Dear Sisters,

In February 2017 the Executive Committee appointed a three member Exploration Team to explore possible SCN presence and ministry in Kenya. The Kenya Exploration Team has been working together for a short four months – since April 2017! We have begun our exploration with fact-finding and networking. A few of the tasks we have accomplished thus far have been to gather information on the country, its people and culture, religions and the Catholic Church. We have had the opportunity, by phone, text, email, and in person, to meet priests, brothers and sisters who are, or have been, in ministry in various parts of Kenya. They have been very generous in sharing their knowledge, time and suggestions.

The SCNs in Botswana have been requesting that the community discern possible missions in other African countries. From the Botswana community’s seventeen years of experience, they are confident that being open to ministering in a developing Catholic country, like Kenya, with many possibilities for ministries at the margins, will enable the SCN charism to take root in the African soil.

The vision of the community in 2000 was “moving to Botswana may make stepping into another African country easier and that we leave other countries open for future discernment.” In addition, a number of women from Kenya have invited the SCNs to think about beginning a mission in Kenya.

Sisters, we now ask your help as we expand this exploration even further so that our insights are richer and our questions embrace our diverse thinking and experiences. Through your responses to this Survey, and the continued work of the Exploration Team, we hope to provide valuable information for the community’s discernment and decision-making at the General Assembly in May 2018. Please share openly with us, your response is essential to the Exploration Team’s ongoing work in discerning where the Spirit is leading us.

This Survey invites all SCNs to respond to a section of general questions. A second section is provided for Sisters who are, or have been, initial or subsequent missioners in an SCN mission country. We hope to hear from you to learn about your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Please respond individually or by local community/faith groups and submit your completed Survey by September 22, 2017.

The Survey is available by clicking the box below. An option (written in blue lettering “select another response”) on the final page allows additional persons to complete Surveys without logging out of the program. This may be helpful if you are assisting others or working as a group. For those unable to access the web, please contact your Communications Director/Contact Person for a hard copy of the Survey.

Communications Director/Contact Person by area:

  • Bangalore Province: Mary Margaret Nirmala, SCN
  • Patna Province: Malini Manjoly, SCN
  • Western Province: Dana Hinton
  • Botswana Mission and CLT: Jackie Smith

Please direct any questions about the process to:

Jackie Smith
SCN Center

The Kenya Exploration Team invites you to begin your Survey with the prayer provided below. We ask you to please share this prayer with the SCN Family and ask them to pray with us as we move forward in this endeavor.

We invite the SCN Associates who are interested in participating in this process to complete the Survey.

Sisters, thank you for your time and input. Let us keep one another in prayer during this time of discernment. Thank you.

Sisters Vinaya Chalil, Nancy Gerth and Sangeeta Ayithamattam

Prayer for Kenya Exploration

From the beginning of time, You are the Gifter of Life, Love and Wisdom. Your gifts are ever-evolving and expanding.

We know your gifts through creation, the paschal mystery and the pioneer spirit of Charity lived out by those gone before us.

As we explore the possibilities of mission in Kenya, Your land and Your people, gift us with Your grace to experience life, love and wisdom each step of this sacred journey.

Send us Your Spirit so that, as one, we can listen deeply and see clearly where we are called next to serve.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.