Thirty-two Sisters from Bangalore and Patna provinces along with Sister Jackulin Jesu, SCN, vice president, came together on Nov. 23, 2019 for a two-day ‘inter-province ministry meeting in Mokama. At the start of the meeting Sister Jackulin gave her message to the Sisters. She said “… here we are SCNs together, not conforming to the values of the society, but searching for innovations and to generate ideas to be agents of transformation and in a process of transformation within ourselves … a shared vision keeps everyone moving forward …”

The meeting began with a prayer led by Sister Suchita Kullu and Sister Philomena Kottoor, provincial, welcomed Sister Jackulin, the resource person, Sister Anupa Moozha, SCN, Central Finance Director and the Sisters. Sister Anupa presented various Income Tax rules which are applicable to the charitable institutions in India. She elaborated the new stringent FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulatory Act) since we are dependent on foreign financial support in many of our ministries/places in the Eastern provinces. She differentiated the distinction between a registered legal society and the province with regard to their identity, levels of governance, responsible persons, membership process, etc. A registered society is a civic body and the province is a religious body. She also presented the names, unique characteristics and the due process of workings of all the SCN registered legal societies in India and Nepal from 1949 to the present.

Sister Amrita Manjaly, provincial of Bangalore province, facilitated the afternoon sessions when the group gathered to listen to the ministry reports. Sisters Olive Pinto and Swarupa Rani presented the pastoral ministry reports of both provinces. On behalf of Sister Magdalene Maghia, Sister Amelia Moras, vice provincial, presented the vocation promotion reports of Patna province. For the first time, the youth and communication ministry in-charges were invited for the inter-province ministry meeting. Sister Sangeeta Bara gave her youth ministry involvement in Patna Archdiocese and Sister Malini Manjoly gave a short communication ministry report. No vocation promotion, youth and communication ministry reports were presented from Bangalore province. The education directors Sisters Elizabeth Jaya Rani and Priya Kalapurayil presented the education ministry reports of both provinces, respectively. We impart affordable quality education to 23,307 students across India/Nepal. The group had ample time to make interventions regarding each report presented.

After the 6.00 am parish Mass, breakfast and a short prayer, Sisters regrouped to continue to share and listen to the ministry reports on Nov. 24. As the session began Sister Amrita invited the Sisters to think/dream what we can do better and more to make our presence/ministries relevant. Sister Joel Urumpil, Patna Board Member, shared that she missed in the previous day sharing some of the initiatives to work with the trafficked, skill training and mass education. The health ministry report of Bangalore Province was presented by Sister Sheeli Chinnarani and Sister Leena Padam gave the report of the socio-health ministry of Patna province. In Patna province, we serve 105,885 persons in 422 villages. Sister Sheela Palamoottil presented the social ministry report of Bangalore Province. Sister Joicy Joy and her team made 9,772 family visits in Kakkavayal, Kerala. An incredible achievement!

From Bangalore province, Sister Suma Muthukattuparampil presented the environment committee report and Sister Gracy Mlakuzhyil from Patna province. Sisters Jackulin explained the importance of reducing energy consumption through our diet and the importance of educating ourselves how to conserve our Mother Earth. Sister Anupa invited the Sisters to look at collectively the use of clean energy as a whole. The ministry to the Perpetually Professed Sisters, (on-going-formation, OGF) report was presented by Sister Josita Eniakattu. Sister Suchita Kullu, novice director, presented the initial formation report for Patna Province and Annice Vattuk for

After the Annual Sports at Nazareth Academy, Mokama, Sisters moved into four small groups to share the pressing issues of the time and the same was presented in the large group. Some of the urgent issues that we need to focus on are mass education, for vocation promoters to work together, trafficking, climate change, care of the earth, and have similar gatherings for OGF Sisters in both provinces once in five years and have wider representation from all ministries, increase the use of solar energy. At the end of the reporting, Sister Priya resented the comprehensive SCN Education Ministry Policy for both provinces.

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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