Little Dresses of Love on the Way to Belize

These dresses were made under the direction of Cathy Tucker a member of the Church of the Resurrection, New Albany, Ohio. These dresses, made from pillow cases, are created by a team of 16 volunteers from the parish.

Barb Bugosh and Cathy began making the dresses from pillow cases after getting the idea from a church in Mansfield, Ohio, that were making dresses from pillow cases for Haiti.

They have created dress kits that includes pattern, material, trimmings and labels, all included.

At a luncheon at the church, 162 sun dresses were presented Sister Luke Boiarski, to be delivered to Botswana and Belize.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth find this kind donation to be one of the most creative and heartfelt ways to express Gods love to others. We thank all of those who gives their time and talents to Little Dresses of Love.

Dear Sr. Luke,

I want you to know how much we enjoyed your visit at the Church of the Resurrection. Your love and enthusiasm for the people you serve is so apparent and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing with all of us. 

As you requested, here is a short summary of our Little Dresses of Love ministry. I had heard about a program at Grace Episcopal Church in Mansfield Ohio where they were making simple little dresses to send to Haiti. It sounded like such a neat project and as a crafter and seamstress I decided to get the idea started at our church. My husband and I have been leaders in our International Hospitality Ministry and this seemed to be a perfect fit and another way to try to open our hearts and create awareness of needs in other countries. I began by making a few samples to show at our ministry meetings and I put announcements in our bulletin to find volunteers. None of our seamstresses were previously involved in our International Hospitality Ministry so this project has broadened the scope of our ministry and brought in new volunteers. 

  1. Our success has been greatly attributed to Barb Bugosh who, after years in the sewing business, donated most of the fabric and supplies for the dresses. Although they are called “Pillowcase Dresses” only a few were actually made from a pillowcase. Barb hosted workshops where we cut fabric and trim and packaged them for distribution to volunteer seamstresses.
  2. They are easy to make and individuals can add their own creative touches. No two are exactly alike.
  3. We don’t have formal meetings and individuals work at their own pace. 
  4. We welcome those who wish to make one dress or many dresses. We have a few ladies who contributed 15 to 20 dresses each. I think our group has made over 162 dresses!

In our group photo we have Renee Ihle, Barb Bugosh, Mary Rybski, Cathy Tucker, Joann Vogner, Nayda Canales, Donna Robertson & Maryruth Redman. Not pictured – Diana Trammell, Shaaron Fisher, Paula Gummer, Patti Kenehan, & Debbie Burke.

After Mass a couple of weeks ago we passed out kits and recruited new members so we now have around 30 people in our group. 

God Bless,

Cathy Tucker

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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