Week Five: Environmental Advocacy

  • How often have I made contact with our legislators regarding environmental issues?
  • What magazines/articles do I subscribe/read for an on-going education to protect the environment?
  • Do I encourage the use of leaf plates and/or reusable plates for big gatherings?
  • Do I save energy through use of compact fluorescent light bulbs?
  • Do I turn off lights/fans when I leave the room?
  • Do I turn off machines/cell phone chargers when not in use?



We cannot have well humans on a sick planet.

We cannot have a viable human economy by

devastating the earth’s economy

We cannot survive if the conditions of life itself are not protected.

Not only our physical being, but our souls, our minds,

imagination and emotions depend on our immediate experience of the natural world.

There is in the industrial process no poetry, no elevation or the

fulfillment of mind or emotion comparable to that

experience of the magnificence of the sea, the mountains,

the sky, the stars at night, the flowers blooming

in the meadows, the flight and song of the birds.

As the natural world diminishes in its splendor, so human life

diminishes in its fulfillment of both the physical

and spiritual aspects of our being.

Not only is it the case with humans, but with every mode of being.

The well-being of each member of the earth community is

dependent on the well-being of the earth itself.

(Thomas Berry, as quoted in Resurgence, March/April 2007)

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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