us that Nazareth is the single largest purchaser of green electric energy of all Salt River Electric customers.
Claire helped us to understand why we in the U.S. need to focus on the way we live. After sharing some staggering facts Claire suggested that “if all the people on earth were to begin to live as we do, three and a half more planets would be needed to supply the food, water, materials, and energy on which all life depends. Claire believes that our problems – economic, political, social, and ecological – stem from our lack of connectedness: with our inner selves, with other people, and with nature. We believe ourselves to be superior to the rest of the natural world, that we are in charge on planet Earth. We are one with all creation yet we have been responsible for the extreme devastation of the environment, the Earth.
Claire left us with the challenge to begin loving the land, air, water, forests, wild creatures, one another; to begin connecting with the natural world where we are; to join with others in our community to change what needs changing and truly make things better. What will I do in my life to make a difference, to ensure the future of life, all life on earth?
The Habitat for Humanity fundraiser, “A Tasting Bash” was a huge success. Over $6,000.00 was raised from the sale of tickets and donations. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth contributed $350.00 – a very generous donation. Several SCNs attended the Tasting Bash and were delightfully surprised at the great variety of food items prepared by volunteers from 12 local churches and the 4-H Club. What a sweet and savory way to raise funds for a worthy cause. Families who receive the new homes feel blessed and honored to be home owners. Thank you, each SCN, who contributed to the Habitat Fundraiser.
March 25, 2010 was more special than ever this year. Alice Teresa Wood, scn celebrated her Diamond Jubilee with the SCNs and about 35 family members. Several arrived early to be prepared for the special event and to enjoy card games, a long-standing family activity, which includes S. Alice Teresa. Many of the Sisters at Nazareth and beyond celebrate the anniversary of their first vows on this Feast of the Annunciation. They were proud to participate with S. Alice Teresa and to remember S. Mary Justin Wheeler who was celebrating at Nazareth Home the 80th anniversary of her first vows. We congratulate and thank S. Alice Teresa and S. Mary Justin for their faithful service to God and to all the people they have served in ministry over many years.
The Liturgy at Nazareth was joyous and special for S. Alice Teresa and her family. Prior to the Liturgy S. Alice Teresa received a live visit via Skype from the SCN Central and Province Leadership Teams who were meeting in India. S. Susan Gatz attended the celebration at Nazareth. There was music, dancing, song from the Novices and Candidates and special words of gratitude from the SCN leaders. S. Alice Teresa’s family was present and broke into heartfelt applause at the close of the program. S. Alice Teresa relates the experience with great joy, gratitude, humility, and enthusiasm. Certainly it was one of the highlights of her day. Following the Liturgy everyone enjoyed a delicious meal in a beautifully decorated Motherhouse Dining Room.
S. Alice Teresa’s family chose a pink dogwood tree to be planted outside Carrico Hall in her honor. The family participated in the blessing of the tree. S. Alice Teresa and her family gathered in the O’Connell Hall Drawing Room for a special supper followed by a time to share gifts of memories and significant moments in her life. The extended Wood family has great love and respect for their aunt, S. Alice Teresa Wood, the last of nine children of William Albert and Mary Alice Wood.
On Saturday a group of young Boy Scouts and their families arranged to fly kites in the area around the Gazebo. The wind was perfect for the occasion and the delight was a pleasure to observe. The families also enjoyed fishing in the SCN Center lake. It was good to see adults and children outdoors together and appreciating the peace, beauty, and wonder of nature.
We welcome the return of the Province Leadership Team, SCNs Judy Raley, Brenda Gonzales, and Adeline Fehribach from their EC and NLBI meetings in India. Teresa Kotturan, scn will be back at Nazareth soon and we look forward to seeing her. Mary Elizabeth Miller, scn will return in mid April.
Nazareth’s Community Garden will open in April with about 60 plots available to interested gardeners. The area prepared for planting is more than twice the size as last year. Nelson County Extension Service, Master Gardeners, and Nazareth collaborate to support the program and to encourage community involvement. A few plots will be used for ‘charity gardens,” produce will be given to local organizations who serve families in need. Call the Campus Service Office at 348-1505 by Wednesday, April 7 to sign up for your garden plot.
Louisville Gas & Electric, Nazareth’s natural gas provider, offers the following ideas about energy conservation to counteract common myths.
Myth: Leaving lights, computers, and appliances on uses less energy than turning them on and off.
Fact: In most cases, the small surges of power needed to start a device is much less than the power that is wasted by leaving it on when it is not needed.
Myth: Energy efficiency and energy conservation are the same thing.
Fact: Efficiency refers to using less to perform a specific task. Examples include replacing traditional lighting with compact fluorescent lights, or installing a high performance appliance.
Conservation refers to reducing your need for energy through changes in behavior, such as setting the thermostat lower or riding a bike.
Nazareth uses Douwe Egberts coffee in our dining rooms. Douwe Egberts purchases UTZ CERTIFIED coffee beans and assists small farmers to achieve the UTZ Certification thus improving their living conditions. The Douwe Egberts Foundation also provides grants to small farmers.
The UTZ global environmental management system ensures reducing waste and minimizing overall environmental impact. UTZ CERTIFIED’s vision is to achieve sustainable agricultural supply chains that meet the needs and expectations of farmers, the food industry, and consumers. The UTZ CERTIFIED program is based on a Code of Conduct, a set of social and environmental criteria for responsible coffee growing practices and efficient farm management.
While enjoying those delicious cups of coffee daily we can be assured that Douwe Egbert is purchasing from UTZ CERTIFIED who has set a high standard for socially and environmentally responsible coffee production. (More specifics about UTZ CERTIFIED Social and Environmental Criteria in the May Newsletter)
Coming Events
April 1-4 The Holy Thursday Pascal Meal begins at 4:45 p.m. in the Motherhouse Dining Room with the Eucharist at 7:30 p.m. in St. Vincent Church; Good Friday Passion is at 3:00 p.m.; Holy Saturday Service at 7:00 p.m.; Easter Sunday Liturgy at 10:30 a.m.
April 8 The Flaget Hospital Auxiliary will have its annual Appreciation Luncheon for volunteers at 12:00 noon in the Banner Room at Crimmins Hall. The Food Service Department will prepare the lunch.
Oil Painting Classes will be given by Marie Becker, scn in the Art Studio at O’Connell Hall (2nd floor) beginning April 8 and each Thursday from 1:00-3:00 p.m. through May 13. The cost of the six classes is $60.00; supplies are extra.
April 17 The Charity Connection writers will meet at Nazareth to prepare the upcoming biannual edition of the publication. Marilyn Shea, scn is a member of this group.
April 23-25 The SCN Associate Weekend will be held in Pittsburgh and those attending are looking forward to the new experience. The Associates will be at Nazareth for their September gathering.
April 27 The Earth/Arbor Day Celebration at Nazareth will begin at 1:30 p.m. in St. Vincent Church.
April 29 All SCN employees are invited to the Annual Derby Party from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in the Motherhouse Dining room.
Nazareth Retreat Center welcomes several groups during April.
  • April 12-16 Retreat: Easter Blessing…Wisdom Years
  • April 17 Confirmation Retreat: Ss. Charles, Francis Assisi, Francis Xavier, Holy Cross
  • April 23-24 Women’s Retreat
  • April 25 Teenage Program – St. Joseph Church
  • April 28 Junior Retreat – Bethlehem High School
New Employees
The Housekeeping Department welcomes Missy Ried as the new Project Cleaner. Missy lives in Cox’s Creek. She is married, and she and her husband, Curtis, have three children Courtney (13), Morgan (10), and Ethan (7). Missy and her family enjoy family activities, especially camping.
The Maintenance Department welcomes Ken Thomas as the new Security Guard. Ken will begin at Nazareth on April 6, 2010. He lives in Greer Estates, “just three minutes away” Ken states. He is married, and he has two grown sons and five grandchildren. Ken and his wife attend church at Nazareth every Sunday. He is very excited about coming to work here. Ken’s hobbies include yard work and landscaping. He owns a 1975 Corvette Stingray and a 1970 Chevelle. Ken and his wife enjoy showing their cars at local and surrounding area car shows on the weekends.
We wish Missy and Ken a very long and happy stay at Nazareth.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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