Martha is the only child of loving, generous parents. She entered the SCN Community in 1955 and made her profession in 1958. Although S. Martha felt called to health ministry, she “obediently” taught in elementary schools. After teaching for a few years, Sister Martha returned to school to pursue her degree in nursing at Spalding University where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree.
In her ministry as a music therapist, Sister Martha Walsh helps meet the needs of the visually impaired. Sister Martha has been in this ministry for the past eight years at the Boston Aid to the Blind, an Adult Day Health Care Program, for people of all races and levels of income in the Greater Boston area.
She says of her present ministry, “For 40 years, nursing was my life! Now I am happily engaged in Adult Health Care in West Roxbury. I minister with blind elders. We share faith in Bible Study, talents in choral music, hard-bell choir, piano lessons, and performances such as ‘The King and I’.”
The determination of the clients to overcome their disabilities is what keeps Sister Martha going in this ministry. The smiles and laughter of the clients brings Martha the greatest joy and meaning to her ministry. “This ministry brings the Gospel message to life each day,” said Sister Martha.
Sister Martha finds solace in the Voice of the Faithful, a response to the Church abuse scandal, as well as in her Faith Community of SCNs and SCN Associates.
Sister Martha’s hobbies include active involvement as gardener, fan of the Boston Red Sox team, and member of the West Roxbury Art Association.
(Editor’s Note: I lived with Martha several years ago at St. Brigid Convent in South Boston. I perceive Martha as a person having a delicate sense of the good, the true, and the beautiful. She is rich in talent, especially her gift for singing. I never shall forget a Saturday morning when Martha invited me to go for a surprise venture. We had so much fun together chatting as Martha drove along rural roads to an Abbey. The place was so serene. The highlight was that the gardener kept rabbits of many types and sizes. My imagination tells me that there were other animals also. What a perfect day, made blessed by sharing with a special friend.)
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