Sister Mary Wedding’s current ministry is Secretary to Nazareth Motherhouse Coordinators. Upon entering her office you experience gracious hospitality and are introduced via photos to the several precious new arrivals to her family. Conversation with this enthusiastic woman reveals that she loves life and continues her passion for scholarly and spiritual pursuits; currently she is completing a correspondence course in French on Vincentian Spirituality.
Mary’s favorite mission memory is of ministry in Uniontown, Kentucky where she had the opportunity to get in touch with her roots. She values all her ministry experiences, in particular, teaching persons of different ethnic and racial backgrounds. She also values her opportunity to have served at SCN Center and interacted with many of our Sisters in leadership, the broadening opportunity to have studied in Canada and France, and her enriching and inspirational experience of attending the Golden Jubilee celebration of SCN ministry in India.
Mary and her four siblings were natives of Carlisle County and members of St. Jerome Parish in Fancy Farm, Kentucky. She credits her love of nature and animals to her dad who was a farmer. Her mother, a teacher, gifted her with love of the pursuit of learning. This pursuit led to an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC when eighth-grade Mary won the Kentucky state spelling bee. Upon graduating from high school, Mary entered the Novitiate of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.
Mary is actively involved in addressing social justice issues and in liturgical celebrations at St. Vincent Church. She appreciates cultural offerings when attendance is feasible such as attending a musical rendition of Carousel and the Ringling Brothers Museum during her recent visit to niece, Marlene Roy’s winter home in Punta Gorda, Florida.
She states that “Being in touch with the Sisters at the Motherhouse, pray-er for Sisters Beverly Hoffman and Higinia Bol in Belize, and being in contact with our Sisters in Botswana and India provide stimuli to keep going. I am grateful and blessed to belong to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and I pray for the grace to give all that I am and all that I have to God and the Congregation”.
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