Photo of Birhor houses by Gustav Imam

“Nature cannot be regarded as something separate from ourselves or as a mere setting in which we live. We are part of nature, included in it and thus in constant interaction with it.” (Laudato Si’, #139)

What would happen if the way humans thought of nature changed? What would our lives look like if we all believed that we are part of nature, that everything is closely related? Would we eat the same food? Would we wear the same shoes? Would we still drive cars? What would our houses look like?  

Imagine how your life would be different if you and all of society fully believed that we are related to everything around us. Imagine how you would treat the other living creatures on Earth, and how you would want to be treated. Please meditate on this; we then invite you to end with the prayer below.

Common Prayer for Earth and for Humanity, by Pope Francis

Loving God, 

Creator of Heaven, Earth, and all therein contained. 

Open our minds and touch our hearts, 

so that we can be part of Creation, your gift. 

Be present to those in need in these difficult times, 

especially the poorest and most vulnerable. 

Help us to show creative solidarity 

as we confront the consequences of the global pandemic. 

Make us courageous in embracing the changes 

required to seek the common good. 

Now more than ever, may we all feel interconnected and interdependent. 

Enable us to succeed in listening and responding 

to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor. 

May their current sufferings become the birth-pangs 

of a more fraternal and sustainable world. 

We pray through Christ our Lord, 

under the loving gaze of Mary 

Help of Christians,