A five days Inter Novitiate program for 2018 was held on August 1-6 in Matridham Ashram, Varanasi for the Novices of Congregation of Jesus, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Sacred Heart, and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. The theme for this programme was “Emotional Maturity and Inner Healing through the Word of GOD”. With a great passion for mission, 44 novices took part in this programme and gained a lot of self-confidence and inner healing. Fr. Anil Dev IMS, who is known as Swamiji strongly emphasized on the Word of God. Unless and until we eat the word of God the emotional maturity and inner healing is impossible. When we are filled with the Word of God we begin to behave well and appreciate oneself, others, cosmos, and God in a very healthy manner. The Word of God ignites and stirs up our hearts to build the broken relationships. There is no room left for negative emotions. The Word of God gives immense joy and strength to one who longs and strives for greater happiness. So, if you want to love something in this world, love the Word of God which will never, never betray you.

Fr. Anil Dev led us through many spiritual talks and healing sessions with examples from his life and ministry about how important it is for one to grow in vocation. Alongside our program, there was an amazing experience to observe the Christa bhaktas (non-Christians) who come to Ashram in great number seeking for God and go back with transformed life. It has enriched our lives and vocation today. Indeed, we are very happy, elated and grateful for the rich experiences in life. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Sr. Suchita Kullu and to the Congregation for the opportunity was given to us to be grounded in our spiritual life for the greater mission.

First Year Novices

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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