SCNs Basanti Lakra, Provincial, Aisha Kavalakkattu, Roselyn Karakattu and Malini Manjoly met Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at his office in Kathmandu to give a donation towards the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund on June 18, 2015. Sisters gave in writing a short description of all that the SCNs are doing in Nepal, to the prime minister. He thanked the Sisters for their services at this time of great national crisis. Sister Aisha assured him of our prayers for his good health and cooperation in rebuilding Nepal. He said that he is a cancer survivor and he asked for our continued prayers. In front of the media, the Prime Minister thanked the Sisters and posed for a photo.

On June 16, Sister Aisha organized and facilitated a brainstorming session to gather information on how the government and International/National Non-governmental Organizations, (INGO & NGO) going about to rehabilitate the survivors of the great earthquake. Members present were Rev. Joe Thaler, MM, Rev. Prakash Louise, SJ, SCNAs Lacchi Subha, Rupa Rai, Chirendra Satyal, SCNs Aisha, Roselyn, Lisa Perekkatt, Philomena Bading, Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, Basanti Lakra, and Malini Manjoly.

The group shared that we all have to abide by the building bylaws that the government of Nepal is working on. Suggestions that came were to encourage people to make their own individual houses by providing them with building materials rather than giving out money; collaborate with as many INGOs and NGOs for the benefit of large number of people in need; move into making permanent houses and not the transitional houses for the people would like to have something more permanent now; the Chief/Local Developmental Officers and the Village Development Committee members never object to NGO’s work; the government is not a hindrance in the way of any of our work; give periodic written activity report to local government agencies and the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu to keep the officials informed for their support and cooperation; to help the many orphaned children with hostel facility for education; it is good to identify and recruit local people for the rehabilitation work to provide permanency and to accompany them and to uphold their dignity.

Nepal has become a unified nation for its people accept one another as people of Nepal and not divided by caste or wealth. It’s the golden opportunity for the NGOs and INGOs to convert this crisis into an opportunity to be with the people in need. The monsoon break is the time to assess people’s view for their rehabilitation. At the end of the session, Sister Basanti thanked everyone for their contribution and for their support for the SCNs in Nepal.

On June 15, Sister Basanti visited with the students and staff of Navjyoti Center. The mentally challenged students greeted Sister Basanti. She visited Baniyatar Child Center with Rajni, a ‘come and see’ Candidate, Sisters Lisa and Malini. She interacted with the students and teachers and met Subina, the child who was rescued from under the debris of her collapsed house in a remote village.

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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