I was born in New Hope, Kentucky and attended the elementary school there. I went to Bethlehem Academy in Bardstown for high school because the state had closed all the small schools and everyone was transported to Bardstown. I grew up working in my father’s general store in New Hope. During that time I learned from my parents a lot about how to deal with people and other basic life lessons..
Cars have played a great role in my life. Since I obtained my license to drive, I have been in the following roles: Driver for the house; Car Insurance Monitor at SCN Center (7 years); Director of Transportation during the time of S. Thomas de Sales’ illness at Nazareth. Currently I am involved with Nazareth Campus Service as driver and as Sacristan for Russell Hall Chapel and CSC Retreat Center. I like transportation because I like to drive. I meet all kinds of people and I have had to adapt to many situations.
One time I took the car to the nearby station for repair. The mechanic told me to drive the car onto the rack. I did that and whenI reached for my papers and purse before getting out of the car I realized I was going up. I told myself not to panic. I couldn’t see the man to stop the lift from going up. So I sat in the elevated car making classroom assignments for the next day and correcting students’ papers. I knew that I would not be there long.
Most of my missions have been in Louisville at St. Matthias, St. Barnabas, St. Lawrence, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Philip Neri. I was also missioned at St. Monica in Bardstown. I was missioned for six years at St. Ann’s in Wollaston, MA which I enjoyed. I loved being near the beach. I loved my years of teaching the different grades. I loved the challenges and noted the changes in education through those years. In 1979 I went to St. Vincent de Paul School (now Maloney Center) as principal. The mission made an impression on me because I went there 100 years after SCNs opened the school. The school was in a very German section of Louisville. When SCNs left, the school was turned over to the Ursulines on Lexington Road. They spoke German at that time. My other love was the library work at St. Gabriel’s. I had 27 classes in library work for the children K-8. Much renovation and moving was done during that time to prepare for the present school and parish.
A particularly memorable trip occurred when a parish group was scheduled to go to St. Paul’s on Dixie Highway for a special Mass. A bus was ordered. Due to a miscommunication, the bus company did not get the message. To make amends, the bus company ordered four limousines to take us to the church. When we arrived at the church, the people thought the Archbishop was coming. We all had a great laugh about the whole situation and the way it turned out!
One thing I really enjoy is traveling. It is so much fun to travel without a lot of planned structure and to enjoy the ride as well as the destination. Forget the hustle and bustle and take time to smell the roses and appreciate the other simple pleasures of any given place!
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