St. Vincent says that we must pass from affective love to effective love. And that is a love which takes flesh in works of charity, service of the poor which is under taken with joy and tender love. This is exactly the way we decided to celebrate his feast with the economically poor people of one of the interior villages about 10 kilometers away from Musunuru.

Recently, 27 families joined the Catholic Church from this village. There are around 24 widows in that village alone. In order to celebrate St. Vincent feast meaningfully, the three of us Sisters, Lilly Luka Vayampallitharapel, SCN, Sudha Rani Jonnalagadda, SCN, and I kept aside Rs. 100 from our personal allowance for a year.

With the cooperation of the villagers, we cooked food and in the evening we had holy Eucharist together with all the Catechists of the Parish and the people in the village. After the Mass, we gave the widows clothes and sweets as token of our love and served food for all the people present for the Mass. The people were very happy with the Mass and meal.

For us, the local community the celebration became meaningful and complete; moving from affective love to effective love, taking flesh in works of charity. We feel this is what St. Vincent would have done if he were here in Musunuru.

Written by Salomi Linda, SCN
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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