SCN Ministries

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are active in ministry in five countries. The Motherhouse is located in Nazareth, Kentucky.




United States






LIFE Program

Inspiration Center


Navjyoti Center – Mentally Challenged

Navjyoti Health Center

Navjyoti School in Dharan

Navjyoti School in Surkhet

Navjyoti Women’s Center in Kathmandu

Navjyoti Women’s Center in Dharan

Navjyoti Women’s Center in Surkhet


Boiteko Pre-School

Day Care

Gaborone Diocesan Office

Pabalelong Hospice

St. Mary’s Pre-School

Thapelong Mission


Arunodaya Social Education Centre

Asha Kiran Center

Bethel, Novitiate

Catherine Spalding Center for Women and Children

Collaborative Ministry

Community Health Center and Social Outreach

Deepanjali Community College

Gyan Deep High School

Gyan Deep Pre-School

Gyan Deep Vidyalaya

Jyoti Niwas Hostel

Kurji Holy Family Hospital

Mahila Kalyan Kendra

Maria Bhavan Hostel

Maria Niketan Hostel

Maria Niketan Middle School

Maria Vidyalaya

Navjyoti Health Center

Navjyoti Hostel, Shapur

Navjyoti School, Shapur

Navjyoti Social Center, Shapur

Nazareth Academy, Gaya

Nazareth Academy

Nazareth Convent

Nazareth Convent

Nazareth Girls’ Hostel

Nazareth Gyan-Jyoti

Nazareth Health and Social Centre

Nazareth Health and SocialCentre

Nazareth Health Center

Nazareth Health Center

Nazareth Hospital

Nazareth Hospital: After Care Home

Nazareth Hospital: HIV/AIDS Unit

Nazareth Hostel

Nazareth Lee – Nazareth Health and Social Center – Sangsay, Darjeeling Dist., West Bengal

Nazareth Pre-School

Nazareth Pre-School

Nazareth Pre-School (English Medium)

Nazareth School (English Medium)

Nazareth Social Work Centre

Nazareth Vidya Niketan High School

Nazareth Vidya Niketan Middle School

Nazareth Vidya Niketan Pre-School

Nirmala Niketan Hostel

Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministry

Prison Ministry

SCN Provincial House

Socio-Medical Center

St. Dominic School

St. Joseph’s Girls’ Hostel

St. Joseph’s School

St. Joseph’s School

St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School

St. Michael’s High School

St. Michael’s Middle School

St. Michael’s Pre- School

St. Xavier’s Girls’ Hostel

St. Xavier’s Middle School

St. Xavier’s Pre- School

Vimala Vidyalaya


Asha Deepam

Asha Kiran Home for Children

Asha Kirana Center for the Mentally Challenged

Asha Niwas Non-Formal Education Center

Hostel for Working Girls

Marian English Medium School

Navjeevan Home for Children in Distress

Navjeevan Social Work Centre

Nazareth Convent

Nazareth Convent

Nazareth Convent High School

Nazareth Mahila Samiti

Nazareth Pre-School

Nazareth Pre-School
Nazareth Primary School

Nazareth School

Nazareth School, Banakal

Preranalaya Social Development Centre

Rosary School

Sanjeevani School for the Mentally Challenged

Snehalayam Opportunity Centre

St. Eugene English School

St. Vincent Matriculation School

St. Vincent Pre-School

St. Vincent’s Hostel

Vimala Vikas Kendra