Professor Par Excellence
By Barbara Peterson, SCN
A native of Kansas, Marylee grew up in Long Island, New York. Her parents and grandparents practiced their Catholic faith daily and they influenced Marylee’s life profoundly. New York offered Marylee opportunities for the arts, the treasures of the ocean, and for broadening her horizons. Marylee’s family moved to Roanoke, Virginia for a few years where she met the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and decided to become a member of the order.
Marylee has taught in several SCN high schools, at Spalding University, and in Jerusalem. Her favorite ministry is Instructor of Spirituality at the Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville where she currently teaches. Marylee has a large following of persons who come from many parishes across the city. She finds people hungry for a greater knowledge of prayer and Christian spirituality. Her recent classes are centered on Christian mystics as spiritual guides and teachers of prayer.
Marylee says, “It is exciting watching others getting excited!” She is grateful both to the community for her many educational opportunities and also to God for her ability to reach out in the ministry of education to share this knowledge with God’s people.
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