“Again the earth did shift.

Again did the nights grow short,

And the days long

And the people of the earth were glad

And celebrated

each in their own ways.”

Diane Lee Moomey

Earth Prayers

February is the month when many of us begin to breathe a sigh of relief that the cold, harsh days of January are behind us and longer, warmer days are just ahead. This year, we began February also breathing a sigh of relief that the worst winter storm in half a century spared us its wrath. We have experienced several instances of winter weather this year, but most of us have not been inconvenienced too much to date. We are especially grateful to our Grounds employees for their efforts at clearing snow and ice away to make our travels by vehicle and by foot more manageable. A big “Thank you!” too to all employees who make the extra effort to get to work during inclement weather days when it would be so much easier to stay bundled up at home. May warmer, sunnier days be upon us soon!

More Gratitude…


Words cannot express our continuing gratitude to Sister Carol Rogers for her many years of leadership to Nazareth Campus Service. Employees of Nazareth Campus Service presented Sister Carol with a framed photo of Mary’s Garden, which was just one of many projects that Carol helped to coordinate during her years of service. Department Directors chose the Mary’s Garden print as a gift for Carol because the photo was taken in the Spring – which is the season of great transition and new beginnings. The picture contains shades of the past but also holds glimpses of the future in the newly budding plants and flowers. Perhaps most of all, the scene – like Nazareth – provides a sense of peace and tranquility in the midst of a very busy world. Cards, notes, and a DVD containing messages of best wishes and gratitude were placed in a box, wrapped with brightly-colored paper and ribbon, and presented to Carol as a special gift to enjoy today and into the future. Plans are underway to obtain a tree to plant in Carol’s honor during our annual Arbor/Earth Day celebration, which will take place in April. The tree will serve as a testament to the many ways that Carol provided care for Nazareth and for the environment.

During this time of transition, please feel free to contact individual Department Directors or the Campus Service Office (Ext. 1505) for questions or requests for services. NCS Department Directors as a group have about 172 years of total work experience at Nazareth, and all employees are committed to providing the best possible care and service to Nazareth each and everyday.

A Search Committee is in place and has begun its work to find the best possible candidate to serve in this important ministry. The committee requests your prayers as it works toward a successful completion of its task. Members of the Search Committee are: Mardeth Jones, NCS Board Chair; Ben Wiederholt, NCS Board Member and VP of Mission Integration for Flaget Hospital; Theresa Knabel, scn, NCS Board Member; and Brenda Gonzales, VP of Western Province.

Flaget Memorial Hospital 60th Anniversary Reception

On Friday, January 14, 2011, a large crowd gathered at Nazareth to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Flaget Memorial Hospital. The event was commemorated with a special Mass celebrated at 2:00 p.m. by Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, followed by a reception in the Motherhouse Dining Room. Sister Judy Raley welcomed those gathered by stating: “…It seems fitting that we gather here in this Church at Nazareth built by Catherine Spalding, our founder, whose heart went out to the sick of her day and whose legacy is carried on at Flaget. From our beginnings in a log cabin at St. Thomas in 1812, the Sisters of Charity have had a long commitment to meeting the health care needs of the people of Bardstown and the surrounding community. …”

S. Alice Adams and S. Liz Wendeln addressed the gathering during the reception, along with administrators and board members from Flaget. It was a special moment to hear from some of the very first patients of the hospital. Even though Flaget Memorial Hospital is in a new building and new location, its mission and commitment to provide the best care possible to the people of Nelson County and surrounding community continues.

Wellness Committee

L.I.F.E. @ NAZARETH LUNCHEON was held January 25 in the Columba Room. Approximately 55 employees and Sisters came to hear about weight control. Roxanne True, R.D., Director of Nutrition Services at Lincoln Trail District Health Department, came prepared with visual aids to demonstrate techniques to reduce unwanted weight. Roxanne reminded those present that there is no “magic bullet” for losing weight. In order to lose weight, you simply must burn more calories than you take in. The most effective way of accomplishing this is by reducing food consumption and increasing the amount of daily exercise we get. Roxanne also stressed the importance of portion control. The portion sizes in the United States today are completely out of proportion to the amount of calories that adults and children need to maintain a healthy weight.

Roxanne brought some “food models” to demonstrate the actual portion size a person should eat. She also discussed the problem of the increasing size of the dinner plate. Historically, the size of the typical dinner plate was 9 inches; however, the standard dinner plate now is 12 inches and holds much more food.

Handouts containing nutritional information were distributed to those present. The Wellness Committee also distributed its newsletter. If you were not present for the session but would like to receive copies of the handouts, please contact a member of the Wellness Committee or the Human Resource Office.

Dates for future educational sessions will be published as they are scheduled.

Electric Space Heaters

The Safety Committee has noted a growing number of electric space heaters in use in offices and other spaces around the campus. Because of safety concerns associated with electric space heaters as well as energy usage, we conducted a survey and identified about 27 space heaters in use that do not meet safety and/or energy usage specifications. These space heaters must be replaced; however, we hope to reduce the number of space heaters being used. If you currently have a space heater that is not ceramic and does not have a tip-over safety switch, you should discontinue use of the heater immediately. The Maintenance Department will work with individuals to determine if there are other solutions to increase the comfort of the room. If a space heater is still needed, the Maintenance and Purchasing Department will work together to obtain a replacement that meets safety specifications.

Fishing Lakes

Regardless of what the weather is like, the Nazareth Fishing Lakes will reopen for fishing on March 1. Ray Ralston is working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife conservation officers to put new size regulations in place this season to help promote optimum fish production. From March 1 through April 30, those with fishing permits will be allowed to remove Bass that are under 12” or over 15” inches in size, but put back those between 12-15”. Beginning May 1, the standard size limits will once again apply. The reason for this change in guidelines is to reduce the population of smaller Bass so that the larger ones can grow to regulation size. We will also be adding minnows to the lakes to increase the food supply for the larger Bass.

While the lakes at Nazareth are beautiful to look at, it is also important to remember that they are extremely important to the health of our environment. According to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, all lakes are important in moderating temperatures and improving the climate of the surrounding land. They store water, thereby helping to regulate stream flow; recharge ground water aquifers; and lesson the impact of droughts. They provide habitat to aquatic and semiaquatic plants and animals, which in turn provide food for many land animals; and they add to the diversity of the landscape. For all of these reasons, it is important for us to continue to work to keep our lakes in sound ecological condition.

Trees and Bees

During the fall when some routine maintenance pruning was being performed by our contractor, it was discovered that a tree near Casa Maria that was scheduled to be removed contained a large, active beehive. Rather than cutting the tree and causing harm to the honeybees in the hive, a decision was made to try to find someone who was interested in harvesting the bees. We are happy to report that Kathy Cecil’s husband, Robert, who works with bees, has agreed to rescue our bees once the appropriate weather arrives. In times when populations of bees are facing many hardships and colonies are continuing to die out, it is important for all of us to do what we can to help them survive.

Budget Forms

Even though it seems as if the current fiscal year just began, it is time once again to focus on the budget for next fiscal year. This year, in an attempt to simplify some of the budgeting processes, the forms for Capital Expenditures, Extraordinary Maintenance, and Furniture and Equipment will all come from the Campus Service Office and will be returned to the Campus Service Office once they have been approved by the appropriate person. Forms will be distributed around the Campus before the end of the week and will need to be returned by March 15 – which is a bit earlier than in previous years. Additional information will be outlined in the letter that will accompany the budget forms.

Green Newsletters…. In our quest to be as “green” as possible on campus, next month the NCS Newsletter will be delivered via email unless someone specifically asks for a hard copy. If you absolutely still want a paper copy of the newsletter, please notify the Campus Service Office. Otherwise, if you have an email address we will deliver the newsletter via email. (Note: Paper copies will still be made for postings in common areas.)



Coming Events

February 4 – 6 SCNA Weekend, Crimmins Hall Banner & Social Rooms
February 6

S. Helen Gertrude’s 100th Birthday Celebration, Motherhouse Dining Room

February 11–13 Nazareth Retreats: “At Peace with the Pieces” – Finding one’s SELF in the puzzle of life.

Presenter: Barbara MacDonald; Art Gallery

February 11 – 13

Belize Immersion Weekend, S. Luke, Columba Room

February 18 – 19 Nazareth Retreats: St. Edward Parish, Columba Room
February 25 – 27 Nazareth Retreats: St. Frances Xavier Parish, Art Gallery
Feb.10, 17, 24 T’ai Chi For Beginners: offered by Paula Duane, SCNA, at Nazareth on Thursday evenings beginning on February 10 for eight consecutive weeks. O’Connell Hall Art Gallery; 3:30-4:30 p.m. or 5:15-6:15 p.m.

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