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Executive Director/CEO for Seton Center

Executive Director/CEO, for Seton Center, Kansas City, Missouri

Seeking a skilled administrator who has a heart for those who are poor in the inner city. A successful Executive Director/CEO is able to carry out the mission by connecting with dental patients and clients and the urban core community via neighborhood associations, schools, churches, and agencies. The Executive Director/CEO is also able to apply administrative skills over a small staff of dentistry, social services/ emergency assistance and volunteers as well as the needed operational team of mission, fund development, finance and general operations. The Executive Director/CEO does considerable fund-raising along with implementing the strategic and operational plans. This position has a dual reporting relationship to the board of directors and to the Vice President of Community Health Ministries of Ascension Health.

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August 1, 2018



Coordinator Position for Justice Coalition of Religious

JCoR (Justice Coalition of Religious)

JCoR is a coalition of UN accredited Non-Governmental Organizations whose members are Catholic women and men religious. They are committed to support and strengthen the capacity of religious working at the grassroots and those representing them at the UN to:

  • Advocate internationally and regionally for people living in poverty
  • Address the root causes of unsustainable development
  • Promote just, equitable and rights-based development through a just implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

JCoR aims to strengthen inter-congregational collaboration among religious from the grassroots level to the global level. The Coalition is seeking a New York-based Coordinator.

JCoR NY Coordinator Position Description

General Qualifications

  • Ability to articulate and implement the Vision and Purpose of JCoR
  • Training/experience in directing, planning and management
  • Experience working on collaborative projects
  • Experience in/familiarity with faith-based justice work
  • Experience directing or working in an international, multi-cultural context
  • Understanding of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda from the perspective of Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation and Catholic Social Teaching
  • Experience in/familiarity with the UN system and how NGOs operate within it
  • Good knowledge and/or personal experience of the Global South
  • Experience working with a Board
  • Availability for/openness to a two-year, full-time commitment to the position
  • Flexibility/capacity to work from home and a variety of office and public settings in New York City as needed

Specific Skill Sets

  • Familiarity with research methods for data collection and analysis
  • Excellent organizational and management skills
  • Strong interpersonal/relational skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with organizations, including Religious and Church
  • Group facilitation skills
  • Excellent English language skills required; some knowledge of another language helpful
  • Strong modern communication technology skills
  • Familiarity with maintaining a budget and tracking expenditures
  • Social justice/human rights advocacy skills

Job Responsibilities

  • Report to and work closely with Members’ Board (MB) and Steering Committee of the MB (as established)
  • Execute decisions made by MB
  • Collaborate with MB to establish key contacts in continent, region, and nation selected for intensive capacity-building
  • Collaborate with MB and, potentially, with consultants to design initial position descriptions and training for continentally-, regionally-, and nationally-based Coordinators
  • Coordinate and support advocacy collaboration among JCoR member NGOs’ representatives to the UN, including analysis and facilitation of strategic modifications of collaborative activities over time
  • Develop and implement a communication plan for JCoR in consultation with the MB
  • Develop data collection and program evaluation forms in consultation with continentally-, regionally-, and nationally-based JCoR NGO members
  • Collaborate with consultants to develop programs and materials for training of continentally-, regionally-, and nationally-based JCoR NGO members on advocacy and advocacy campaigns
  • Monitor, support, and ensure accountability of various continentally-, regionally-, and nationally-based JCoR advocacy trainings and campaigns to the Coalition’s vision, values, timeline, and budget
  • Collaborate with consultants to facilitate collection and analysis of data from continentally-, regionally-, and nationally-based JCoR training participants
  • Monitor expenditures in relation to Coalition budget and give regular financial reports to MB
  • Lead crafting of all reports to funder in accordance with a grant agreement
  • Field inquiries or other communications from entities external to the Coalition


  • Members’ Board
  • Regular communication and annual review with Steering Committee and/or Chair(s)

Salary for this position is negotiable.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a resume and cover letter to Catherine Prendergast at no later than 15 April 2018.

Revised March 2018



Vincentian Home - Pastoral Care Manager

Vincentian Home

Pastoral Care Manager, Full-time

The Pastoral Care Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of a continuum of pastoral care services available for meeting the needs of residents and families. To assist in better meeting these needs the Pastoral Care Manager supports and works with the pastoral care team.

  • Required Skills:
  • Consult with administration, especially in areas of policy formation. Keep
  • VCS and facility administration updated on pastoral care team and religious activities.
  • Collaborates with Human Resources in areas including recruitment, orientation, training, staff development, performance evaluation, disciplinary action and policies and procedures.
  • Implement a continuum of pastoral services for residents including
  • Eucharistic liturgies, the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick, distribution of the Eucharist to the room bound, and other religious activities and services including those appropriate to all denominations.
  • Develop annual goals and objectives in discussion with the Administrator, the VCS VP of Mission Integration and in collaboration with the Pastoral Care Managers of the VCS Facilities.
  • Supervision of the members of the pastoral care team through monthly meetings. Work with the members of the pastoral care team and the activities department for coordination of services.
  • Recruit new volunteers and provide training, and ongoing development
  • Provide documentation on all pastoral care for charting on the resident’s daily participation record.
  • Perform initial assessment to determine the spiritual needs and wishes of the residents.
  • Conduct and document visits with residents.
  • Make visits to residents in local hospitals when the need arises and the schedule permits.
  • Pray with residents who are seriously ill and dying; provide support and assistance to the families when a resident is dying; be available to speak to residents/families/employees regarding spiritual issues, coping skills, death, grief.
  • Conduct “Final Farewell” services upon the death of a resident and attend wakes or funerals when duties permit.
  • Responsible for chapel maintenance, all supplies, reimbursements and the schedule for Clergy, Eucharistic Ministers, and the liturgy intentions.
  • Maintain a library of books, magazines, videos, cd’s and other spiritual materials that would benefit residents, families, staff and volunteers.
  • Provide for ministry on weekends and holidays as needed.

For more information or to apply: visit or call Amber at 412-548-4066.



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