“When we live from the inside out rather than from the outside in, everything in life begins to fit.” Joan Chittister. These days of high heat and humidity we are happy to keep the outside from coming in. We enjoy the coolness of our environment and the comfort it offers to live more from the inside out. We take time to touch our inner selves and decide who we will be with the time we have left on this earth. How will we contribute from our inner being and how will that giving satisfy who we want to be? Is it praying, reflecting, and sharing? Is it welcoming one another, new residents, guests on campus? Is it developing a kinder and more open heart to new ideas and challenges? Whatever we need to do to have peace in our souls is what God wants for us and hopefully what we want for ourselves.

In July we celebrate our independence as a country and we give thanks for all of the freedoms which are blessings we experience daily in our lives. May we value that freedom to choose all that we can be so that who we are and can become will be a blessing to all who share in our lives.

Happy Independence Day to All!

Nazareth News

The celebration for the 29 Rainbow Jubilarians was a joyous occasion. St. Vincent Church was adorned with multi-colored flowers to mark this special event. The Liturgy was graced with the involvement of many jubilee participants. Reverend Daniel Schomaker, great nephew of Loretta Weller, scn, was the celebrant at the Liturgy. His reverence, respect, fervor, and sensitivity were appreciated by all present. Fr. Daniel expressed great gratitude to the SCNs who have served for 75, 70, 65, 60, and 55 years in ministry. Imagine all the people who were blessed with their love and goodness over the years. Their ministries continue here at Nazareth in many ways.

It seemed as if every jubilarian spoke to someone, especially the Food Service employees, about the delicious meal they enjoyed. The taste, variety, quality, and beauty flowed into a lovely culinary treat. Service provided by several SCNs was outstanding; the Sisters were pleased to be waited on at this time. The table arrangements were planned for the “years vowed” to sit together. There were stories and laughter; the Central and Province SCN Leadership Teams were present and interspersed among the groups. They were entertained with sharing about past incidents. We knew everyone was having a good time when they remained after others in the dining room had gone. What a lovely memory for the future!

A group of about 30 adults from St. Thomas More Parish, Louisville, visited Nazareth on June 15. The visitors began their tour in St. Vincent Church where Charlene Jacobs, scn spoke about its history, highlighting special features – exquisite stained glass windows, beautiful hand-carved Carrara marble altars, the extraordinary hand-carved crucifix, the lovely teakwood statue of St. Vincent de Paul, and traditional Stations of the Cross. SCNs were pleased to welcome the group to the Motherhouse Dining Room for dinner. Sisters of Charity staffed St. Thomas More School for many years and some SCNs living at Nazareth now were missioned there. Some of the guests asked about Sisters they remembered and loved. Great gratitude was expressed for the delicious dinner and the warm welcome. The tour continued after dinner with visits to Heritage Hall and the Visitors Center.

About 100 SCN employees gathered in the O’Connell Hall Drawing Room for the annual Ice Cream Social. The usual setting is Marian Court, but the 90º heat and high humidity drew us inside to a very pleasant room. The several flavors of ice cream, variety of toppings, and well-liked cookies were enjoyed while all relaxed in comfort. Four singers with the Stephen Foster Drama Association in their full period clothing entertained with all the favorites written by Stephen Foster. The blending of voices and the familiarity of the songs made for a pleasant experience and a desire for more.

We are privileged at Nazareth to receive the monthly updates from our SCN Central and Province Leadership Teams first hand. The information and stories they share, reports from meetings attended, and personal contacts with SCNs throughout the world are all appreciated greatly. It is good to be connected to SCNs and to learn more about their ministries. SCNs are members of the Charity Federation and to know that we are part of this amazing group who is involved in a vast array of projects and programs serving the poor, marginalized, immigrants, trafficked women and children, and others in many countries is a great and humble blessing. Each of us is one with all of the members of the Charity Federation and we are encouraged by the closing words of Mary Elizabeth Miller, scn to be “women of hope, to reach out beyond ourselves to be hope for others in need.”


The bush adjacent to the sitting area (near the carport entrance) outside Carrico Hall is an Oregon Grape Holly. Two pictures of the bush are on the Communications bulletin board. The berries are edible although very sour.

Staff from the Ky. Fish and Wildlife agency visited Nazareth on June 15 to evaluate the condition of our three lakes – Roadside, SCN Center, and Immaculate Conception. They found the lakes to be in excellent condition with an abundance of blue gill and bass. The fish are growing and multiplying satisfactorily.

The SCN Intranet has an Interactive Tree Map highlighting many different species of trees on the campus. The pictures of trees and their locations are numbered. The side panel has the name and a description of each tree.

Water Saving Tips: Consider installing a low-flow shower head; run the clothes washer and dishwasher only when full; keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of waiting for the water to get cold every use; collect water from your roof to water gardens and lawns (Nazareth uses water from Peter’s Puddle.).

Coming Events

July 5

SCNs and Associates are invited to a “cookout” in the Motherhouse Dining Room at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate Independence Day.

July 9-11

Former members of the 1966 SCN novitiate class will gather at Nazareth for a reunion.

July 18

Eight SCNs will celebrate their Golden Jubilees with a Liturgy at 10:30 a.m. followed by dinner in the Motherhouse Dining Room. SCNs in India and Pittsburgh will celebrate at a later time.

Nazareth Retreat Center welcomes:

July 23-25

Paula D’Arcy – “Great Lessons from the Journey”

July 26-31

Chris Connelly, OP, Sharon Gray, SCN, Others – “Women’s Directed Retreat”

July 30

St. Joseph School – Faculty and Staff Retreat


When dropping off items in the Housekeeping Department please attach your name or a sign indicating their purpose, e.g. Laundry Sale, Yard and Bake Sale, other.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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