Spring - 1943

Rosary Shrine

          The Rosary Shrine was erected in 1870 inside the cemetery where the Crucifixion Group now stands.  At that time it served as a mortuary chapel for the remains of Sisters who were brought to Nazareth on the evening train.  It was moved outside the cemetery fence in 1893.

     The shrine was built by Casimir and Frank De Leuil, nephews of Father Polydore Fermont, Chaplain of Nazareth.  It seems that on their way over from Belgium, Casimir and Frank De Leuil were in a terrible storm at sea and promised Our Lady that if she would bring them safely to America, they would build a shrine in her honor.  When they arrived at Nazareth, they built the present shrine.  Casimir De Leuil is now buried in our cemetery.  

    Many years later, the original statue of the Blessed Virgin and Child was removed because it was badly damaged.  For some time after that the Rosary Shrine was used as a storage building for tools.  In 1967 the wood floor was replaced by concrete. The Rosary Shrine was renovated during the late 1970s and another statue of the Blessed Virgin and Child installed.  Father Patrick Peyton of the Rosary Crusade sent us pictures of the Mysteries of the Rosary which were placed in the original frames and hung on the walls inside the building.

   The shrine now stands near the cemetery walk.  In 1992 a directory of all those buried in the cemetery was placed in the Rosary Shrine.

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