International Women’s Day 2014 – Surkhet, West Nepal

The 104th International Women’s Day in 2014 was marked with various activities in Surkhet, Nepal. Women groups of Navjyoti Center took an active part to make it a special day for all women of Surkhet. Navjyoti Center along with other NGO groups of Surkhet tried to make a difference in the lives of the women by taking an active part in carrying out following programs. 

  • Singing competition on the burning issues of today – Violence against Women, Human trafficking, Women’s role in decision making, Opportunities to be provided for the women, and Gender discrimination. The women performed very well and created awareness among the general public through their singing. The winners were given prizes.
  • The women entertained the senior citizens of Prasanti Bridha Aashram and some of them shared their feelings and their life stories of pain and suffering faced being a woman at home and in the society which brought tears in the eyes of those present. They expressed their thanks for making that day so special for them. 
  • 16 post natal mothers were given booster drinks, 50 patients and 10 malnourished children were given fruits in the Regional Hospital on the occasion of Women’s day.
  • The Mass Rally with banners, placards, slogans, singing and dancing on the streets of Surkhet valley definitely made the Women’s day a special one. They gathered in a public place and the street plays, singing and dancing not only entertained the general public but sent a strong message that women play a vital role in the society and they need to be treated equally. Several NGO Personnel, Politicians, cultural groups, other well wishers gave encouraging speech on the occasion of 104th International Women’s Day and thanked the women for their performance of the day. 

We do hope that the status of women will be better tomorrow and that all women will be treated equally in this society. Though it is long way to go, it is said that “the first step has to be taken to travel miles.”

Wishing all women “ALL THE BEST.”

Cecilia Simick, SCN

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