“My Place in the Sun”

by June Monaghan, SCN

Sister June Monaghan enjoys a visit with Sister Louis Frances Head, SCN. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this photo speaks volumes about why Sister June Monaghan is in the sixth year of serving as contact person for the SCNs at Maria. 

While I do not have the personality that exhibits exuberant joy, I have always felt a calm, serene peace and joy in my ministries of teaching and administration. However, I have found ‘my place in the sun’ in working with our senior Sisters both at Nazareth Motherhouse and Nazareth Home.

Our Sisters’ acceptance of where they are along life’s journey–their gifts, their limitations, the ministry of others to them and their willingness to be helpful to others–seems to give them a joy that overflows to me. The gratitude they express for all of God’s love given to them throughout their lives raises in me the hope that I will be like them when I am at that stage of my own journey!

My ministry as contact person at Maria brings me into contact daily with wonderful people–religious and lay–and that energizes me for continued ministry to our senior Sisters. I also enjoy and am challenged by my membership on the ‘Celebrating Mission and Ministry Committee (CMM)’.”

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