Nazareth Health Center, the hostellers, and the SCN Sisters use clean energy in Kutuderi, a remote village in Latehar district of Jharkhand. They have a four kV (Kilovolt) solar power for pumping the water, refrigeration, and lighting for twenty-four hours a day. The health center has a 1000 liter hot water system which remains hot throughout the day and night for the patients and for other use.

Anjana Kunnath, SCN, the Sister-nurse of the Health Centre feeds the forty-eight hostel girls fresh vegetables, pulses, and fruits throughout the year from the garden. She also gets fresh unpolished rice from the villages for their consumption.

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The center also uses a solar cooker to prepare herbal medicines and to bake. I had the joy of eating a piece of mouth-watering hot cake from the solar cooker.

Jharkhand government has begun to put electrical polls and wiring for distribution of power in the villages for the people living below-poverty-line, (BPL). People who live with Indian rupees thirty-two (fifty cents in US dollars) in the villages and forty-seven (73 cents) in cities a day is described as BPL.

The whole compound of around two acres of land has most of the species of herbs, medicinal plants, and trees which are needed to treat many of the diseases prevalent in the area especially cerebral malaria, malnutrition, tuberculosis, skin diseases and many other.

Sister Anjana has been successful in educating young women to produce snacks (mixture) with mohua (honey tree) fruits, ragi (finer millet) and peanuts which are highly nutritional for sale in the bi-weekly market in Mahuadanr.

Throughout the year, Sister Anjana cultivates vegetables with the help of the hostel girls, workers and other Sisters. She also grows mushrooms in one of the small rooms, raises chickens, ducks and she has a pig farm to feed the growing up hostellers.

In her quest to prevent the severe malnutrition prevalent among the growing young Tribal girls, she encourages the hostellers and their parents to have a kitchen garden in their homes. Each and every farm produce is used for feeding the hostellers at the center to have a hands-on experience and its success. Well done, Anjana, you are a true daughter of Mother Catherine and our Mother Earth!

Malini Manjoly, SCN 

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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