The Central Leadership Team and the Western Province Leadership are preparing to leave for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious conference to be held Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, to Friday, Aug. 16, 2019, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This year, portions of this LCWR assembly will be live-streamed here. A schedule of the live-streamed portions is available here. Please note that all times are EDT.

Imagining Leadership in a Global Community

The 2019 LCWR assembly will be an important gathering as women religious leaders explore together the exciting movements occurring within contemporary religious life – globally and nationally. More info available here.

The event aims to help participants learn to practice anticipatory leadership during this unique era in religious life. In this time of unprecedented shifts in the understandings of religious life and in the exercise of leadership, how can we learn to consistently watch the emerging trends in society, science, the church, and more to see how they might impact our religious institutes and their mission? How might we learn to look at how those forces and patterns create challenges and opportunities and then discern how we may best respond? In this assembly, we will look particularly at the emergence of the new within this lifeform. In the midst of the deep transformation occurring in religious life, how can leaders assist their members to claim their own critical part in birthing the new life that is aching to come forth?

This assembly intends to address some of the urgent questions LCWR members are raising, such as:

  • Understanding this moment in US religious life from the perspective of the Paschal Mystery. What kind of leadership is needed to ground and support the new that is emerging?
  • Seeing US religious life in the context of the global sisterhood. What are the questions being explored by women religious leaders throughout the world and how might US women religious grow even more integrally connected to the global sisterhood?
  • Envisioning new ways of leading religious life. How are the new insights about religious life-shaping how we might lead our own institutes?

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