Ministry Openings

Nazareth Campus Service Director


Position: Director of Campus Service

Status: Exempt, Full-Time

Job Summary: Directs, administers and coordinates the activities and services of the Nazareth Campus Service organization in support of policies, goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors.


  • Establishes service requirements and frequency of service with administrators and/or coordinators of Campus organizations within the guidelines established by the Board.
  • Reviews individual Campus Service departmental policies, rules and regulations to ensure consistency with the Nazareth Campus Service Board policies.
  • Prepares the annual budget in conjunction with the department directors and others
  • Submits the budget to Nazareth Campus Service Board for approval and administers the budget as approved by SCN, Inc. and NLBI.
  • Reviews monthly and quarterly financial statements to assure accuracy and to comply with approved budget.
  • Reviews the operation of each Campus Service department and provides assistance to the department directors in establishing standards of operation and in resolving problems.
  • Evaluates the performance of Campus Service department directors.
  • Reviews reports from regulatory agencies and initiates correction action when necessary.
  • Serves on committees as necessary.
  • Coordinates usage and service agreements for use of Campus facilities.
  • Coordinates terms of agreement concerning the use of Campus facilities.
  • Reports to the Campus Service Board concerning Campus Service departments’ activities.
  • Reports to SCN, Inc. as scheduled
  • Ensures that all organization activities and operations are carried out in compliance with established policies, local, state and federal regulations and laws governing business operations.
  • Other duties may be assigned.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Master’s degree or equivalent; five years related experience managing or directing a similar mission driven organization. Specialization in business or personnel administration preferred.

OTHER SKILLS and ABILITIES: Willingness to adapt schedules to meet the demands of the position. Attention to many details for varying periods of time. Ability to maintain good working relationships among all Campus Service departments and other Campus organizations. Ability to deal effectively with stress.

Deadline for Application: April 14, 2017 4:00 p.m.

 For more information or to apply, contact the SCN Human Resource Office,

P O Box 21, Nazareth, KY 40048, 502-348-1504. Or apply at:

Nazareth Retreat Center Director

Reports to: SCN, Inc.
FLSA Status: Exempt

Position Summary: full-time; provides leadership, coordinates and promotes all aspects of Nazareth Retreat Center, offers retreats, spiritual direction and spiritual direction training.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Provides leadership and facilitates growth of the retreat center and maintains its mission in partnership with the Advisory Committee
  • Coordinates corporate reporting and communication with SCN, Inc. consistent with the Guidelines for Congregational Ministries


  • Develops and implements the three year Strategic Plan in collaboration with the Associate Director and the Advisory Committee
  • Prepares all corporate reports
  • Sets all policies of the retreat center
  • Maintains reporting and communication with SCN Western Province Offices

Sponsored and Hosted Programs

  • Schedules all sponsored retreat offerings, staying in contact with all guest presenters
  • Maintains communication with Nazareth Campus Service in collaboration with the Associate Director
  • Maintains external communication with appropriate organizations such as the Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky Council of Churches, Bardstown Ministerial Association, Bardstown Chamber of Commerce and Spiritual Directors International
  • Develops and offers retreats on campus, off campus and online
  • Directs a Spiritual Direction Training Program
  • Maintains an active schedule of one-on-one spiritual Direction
  • Provides an atmosphere of hospitality for hosted and sponsored groups

Mission Advancement

  • Oversees marketing efforts
  • Engages in grant writing for the retreat center
  • Maintains communication with the Office of Mission Advancement and the Western
    Province Communication office


  • Develops and oversees the retreat center’s annual operating budget

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • All staff and volunteers of the retreat center


  • Master’s Degree in Theology
  • Experience in non-profit administration Embrace the vision and mission of Nazareth Retreat Center and the Sisters of Charity of
  • Experience in working with a retreat center
  • Experience in giving retreats, spiritual direction and spiritual direction training
  • Has an openness to spirituality from diverse traditions
  • Willingness to meet diverse needs of the Retreat Center
  • Is attentive to one’s own spiritual life
  • Is in ongoing spiritual direction and supervision
  • Good communication skills and sense of hospitality
  • Ability to work independently and as a team
  • Highly organized
  • Flexible – ability to adjust to schedule changes
  • Meets deadlines

Submit resume and cover letter to:
Michelle Grgurich, SCN
Director, Office of Congregational Ministries
PO Box 247, Nazareth, KY 40048

House of Charity Ministry - New Orleans


The House of Charity has been a collaborative ministry of the Sisters of Charity Federation since 2010. Currently, Sisters from the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Sisters of Charity of New York, and Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth are living and ministering there. The idea for the House came as a dream of Sisters in the vocation ministry as a way to share the charism of charity with the next generation. Short term service volunteer groups live in community, share prayer, reflection and meals with the Sisters in a spirit of mutual learning.
Service in the City of New Orleans is an essential component. Volunteers work at rebuilding New Orleans primarily but also assist in other service opportunities as possible. We host college groups, discernment groups, Sisters in the Federation, and groups whom Sisters might bring from a parish or other work groups. Those who come to us are usually connected through our Charity family and mission.
The HOC ministry seeks Sisters with energy, a spirit of generosity, a love for God’s people and religious life, and passion for the charity charism and for new possibilities in living it out. Sisters committed to their own spiritual journey and to sharing their life of prayer and ministry with others are invited to open themselves to this discernment for ministry as a member of core community.

DO YOU HAVE natural gifts that include:

  • Hospitality
  • Flexibility
  • Openness to others, especially young people
  • Sacrifice of your time and space
  • A positive energy in the presence of young people
  • Building community?

DO YOU HAVE spiritual gifts that include:

  • A love for the Charism of Charity
  • Communal prayer and reflection
  • A commitment to collaboration
  • Pastoral listening, especially with young people
  • A commitment to personal prayer?

DO YOU HAVE practical gifts that include:

  • Housekeeping chores, cooking, planning prayer, technology, finances and communication as part of a team living community
  •  Good mental and physical health (stairs, other physical activities)?

Other considerations:

  • A three-year commitment is suggested
  • Integral to the discernment is an experience of living at the House for 3 weeks to a month while at least one group is present
  • Staff are expected to participate as a volunteer in a ministry in the local Church or surrounding community
  • Applicants must receive the approval of their major superior

Timeline for discernment:
Come and See period: March 1 through May 1, 2017
Letter of interest due by May 15, 2017
May 2017: HOC Advisory Committee reviews applicant letters and makes recommendations to Federation Board
June 5, 2017: Federation Board approves new member

Questions? Please contact Sister Monica at


Pastoral Administrator


Position: Pastoral Administrator

Status: Exempt, Full Time

Job Summary: The Pastoral Administrator of St. Vincent Church has general responsibility for liturgical and other celebrations that occur in the church, for its environment, management and its uses by various groups.


Schedule all Liturgical Services which include:

  • Daily Mass and intentions for which Masses are offered.
  • Communal Anointing of the Sick
  • Communal Reconciliation Services
  • Coordinating the communication, planning and carrying out of all funeral services.

Coordinate the scheduling/monitoring of the following:

  • Lectors, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Weekly Reflectors, Intercessory Prayers and Gift Bearers for daily Mass
  • Prepare operating budget for department
  • Provide oversight and assistance to the Sacramental Moderator, Organist and Sacristan and the Choir needs for planning/leading in absence of Choir Director.
  • Serve as contact person for all outside groups requesting to use or tour the church.
  • Serve as contact person for Eucharistic celebrations which requires planning and communication such as Jubilees and group reunions.
  • Provide timely ordering of all supplies needed for liturgical celebrations including updated materials to assist lectors, music planners, reflectors and those who do Intercessions.
  • Update liturgical booklets for Holy Week and Easter
  • Prepare publication and distribution of the Mass Schedule, Sacraments of Anointing and Reconciliation.
  • Make requests to Maintenance Department or Housekeeping for issues requiring their assistance.
  • Provide for the pastoral needs of residents in Carrico Hall who request Communion in their room, or need support due to illness/transition of any kind.
  • Other duties may be assigned

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree, (Relevant advanced degree helpful); previous experience coordinating volunteers preferred

OTHER SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to articulate the SCN Mission well. Excellent leadership, management and interpersonal skills, ability to work well with a team, strong planning and organizational abilities; ability to take initiative; knowledge of various types of computer software, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Deadline for Application: February 10, 2017 4:00 p.m.

 For more information or to apply, contact the SCN Human Resource Office,

P O Box 21, Nazareth, KY 40048, 502-348-1504. Or apply at:


Sisters of Charity Federation


At the June 2016 Meeting of the SC Federation Leadership, NGO Rep and Liaisons, and Company of Charity Formation Personnel (CCFP), the participants reached consensus on bold new choices that will impel us into our shared future as a Federation. The Board is drafting a document entitled: Futuring for 2017 and beyond.
Please review the opportunities below to be part of the movement together into our shared future!

S Julie has offered her resignation as Executive Director of the Federation in the sixth year in this role with the current Strategic Plan. The Board is beginning a search for a new Executive Director to guide the Federation into the future. The position is full time. The Board has budgeted a just salary and benefits. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors. Information is coming soon and applications will be accepted in January 2017. For more information, contact S Julie at

In the summer of 2017, Sister Mary Lex Smith SCL will complete her three-year term as part of the core community of the House of Charity. The HOC Advisory Committee seeks one or two new members for the core community with Sisters Monica Gundler SC-Cinti and Claire Regan SCNY. A description of the position and application information will be forwarded soon. A Discover/Discernment Weekend is planned for January 27-28, 2017 at HOC. For more information, contact S Monica at

COMMITTEES /TASK FORCES to deepen relationships among us and begin implementation of the bold new choices

Planners for 2019 Federation Assembly of the Whole
The Board requests a mix of leadership team members and grassroots members to work with meeting consultants to find locations and dates and plan the logistics of the meeting. Planners will craft the purpose, theme and topics for discussion. Planners will head various committees. Most meetings will be held on-line. If interested, please contact S Julie at A conference call for anyone interested will be scheduled in January.

Planners to promote Conversations and Action Plans based on Laudato Si

The Board seeks an inter-congregational planners group to promote study and on-line conversations to deepen our commitments to Laudato Si. They invite the participation of congregational justice, peace and integrity of creation personnel and those who participate on the justice rep phone calls with the Vincentian Family. The Planners will choose topics and coordinate calls among Sisters and Associates. A sub-committee will collect data on current carbon footprints at our facilities and promote assessment of carbon footprints in places where they are not yet determined. Anyone interested, please contact Debbie Weber at

Planners for collaborative initial and on-going formation experiences for discerners, members and Associates

The Board asks CCFP to lead a planners group that includes representation from leadership teams, Associates, scholars and grassroots members across the Federation. The planners are asked to be attentive to our inter-cultural, international and inter-generational realities in their planning. Anyone interested in working with CCFP please contact S Marge Kloos at

Planners for better engagement of international members

The board seeks an inter-congregational working group to better engage Canadian Sisters and Associates and to plan and design strategies to engage Sisters in Korea, India, Botswana, Central America and Ecuador with the SC Federation of North America. If you are interested, please contact S Carole Blazina at


Seton Heritage Ministries
The Board encourages Sisters and Associates to engage actively in the Board committees of Seton Heritage Ministries. The committees meet by conference call. If interested in the Finance and Audit Committee, please contact S Rosemary Moynihan at If interested in the Mission and Heritage Committee, please contact S Joan Cook at If interested in the Development and Marketing Committee, please contact S Mary Jo Mutschler at

Federation Grassroots Involvement Committee
This inter-congregational committee coordinates offerings of retreats, meetings, and charism programs to grassroots members throughout North America. If interested, please contact S Alice Ann O’Neill at

Part-Time Fundraiser

Doors to Hope Fundraiser

Part-time Fundraiser position: to promote Doors to Hope in the Community, to further develop donor database, to write grants, to plan and implement fundraising events. Computer skills, experience in fundraising activities and compassion and willingness to work with the Hispanic Community necessary. Bilingual in Spanish & English preferred but not required.
Doors to Hope is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Send cover letter and resume to: Doors to Hope, 2002 Newburg Road, Apt 401, Louisville, KY 40205 or email:

Vocation Director

Job Description

Title: Vocation Director – Western Province of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Reports to:  Provincial – Western Province of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Purpose: The Vocation Director fosters awareness about Religious Life in general and about the SCN Community in particular. She helps guide women who express an interest in Religious Life to discern their own vocation, whether that be to Religious Life within the SCN Community, some other community, or some other vocation.


Maintains an office at Nazareth

Maintains flexible hours for meetings, events, travel and office work

Collaborates with and attends meetings of the SCN Vocation/Formation Team

Collaborates with the Associate Director of Vocations for Belize

Collaborates with the Company of Charity Formation Personnel (CCFP) for vocation events such as:

  1. Come and Serve Weekend (Hospitality Weekend) at the House of Charity in New Orleans – Labor Day Weekend
  2. On-Line Retreat – held around the feast of St. Vincent
  3. Service Trip – House of Charity in New Orleans – January
  4. Creating Discernment Weekends for serious discerners as needed

Attends the CCFP annual meeting and the joint meeting of the CCFP with the Leadership of the Charity Federation every fourth year

Becomes integrated into the events of young adults such as:

  1. Teens Encountering Christ (TEC) retreats and monthly gatherings organized by Youth and Young Adult Office of the Archdiocese of Louisville,
  2. Activities of the University of Louisville Interfaith Center/Catholic Campus Ministry at UofL such as Sunday evening liturgy and supper, Busy Persons Retreat, Holy Week Services, Campus Ministry Night – Pizza and Speakers, Alternative Spring Break etc.

Participates in Mission Trips and Fundraisers for those trips for the following:

  1. Presentation Academy
  2. UofL
  3. Ohio State/Rhodes State University
  4. Others as developed

Remains in contact with Inquirers and Discerners via email, Facebook, texts and phone calls

Visits prospective Candidates

Arranges for prospective Candidates to visit Nazareth and accompanies them on their visit

Assists prospective Candidates with their application for Candidacy

Collaborate with the Western Province Communication Director for Advertising and Communications in:

  1. Guide to Religious Ministries
  2. Vision – in partnership with CCFP
  3. The Record
  4. The Kentucky Standard
  5. SCN Newsline
  6. SCN Website
  7. OMG Blog
  8. Printed SCN vocation materials

Attends when possible the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC), held every other year, and the annual one day Catholics on Call Partners Conference at Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Chicago

Attends meetings and activities of the Archdiocese of Louisville Vocation Committee (Planting Seeds Committee) and the “Marian Dinner” Committee

Attends when possible the monthly meetings and activities of the Pittsburgh Religious Vocation Council (PRVC), including the “Convent Crawl” and school visits

Maintains membership in:

  1. NRVC
  2. Catholics on Call
  3. PRVC

Submits quarterly reports to the Western Province Board


BA in Religious Studies, Psychology, or similar field (MA preferred)

Ministerial experience, preferably with young adults

Ability to interact with young adults and help them discern their vocation

Training is available:  The following training is available through NRVC at CTU:

  1. Behavioral Assessment I
  2. Ethics in Vocation and Formation Ministry
  3. Orientation Program for New Vocation Directors






DATE: AUGUST 18, 2016


Applications are now being accepted for the part-time position of Coordinator for the Hispanic/Latino Catholic Apostolate for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The coordinator will assist and support pastors and other leaders on the parish and diocesan level in the implementation of the diocesan vision for pastoral ministry to Hispanic/Latino Catholics throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree preferred, in pastoral studies, religious studies, social sciences or comparable studies; bilingual in Spanish verbal and written communication; 3-5 years of experience working with Hispanics/Latinos or equivalent experience, preferably in a pastoral or community service setting. Must have strong organizational and leadership skills. Position requires the ability and means to travel on a flexible schedule to parishes in the six counties of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

This position is classified as E02.

Resumes should be sent to: Click here to access the full job description.

Deacon Jeffrey Hirst

Department of Human Resources

Diocese of Pittsburgh

111 Boulevard of the Allies

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Rendu Services Coordinator of Volunteers


  Coordinator of Volunteers


Reports to the Executive Director of Rendu Services


The Coordinator of Volunteers will be responsible for the recruitment, interviewing and training of the volunteers at Rendu Services. This includes advancing the Vincentian charism and recognizing the generosity of the volunteers on a regular basis.


  • Recruitment of new volunteers.
  • Training in the Vincentian spirit and in serving others with compassion and respect.
  • Maintaining and updating records on each volunteer.
  • Recognizing the generosity of the Volunteers annually.
  • Accompanying volunteers as they perform their service.


  • Interacts as a team member of Rendu Services
  • Fosters commitment to the mission and loyalty to the organization and its members
  • Participates in scheduled team meetings
  • Supports and cooperates with other team members and their projects.
  • Shares plans/visions for future development
  • Performs office tasks as needed.
  • Participates in continuing education opportunities
  • Performs other duties as needed or requested by the Director


  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively
  • Oral, writing and computer skills
  • Ability to relate and assist volunteers
  • Flexibility in daily scheduling to be available for the volunteers and meet the needs of Rendu services .

This is considered a part time position with Rendu Services (2 ½ days per week.)

Developed: June, 2016

Rendu Services Coordinator of Dental Program



Dental Program Coordinator




Reports to the Executive Director of Rendu Services




Demonstrates a commitment to the mission and ministries of Rendu Services by interacting as a member of the Rendu Team and by collaborating with local dentists and agencies of the Fayette County to improve the dental care and health of our clients. Acts as an advocate for the poor and underserved and makes appropriate referrals. This position is considered to be part time.




  • Organizes and promotes the dental health program.
  • Serves as an advocate for the underserved persons of Fayette County through various wellness activities
  • Interviews potential clients for the dental program, provides referrals and determines transportation needs for appropriate follow-up.
  • Assists clients to understand the relationship between good dental health and their overall physical health.
  • Develops and maintains appropriate records and statistical data and adequately documents the functions and activities of the Dental Program
  • Maintains grant paperwork and seeks new sources for funding.




  • Interacts as a team member of Rendu Services
  • Fosters commitment to the mission and loyalty to the organization and its members
  • Participates in scheduled team meetings
  • Supports and cooperates with other team members and their projects, joining with them when possible to increase understanding and appreciation of another’s area of responsibility
  • Shares plans/visions for future development
  • Performs office tasks as needed.
  • Participates in continuing education opportunities
  • Performs other duties as needed or requested by the Director





  • Serves on the community boards and committees as needed
  • Collaborates and interacts with various agencies to affect change





  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively
  • Develop a new program based on grant funding
  • Oral, writing and computer skills
  • Flexibility in daily scheduling to accommodate the needs of Rendu services and the clients.
  • Leadership skills