Navjyoti Sisters along with the people of Shahpur celebrated the Silver Jubilee of their presence and ministry in Muzaffarpur Diocese on November 5. We had the august presence of Most Rev. John Baptist Thakur, SJ, Bishop of Muzaffarpur Diocese and about 11 priests and a deacon Br. Arvind for the Eucharist.

As part of the ritual, the pioneer Sister, Rose Plathottathil, SCN, together with the rest of the Sisters who had been missioned here were escorted by the parishioners by the beating of the drums and processed from the parish, the beginning place of SCNs, to the present Navjyoti compound. During the procession, SCNs Marina Thazhathuveettil, Mary John Nadackal, Aruna Ekka, and Rose Plathottathil greeted the villagers and recalled their village hut experiences, minimum living conditions, struggles and joys they had encountered.

The compound was filled with the invited guests, Christians and non Christian villagers. They sat in a much disciplined manner throughout the Eucharistic celebration. This was followed by a cultural program organized by Mary Michael Dang, SCN, and Brother Kevin of Gurukul, Muzaffarpur. During the program, we took the opportunity to honor all those who have offered their services for the enrichment of our mission.

The parish priest, Father Sahayaraj and the Assistant, Father Sanjay and the previous parish priest Father Joseph Marandi were there to help us out in every activity. Mr. Joby and Smita Karikkattil, SCN, are truly praiseworthy for they were in charge of the catering and provided very delicious meal for all present.

We recalled that the 2008 flood experience was a turning point through which God opened the eyes of our people. As a result, they could see the wonder that God has done in this land. After an agape, the crowd dispersed happily and praising God.

At the end of the day, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN, provincial, gathered all the 23 SCNs present to remember and thank God for the many SCNs who had been missioned here at many different inter-junctions and lived in hope and contributed to the mission immensely. With grateful heart we also remembered all the well wishers who have contributed to the Shahpur mission in many different ways.
The Bishop exhorted us to continue our mission here at Shahpur for the next 125 years!

Gratefully, Sisters in Shahpur
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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