International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated at Musunuru Zone (pictured above and below) with hundreds of women, general public and Government officials participating in it. This was organized by the SCNs at Preranalaya Social Development Centre, Musunuru. Various speeches, Street play, and cultural programs highlighted those issues affecting the lives of women. The problem of child marriage was highlighted by a street play by the students of Preranalaya Social Development Centre. The day was charged with enthusiasm and determination to work for gender equality.

In Chatra

The women and men, members of Chetna Bharati and Mahila Mukti Sangharsh Samiti, jointly celebrated IWD. The series of celebrations lasted five days in different Development Blocks of Chatra District, Jharkhand. The unique and salient features of the celebrations were:

  • Collaborative nature (the Panchayat Body, government schools, the Village Assembly.
  • Having specific focus-1) Corruption and women’s role in cleaning up the mess. 2) Women’s leadership in politics. 3) Urgency of saving the family.
  • Presence of sizeable number of Panchayat representatives (women) and their total involvement at each venue.
  • Presence of thousands of illiterate/semi literate women/men, and many without inhibition depicting the horrors being inflicted on women, trafficked children, millions of rupees being siphoned off by certain people/institutions etc. There were repeated demands for their rightful place in the society.
  • Good number of adolescent girls and boys performing on the stage.

As they read the accounts of women’s day celebrations all over the world, hope of a gender balanced society is not too far away!

In Surkhet, Nepal

Women’s day was celebrated in Surkhet with various programs including one day interaction and recreation in the day care center for Senior citizens, quiz contest for shareholders of Navjyoti Co-operative and participation in district level programs on 8th March. District level program consisted of rally competition, skit by association for differently able people, skit by Koldada child club of Navjyoti Center, group song competition, exhibition of enterprises by women groups, songs, speeches etc. Sita Nepali, a parliamentarian from Surkhet was the chief guest of the function. Jamuna Paudel, in charge of women development committee presided over the function. Women leaders from various political parties and officials from various government and NGOs were among the guests. Thousands of women from various walks of life were present among the audience. Women of Navjyoti Center with their colorful pink sarees and ethnic costumes won first prize for the rally. Tripureswor youth club of Navjyoti won first prize for group song and Ekata Mahila Samuh of Navjyoti won first prize for exhibition of enterprise undertaken by women. It was a day of great achievement for Navjyoti family. (pictured above)

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