Message and Witness to the SCN Charism
By Evelyn Fugazzi, SCN
Sister Marie John made Vows as an SCN on July 19, 1949. She spent many years in the ministry of education as principal, teacher, and librarian.
During the past few years, Sister Marie John has not been involved in full-time ministry but has volunteered at Our Lady of Nazareth Academy in Wakefield where she is happy to be able to make a contribution to one of the SCN sponsored ministries. She describes her excitement of ther ministry by saying, “Wherever we are and whatever our ministry, we carry God’s message and give witness to the SCN charism.”
Her favorite ministry has been teaching. She fondly recalls, “Most of my work has been as a Junior High teacher. I found it exciting and challenging; I learned so much from the students. While teaching Social Studies in South Boston and studying at Boston University, I was able to teach in a different way. I would introduce a unit and invite the students to pursue the topic through reading, research, and art. It was a joy to see how the students created amazing projects. The students wrote plays, made costumes and used local libraries for information and ideas. Those were exciting days.”
Sister Marie John is proud of SCNs who work with the poor. She herself has volunteered at a local Soup Kitchen.
Sister Marie John enjoys photography for which she has won first prize in a contest. She also enjoys listening to music, reading, and attending concerts and plays when possible. Often she puts slides to music to be used for prayer.
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