March 2010
March is filled with Lent. There is a Lenten booklet that has a daily reading for each of the 40 days. The message includes stories about what Jesus said and did, and a passage of the Passion from the Gospel of Mark. The one consistent message at the end of each day’s reading is “Spend some quiet time with the Lord.” We have an abundance of material available to use for our Lenten reflections, our daily Mass unites us to the sufferings of Jesus, we return to our Lenten plans and renew our commitments. We are faithful to walking with Jesus during these forty days. The booklet suggests that we stop all of our activity and give six minutes a day to be quiet with the Lord. Imagine if every resident and employee at Nazareth made this a practice during Lent and continue it all through the year. What an abundance of graces would flow through this campus and beyond to SCNs, Associates, families, friends, the people we serve in ministry and others. The light of God’s presence, the gift of unconditional love, reverence for all persons would create a spiritual energy transforming and refreshing all creation. Consider being a part of this practice to be with Jesus through his suffering, death, and Resurrection. Blessings!
Nazareth News

The biggest event at Nazareth during February seems to be the snowstorms. Almost before the first few inches of snow melted away we had another downfall and vestiges held on long after we enjoyed the beauty from our warm, comfortable home. Some employees who live at a distance from Nazareth requested shelter in order to continue to provide needed services. We watched as other employees arrived at work after navigating and braving the snow and ice. We surely are blessed with faithful employees who give outstanding service in all kinds of weather.
Nazareth has entered the world of Geocaching. It is a word unfamiliar to most of us, yet thousands of people in over 200 countries are discovering the pastime known as Geocaching. It is the adventure/sport that has families and individuals (especially retirees) using the Internet, hand-held GPS’s, and their eyes and wits to search for hidden “treasure” Geocaching officially began when in May 2000 the United States government removed “selective availability” from the Global Positioning Satellites. This meant that civilian GPS units now possessed greater accuracy than previously permitted. Within days a GPS enthusiast hid a container (cache), posted the coordinates on the Internet, and told others to “go find it.” The phenomenon of Geocaching sprang from one simple posting. As it has grown in the years since, it continues to maintain the simple guidelines – find the cache, take something, leave something, and sign the logbook.
Patricia and Kurt Hines, owners of TLC Landscaping and Gardening, have introduced Geocaching to Bardstown/Nelson County. Along with Nazareth which has six caches, others can be found at the Cemetery, Community Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Dinner Train, and various locations throughout the area. Bernheim Forest has about 100 caches. A two-page flyer is available for anyone interested in learning more about Geocaching. Call Carol Rogers, scn at Ext. 1505 to request one.
The Nazareth Campus Mission Committee is distributing a flyer to all locations on campus requesting support for the Kentucky Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services. The flyer has information about: what can be donated, when to respond, and where to leave the items.
Also, look for a calendar: Lenten Carbon Fast 2010 with daily ideas and actions to assist us with our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint (pollution) and preserve our environment.
Coming Events
March 2 Lunch ‘N Learn program rescheduled. Claire McGowan, O.P., will speak about the “Environment/Going Green.”
March 4, 8, 10 SCN Central and Western Province Leadership Teams will go to India for EC and NLBI meetings with the Eastern Province Leadership Team. They will return the last week in March.
March 7 Fr. Roy Stiles will be at Nazareth for the 10:30 a.m. Liturgy with the RCIA participants from SS. Elizabeth, Theresa, and Holy Family Parishes in Louisville. The group will have dinner in the Motherhouse Dining Room.
March 16 Habitat for Humanity, “The Tasting Bash,” is rescheduled from February 16. It will be held at the Town & Country Bank and Trust Co. from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tickets will be offered to all SCNs who donated to this fundraiser.
March 25 Alice Teresa Wood, SCN will celebrate the 75th anniversary of her vows with family and friends at the 10:30 a.m. Liturgy followed by dinner in the Motherhouse Dining Room.
Nazareth Retreat Center welcomes several groups during March.
  • March 5-7 Retreat on St. Louise de Marillac – Columba Room
  • March 12-13 Retreat for Elders – First Christian Church – Art Gallery
  • March 13-14 Retreat – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta – Columba Room
  • March 20 RCIA participants – St. Francis of Assisi Parish – Art Gallery
  • March 20 RCIA participants – St. Joseph Parish – Columba Room
  • March 26 St. Catharine College Education Department – Columba Room
  • March 27 RCIA participants – St. Thomas Church – Art Gallery
Please welcome our guests who will join us in the Motherhouse Dining Room for meals.
The Western Province welcomes LeAnne Lee as the new Director of Health and Retirement Services. LeAnne has been a registered nurse for the past 15 years, working primarily in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities. Recently, she worked with Kindred Healthcare and managed the clinical operations for five nursing homes in Kentucky. LeAnne has two children, Olivia (10) and Conner (5). They have two small dogs with more on the way. In her spare time Leanne enjoys her children, painting, and yoga. She says, “I am so excited and blessed to become a part of the SCN family. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or needs that I can assist you with.”
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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