Seema Monippallikalayil, SCN, was given a befitting solemn farewell on Sunday, May 26, 2019. A good number of Sisters, Priests, family members of Sister Seema, teachers from Gaya, parishioners, associates members, well-wishers, co-workers of Nazareth Hospital and Nazareth Convent, Mokama, Novices and candidates assembled in the Nazareth Convent Chapel at 10 a.m for the funeral Mass.

Rev. Fr. Jesu Jaybalan, the Principal of St. Mary’s School, Mokama was the main celebrant. Fr. Manoj Kullu, the assistant parish priest of Mokama, Fr. Irudayaraj, the director of the Spirituality Center, Mokama, Fr. Jimmy P., OCD, cousin brother of Sister Seema and Fr. Lawrence SJ from Bodha Gaya concelebrated and thanked the Lord for Sister Seema who had laboured tirelessly for 39 years as a professed Sister in the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. She died at the age of 63 leaving behind her twin Sister Anila, 88 years old mother, a brother, and two sisters.

Sister Philo Kottoor, the Provincial welcomed everyone for the liturgy and thanked Sister Seema profusely on behalf of the SCN family for her life and love shared in various missions in India and Nepal. It was a very consoling and comforting moment for all of us when the messages were read out to us from the Central Leadership Team, Botswana and Bishop Paul Simick of Nepal. Sister Reena SCN and Mrs. Rinku Mitra from Nazareth Academy, Gaya shared some of their touching experiences of Sister Seema. A well-prepared liturgy with inspiring homily and melodious singing lifted everyone up gathered there. The liturgy lasted for one and half hours followed by honoring Sister Seema for her exemplary life lived with much love and enthusiasm. With mixed feelings, people gathered outside the chapel in a queue all the way to the main gate where the remains of Sister Seema was placed in the hospital van to take it to the cemetery. The hospital van was followed by all of us as we proceeded to the cemetery singing and chanting prayers. A very moving and touching Malayalam song was played all the way to the cemetery which is very much cultural to her relatives and of course Sister Anila.

Sister Seema’s cousin Fr. Jimmy P., OCD, conducted the burial ritual with deepest feelings and laid her to rest in Eternal Peace. Sister Anila, family members, and all the SCNs then left the ground with mixed feelings of sadness and gladness. May her soul rest in Peace.

Sisters Suchita Kullu and Maria SCN


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