Mary Rose, originally from Louisville, Ky., was born on January 14, 1917, to Morgan Anselm and Nellie Gertrude Grimes. She had three brothers and three sisters. She entered the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth on September 24, 1936 and became Sister Mary Anselma. One of her sisters also entered the convent, Sister Ellen Miriam Grimes. Sister Mary Anselma began her career in education in 1940, teaching first and second grade students. She taught in Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, and Massachusetts. In addition to teaching in primary and middle school, Sister also served as a principal and superior. In 1978, she retired from education and worked in the Pastoral Care Department at Our Lady of Peace. After her pastoral care service, she moved to Nazareth, where she was a driver for Sisters. Many at Nazareth Home enjoy hearing Sister Mary Anselma telll stories about her years of teaching and appreciate her commitment to serving others.

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