The new leadership team members, SCNs Philomena Kottoor, provincial, Amelia Moras, vice-provincial, Board members, Gracy Mlakuzhyil, Joel Urumpil and Susan Tudu were blessed and anointed by the out-going leadership team to take office during the 6:00 a.m. Eucharistic celebration on June 1, 2017, in Mokama.

Janice Rathappillil, SCN, welcomed everyone asking God’s special blessings upon the new leadership team. The Mass began with a beautiful entrance dance by the SCN Novices. The first reading – excerpts from the book of Genesis, Exodus, and Jeremiah – significantly shown how God chooses persons, anoints them and leads them for God’s own purposes in our salvation history. In the gospel reading, Jesus as a ‘Good Shepherd’ leads people to the green pastures. In the same way, the Sisters also affirmed the new leadership in these words:

For All that will be, Yes!

The assistant parish priest, Father Dharam Kishore, gave a meaningful homily in which he emphasized the role of SCN leaders. Through a short story, he elaborated the importance of religious leadership. SCN leadership should not be confined to the Patna Province or the SCN Congregation alone, he said. It should extend to the Church, society and the world. He said that no matter what happens during the next five years, know that ‘This too shall pass away” and God will always be with you.

At the end of the Mass, SCNs Basanti Lakra, Aisha Kavalakattu, and Priya Kalapurayil lit a five-wick lamp from the main lamp and gave to the five new leaders. Every Sister present added a drop of oil to their lit lamp which the new leaders placed at the feet of Mother Catherine’s statue outside the chapel.

After the breakfast, Sisters Philomena and Amelia proceeded to Patna. In Patna, they were welcomed with the ritual of washing of hands, arati, tikka and garlands. Sister Basanti lead everyone to the chapel to pray for God’s blessings upon Sisters Philomena and Amelia. After some refreshments, Sister Philomena cut the ribbon to enter the Provincial’s office. After invoking the Holy Spirit with a bhajan, Basanti blessed Philomena with arati and tikka and handed over the office keys to her and seated her at the table wishing Sister Philomena the very best.

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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