Navjyoti Saving and Credit Cooperative in Surkhet, Nepal

Navjyoti Saving and Credit Cooperative conducted its 8th general body meeting on Oct. 2, 2015, with 300 shareholders. The function was presided by Sushila Thapa, chairperson of Navjyoti Cooperative. Representatives from the National Cooperative Federation, District Cooperative Association, District Saving Association as well as neighboring cooperatives were present for the occasion. All the speakers spoke very highly about Navjyoti Cooperative which is a model for other cooperatives in the district for its social and economy oriented services. According to the chief guest, Padam Dahal, member of National Cooperative Federation, there are 638 cooperatives in Surkhet District but many of them are inactive. According to him during the evaluation on the occasion of National Cooperative Day of 2015, Navjyoti stood out in the 4th district. It is a great achievement for the nine years of hard work for the cooperative which is mostly managed by women.

About the Cooperative

Navjyoti Cooperative started in 2006 and has 420 shareholders — 350 women, 21 men, and 41 women groups. The holdings of the cooperative are used for income generation. Various activities are carried out by the shareholders like raising livestock, agriculture, fishery, grocery stores, tailoring shops, tea shops and transportation. People who found it difficult to save Rs. 10 a month in the year 2000 are now able to save hundreds and thousands, which has helped them to improve their living conditions.

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