April 25 marks the second year of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. People are still unconsciously anxious about the quake. Many people lost their lives, most of them are homeless and some of them are living in trauma. Reconstruction work is going on at the pace of a tortoise because of the negligence of government and although some of the villages are already constructed still the rural area of Nepal seems to be under temporary shelter.

In the meantime, Navjyoti Center has been acting more rational in Koshidekha VDC. Almost all people living in Koshidekha have been involved in their routine life through various rehabilitation programs conducted by our organization. For sustainability in development, livelihood support programs are playing an important role. Therefore, Navjyoti Center has constructed two greenhouse tunnels as seed incubation center for Koshidekha. On the leadership of two enthusiastic youth farmers of Koshidekha this greenhouse will be the training center for other farmers. In the presence of farmers’ group, Navjyoti staff and other locals, greenhouse tunnels were inaugurated by Mr. Keshav Prasad Dahal, former secretary of Koshidekha VDC and Philomina Bading, SCN, by cutting the ribbon and planting some seedlings. A few months ago, farmers group were formed for the operation of greenhouse tunnels with the help of Mr. Manoj Kharel and Mr. Indramani Mainali. Each group is constituted of ten members including leaders.

During the inauguration of the greenhouse, Mr. Kharel expressed his gratitude by saying, “It was my dream to have a greenhouse in our village and Navjyoti has helped us to fulfill this dream. We take the responsibility to run it successfully. Thank you for trusting us and giving this opportunity. We assure you that we will work hard with passion and make it a success. You will not regret but be proud for supporting us with the greenhouse.” In the same way, Mr. Mainali thanked us with the assurance that, “It is a great event for us. We will make this greenhouse a model one. Our hard work will motivate other groups of people to replicate this model in other places too. We thank Navjyoti Center and ask for your continuous guidance and support to make it successful.”

We, the Navjyoti family were touched by the cooperation, interest, and unity with which the farmers’ groups along with villagers are working for this greenhouse. We are sure that this program will be a milestone for the people of Koshidekha in the agricultural sector.

Distribution of Educational Materials

Education is the powerful means for the transformation of any society. In the memory of those departed souls from the devastation of the earthquake on April 25, 2015, Navjyoti Center distributed educational materials to the 250 students of Shree Ram higher secondary school, Shree Janajagriti primary school, and Shree Ganga primary school till primary level. Each student was provided with school bag, six notebooks, six Pencils, two erasers, two sharpeners and one scale. Navjyoti Center has been working with children and motivating them which has resulted in the increased the number of children coming to the school. Mr. Raj Man Tamang, principal of Shree Ram higher secondary school says, “Because of Navjyoti Center’s different programs with children including midday snacks, children show more interest in coming to school and number of students enrolled is increased and children are regular in their attendance.”

Distribution of play materials, school uniform, and educational materials have a positive impact on the students. Navjyoti has been frequently conducting child-friendly activities which include extra-curricular activities which have a direct impact on the physical and mental growth of the children.

Therefore, by conducting these two programs we marked the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake for the remembrance of the departed soul, to give courage to people, to forget the sorrow and to unify the people for the progress and prosperity of the nation. Participation of people in the program was an example.

Greenhouse inauguration is a landmark event to make Koshidekha independent for the seed production and the distribution of educational materials for the newly enrolled students is a symbolic gesture for motivation in the schools to achieve success in the future.

Niranjan Subedi, Field Coordinator
For Aisha Kavalakattu, SCN

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