Friday-The house is painted, doors hung and blessed with prayers and songs!

Today was sooo hot! Last touches of paint for louvres and facia board. More volunteers than jobs – older ones supervised from the van-noon came and we were still painting and hammering-but by 3:30 every nail was covered and every window, door and step was completed!

A lovely ceremony of blessing held up for 30 minutes waiting for Mark White’s sons to arrive after a 3 hour ride on a bus-SCN’s, neighbors, and all of the volunteers came for the delivery of the keys.

Mark was given a picture of the commissioned volunteers and a Hibbs family photo, a crucifix, a candle, a bible and a welcome mat! Mark promised to place them in his home and remember all of us-for days from a pile of lumber to a house.

Afterward we all (25) went to the Bird’s Isle restaurant on the water-ate beans and rice, fish, shrimp, and enjoyed local drinks.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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